Hein family continued.

Alfred Hein's Photographs



They sent up on the state:  Alfred wrote, "We sn some church songs to the lord."

The state is where the church alter use to be.

Alfred asked me if there were any photographs which show the original interior of the church.  I dug through my grandmother's and grandfather's ,  Christine, nee Schweickert, and Ludwig Hein's photos and found the one below.  

I assume someone sent it to them because it looks like the same photo found on page 48 of Ernst Hoeger,  a cousin of my grandfather's.  Ermst Hoeger wrote the book::

175 Jahre Borodino, 1814 bis 1989, Borodino und Neu-Borodino (Bessarabien).

Other photos can be found under these URLs:

Ron Metz's photo taken June 1996:

Article on chuches: h