Lutheran Church of Borodino / Bessarabia, S. Russia [Ukraine] before 1940

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Church Full View

Lutheran Church in Borodino / Bessarabia

From the Collection of Christina, nee Schweikert, and Ludwig Hein

Church with steeple

Built in 1850 and held 750 campacity and refurbished in 1938 / 9.

The list of ministers who provided the majority of marriages, baptism, etc. who were Lutheran and living in Borodino, were as follows:

1940 fr  1929   Immanuel Baumann

1929 fr. 1915    Siefried Wolleydt

1915 fr. 1879    Julius Nikolaus Peters

1879 fr. 1875    P. Pingoud from Tarutino 

1875 fr. 1872   Daniel Burkhardt von Lemm

1871 fr 1862    Fr. Georg Moritz von Busch

1861 fr. 1855   Oskar Leopold von Toerne

1853 fr. 1845   Justus Nikolaus Ripke

1845 fr. 1840    Georg Christoph Huebner and M. Fr. Schrenk

1840 fr. 1838     Hastig and Pensel

1838 fr. 1831     Johann Samuel Helwich

1830 fr. 1829     Gotthilf-Albrecht Tritschler

1829 fr. 1828     Williams

1828 fr. 1823     Joh. Friedr. Ferdinand Wagner

1823 fr. 1820    Williams

1820 fr. 1815    Friedrich Wilhelm Schnabel  

This list is from Heimatbuch Borodino und Friedrichsfeld by Ernst Hoeger pps. 176-177

The old church is presently being used as the village community center.

See Church without steeple - 1996 - Ron Metz Collection

See Church Without steeple - Carolyn Schott's Collection

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