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Borodino / Besssarabia, S. Russia From "A" to "Zzzz"


Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

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Christina, nee Schweikert, Hein Remembers

A Tapes Conversation About Borodino- Copyrighted Material

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Excerpts of a tape recording of Lillian, nee Hein, Remmick of her mother Christine, nee Schweikert, Hein, who was born in Borodino in 1885 as was her husband, Ludwig Hein:

"When my great great grandfather Schweikert arrived in Borodino before 1813 it was called Soak Creek, Later it was called Alexander. By the time the majority of the German colonists arrived in 1815 it was called Borodino. In 1817 the 17teeners arrived ..." told Christina, nee Schweikert, Hein.

"The 17teeners?" interrupted Lillian, Christine's daughter.

"That what we called the late comers to Borodino. And when I was a young child in school, we [descendants of those who arrived before 1815] still teased the descendants of the 17teeners. [descendants] for being late comers to the village.." responded Christina.

"Can you remember your great great grandfather Schweikert's name?"[ The Schweikert ancestor who came in 1812.]

"No, but I remember my great grandfather "[Johan Schweikert,son of the Schweikert colonists] "because he lived to be 103 years old, " Christina answered.

[Johann Schweikert's wife would live to be 106.]

Christina continued history of Borodino on another day:

" 1812 the, " [Schweikert blacksmith], " shop was nothing more than a hovel deserted by some Turk. As the years passed, the shop grew larger and larger because Johann's father made a plow that didn't twist into junk like the Russian plow in the virgin earth of the Russian steppes. Men came from all over not only to buy the Schweikert plows but to also to learn how to make them. Johann's father had apprentice from all over."

Later, I , Judy A. Remmick-Hubert, was to learn that her great grandfather's name was Michael Wilhelm Schweickert b. 1787 in Eppelheim / Heidelberg - Baden  or Schwaigern/ Heilbronn-Wu.. And the reason why his name isn't placed on any official records accept in the birth of his children was because he'd been a deserter from the French Grande Army. Without proper papers he hadn't been able to officially own any land in Russia. But his son Johann b. in Jan. of 1816 in Borodino could have land in his name.


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