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Research for the Hein Family's




At that point in time, I went to the library and found the Rietstap Armorial General.

Rietstap Armorial General

Heine to Heinspach

[See meaning of marks ,which often refer to a color, in these black and white]


Another listing:

Hein -Bois-le- duc, no date listed

Hein - Dan., no date listed

Hein-Lorr (An. 26 Avril 1723)

Hein-Hess, no date listed

Hein-Pussia (An. 4 Sept 1708)

Hein - Silsie (Chevaliers, 5 Juin 1863)

Hein de Heinberg, no date listed

Heine-Prusse (An 10 Sept 1810)

Heine-Geldern (Chevaliers, 30 Mars 1867)

Heins, no date listed

Henne (de la) Lorr (An 1 April 1512, "un lion rampant"

Henneberg-Schleusingen (Comtes) Sax, no date listed

Hennenberg, not date listed

Heyne, no date listed

Heyne - Saxe-Weimer, no date listed

Heyne de Slangenborch, no date given

Heynesberg von Heinsberg, no date listed

Heyns ou Heynsius - Leyde la Haye, no date listed, motto: "Libertas Vita Carior"....

Now,  I know the Halbert's Hein coat-of-arms  sent me may or may not be my mother's family's coat-of-arms.?  So, which Hein family tree does my maternal family get to hang their hats?  Or, did they have a coat-of-arms?

When I asked family members, it was commonly thought that the Hein family did have a coat-of-arms. Did anyone remember what it looked like?  One of my aunts recalled seeing on her father's desk important papers with a seal with a rampant lion.


There are four Hein coat-of-arms  which do have rampant lions in their coat-of-arms. More research will have to be made before I know if any of them is the correct one. Or, maybe, we'll fine it under a different spelling...  My grandfather's name on his passport is spelled Heyn.... According to the records in Borodino / Bessarabia, S. Russia, the family surname was spelled a variety of ways. Hein was the dominate spelling by those who recorded births, deaths and marriages....

Take a look at my family tree which I've collected that dates from the present time (2003) to the early 1700s.  


See the Trenck family.  There is not doubt about their coat-of-arms.  Our Trenck Family  is of the oldest level, "Uradel" of nobility made up of the knightly class who existed not later than the 1400. These coat-of-arms are counted as noble since "time immemorial" and are found in ancient documents. They held legal privileges and are ranked higher than the news level, "Briefadel" who were ennobled after 1400. Example if a Baron of the "Uradel" level walked in a procession, he/she would walk ahead of the Baron with the "Briefadel" level.








Hein Genealogy

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