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Updated: 19 March 2009


While looking for information on Borodino,  I asked goggle to find new information.  It came up with a preview of a book titled Prehisoric Art in Europe by N. K. Sandars.  On page 459 he wrote:

>>56.  Gold daggers from Persinari-Ploesti and Madin in Rumania, and silver spears from Borodino, Bessarabia; S. Piggot, op.cit (Note 32) plate XZVIA.<<

>>Also found in Borodino was stone mace-heads, mace-beads and a bronze swords....  << in Studies in Mediterranean Archaelogy published by C. Bloms, 1962

In a book titled Chinese bronze ge weapons by Peking National Mseum is mentioned the find of Chinese swords in Borodino/ Bess.

>> THE TRANS-EURASIAN EXCHANGE p. 47-48:  The spearheads are of exceptional size and sometimes have side loops, a characeristic (and perhaps skeuomorphic) M-shaped junction between ocket and blade, and in some cases a small curving side blade projection from the socket.  Such pieces are untterly distinctive and easily recognizable when they occur as imports outside the forest zone in the steplpes to the sound.  In the west, two such pearheads (and the shaft tube of a thrid) from a part of the family hoard from Borodino, in Bessarabia on theBlack Sea, where they can be dated to the early centures of the second millennium; symmetrically, at the easter end of Eurasia, there are two examples;  an incomplete but very large example from near Zining, Qinghai, and another from North China in the Shaanxi Museum (Mei 2003).  These last examples cary the type into the realm of nascent Chinese metallury.<<

Encyclopaedia Britannica: A New Survey of Universal Knowledge by Walter Yust, University of Chicago p. 838: >>A chance find at Borodino  in Bessaria yield four wonderful axes in jade and serpentine, limestone mace-heads and silber looped spears and pin....<<

Greek Colonization on the North Shore of the Black Sea in the Archaic Period - Page 94 by Arcadia Xenia Kocbala:  >> ...a silver dagger and pin with gold incrustations from Bessarabia or Borodino Hoard, found in the village of BOrodino near Akkerman...<<

State Historical Museum: short guide - Page 19 by Gosudarstvennyi..... p. 153  ..>>...village of Borodino in Bessarabia. This now world - famous treasure-store was buried at the end of  the second millennium BC and consists of arms made of...<<