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Last Updated:  10 June 2001

              Group Pictures of the Boys At Camp

Group 7

Group 7

Note:  Harry Ehmann wrote that this was his  group.  Top row, from the left the second one is Bill Murche.  He's marked bottom row, man in center, is William____.

See Harry's letter.


Group 8

Group 9

"I can identify my dad and unlce.  They are Julean and Stanley Lee.  My dad, Julean, is on p. 13 Group 5 Top Row 4th from the left.  He passed away 8-28-2003.  My uncle Stanely, is on p. 14 Group 9 Bottom row and the 4th from left.  He lives near Seattle, WA."  Benda Schwanke.  See her letter.




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