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D. _____ [Beruard?] Livingston  wrote: "As you travel through life, remember me."

Raepe D. Criger wrote: "Best of luck. I hope you are able to go on the H.S. and compete." [Ref. to my father who was a boxer for a short period of time.]

Paul L. Bach wrote: "More power to you & sucess."

Chestor O. Sherva  [Sherna?] wrote: "Keep your left up."

Adam J. Schook from Mandan, ND wrote:  "Good Luck and Be Good."

Carl Fashing from Galva, ND wrote: "A __ patient."  [Ref. to my father having his appendix removed."

Phillip Williams fr Maddock [?], ND wrote: "Lots of Luck."

Bennie Hass fr. [Bowbells ?], ND wrote: "Thanks for everything and good work."

____[Josphef ?]  Frank fr. Dickenson, ND wrote: "Best of luck Eddy."

Lyle Bradford from Haynes, ND wrote: "Remember 2761 and loads of luck."

Martin Blundred fr. Williston, ND wrote: "Here's hoping you lots of Luck in the future."

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