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Headed To Town On A Sunday Afternoon


Photo #89

Earl R. Fashing

(far right)

from Golva, ND and is presently living in Bismark stated his son in an e-amil dated 2 Jan 2002.

Hollis Chilson



Joseph Frank


Photo #90


 Picture #29

Photo #95


___ Fix

"I can't remember his first name," statead Edwin Remmick. "He and his  family had lived near my Dad in Streeter, ND and later he moved to California.  We lost contact so I don't know what happen to him.  He may have moved to the state of Washington." 





Photo #93


Cecil Mertz

"Cecil was my best freind and lived in Lodi, CA, now," stated Edwin Remmick.



"On Sunday some of us would head to town to attend church..."  Edwin Remmick explained as he looked down at this photograph of his friends.

Lillian, Edwin's wife,  would add, "On Sunday the local people in town would invite these young men to dine with them after church.  Many of these families just had enough to feed their own family but it didn't matter..  "

Lillian continued: "It was a hard time for  all in those years known as the Great Depression. Many of these young men hadn't been able to find jobs.  Families were going hungry. Roosevelt's men had set up these camps where these young men were feed and learn to work.... These young men were helping us  in Montana with a new water irrigation ditches,  building reed beds to prevent erosion of the old Yellowstone River and I'll never forget the smell of banana oil mixed with poison they used when we had the invasion of grasshoppers...."

The Boys Who Came From The East

Lillian, nee Hein Remmick remembered a time when no one invited the boys from CCC camp to Sunday dinners,  "The first group that arrived at the camp near Sidney were from the east coast. They were...."  she hesitated to find the right words, "very unpopular because they didn't seem to understand a farm community's way of life. Many were ruffians who took what they wanted, be it an apple from the store or a young woman when they took a  fancy her.  After several girls were raped the local people demanded these Eastern boys be removed from this area and sent somewhere they would know how to handle the easterners.  The Easterners were removed and the new groups which came to the Sidney camp were from Montana and the Dakotas.  Mostly farm boys who were like our own boys.   A different kind of problem occurred, however,  the new boys  from CCC Camp and the local boys were soon in comptetion with the young girls of the area, like myself and my friends. I suppose the local boys had a right to worry. Many of us , like myself, did marry the boys who had been part of the CCC Camp....."




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