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Irrigation Ditches

Added to the erosion problems of the Yellowstone River,  at this same time,  there was difficulty in irrigation for the local farmers.  The government agents worked out a suitable plan for irrigation ditches built by the CCC which would give each farmer his / her equal share and each farmer would be able to have his /her allotted amount of water which was important during times of drought.


Lillian, Hein Remmick recalled, "When the ditch rider open the ditch to a farmer's or rancher's property,  the owner of the land had to be prepared to accept the water at the time alloted because there wasn't any other time given because of a person's religious affiliations.  If the owner couldn't work on that particular day, he had to get a worker who would.  Some of the people complained but if the system was to work, it had to work the same for everyone along the Yellowstone River." It did work and diasters were eliminated during the terrible drought.



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