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Letter [in part]  dated 4-26-'01 from my father to Harry Ehrmann which he thought might be something others might be interested in reading:

Dear Harry,

Good to hear from you!

After more than sixty years it's hard to remember either names or who was who in the pictures.

The only one of the guys I kept in touch with is Cecil Mertz. He lives in Lodi and I see him occasionally. His wife passed away in Nov 1999 and we attended her funeral.

After I left the 3 C's I went home to Mandan for a visit and then off to Idaho to visit my future wife. Then back to Sidney, Montana and got married. There I worked for the Holly Sugar Factory which was seasonal work as when the fact closed we took off for California.

I did odd and end jobs and ended up at the Pollock Shipyards as an electrician where I worked until I entered the navy.

I went to book camp in San Diego and from there I was sent to Algiers Louisiana for training which is just across the Mississippi River from New Orleans.

Came back to California and was sent to San Bruno where preparation for the invasion to Japan were in full swing. Lucky for me and a lot of guys like me that they dropped the atomic bomb as we had been trained for a full blown Japanese invasion.

I finished my tour with the navy aboard the USS New Jersey (battleship) as part of the occupation force stationed in Tokyo Bay.

Just before we sailed in the fall of 1945 my platoon had the honor of marching in the San Franciso parade welcoming home General Wainwright after his release from a Japanese prison. What a parade!

After my discharge from the navy I came back to Lodi and ended up working for General Mills for thirty-two years.

I have been retired now for about seventeen years and me and my wife live on a small ranchette about ten miles from Lodi.

I keep busy with a few purebred Nubian goats, a couple of steers for meat, arrucanna chickens (they lay colored eggs), a German Shepherd called Lobo and too many cats.

This year the grass has been growing like mad which is a never ending job [cutting it].

The Ed Remick you speak of may be a cousin. I just don't remember him. If I knew who his parents were it may help me to place him....

Another old buddy

Ed Remmick

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