German-Russian myths about the supernatural, superstitions, witches, merlins, ghosts, fairies, and other phenomena.....

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The Teutonic and Cimbrians tribes were a mix of people, Indo-Germanic [Greek, Persian, Hindoos and Slavonic tribes], who had mixed with earlier tribes in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Their Eastern physical look had changed during this mixing of bloodlines with the local tribes. Evolution had created a group of taller, light skin, blue eyed, and blond and light brown haired people.

The Kelts called them "Germanic" which meant "neighbors" About the year 11 B.C. the "Germans" invaded the Roman territory through the Tyrolese Alps... They were not successful in battle against the Roman war machines.... But lost battles didn't prevent these "Germans" from mixing with the Kelts and Romans. It was Tacitus who divided these tribes into 3 cult-groups: (1) Ingvaeoni, (2) Irminoni and (3) Istvaoni.

The Ingvaeoni were the Frisians, Saxons, Anglii, Harudi, Cimbri, Tuetones, Eudosii, Heruli, Danes and Swedes.

The Irminoni were the Semnoni [Suebi], Quadi, Marcomamni, Ermunduri, Chatti, Cheruski and Batavi.

The Istvaoni were Bructeri, Chamavi and Agrivari.

Fragments of the these Germanic tribes became ancestors of the following areas:


(1) The Eburones, Dondrusii and Adutuci found in the area we know as Belgium.

(2) At the mouth of the Rhine were the Batavi, the ancestors of the Dutch.

(3) There was another group called Frisii who would be the ancestors of Frieslanders.

(4) The Sicambrains would be the ancestors of Westphalians.

(5) Chauci are the ancestors of those who lived at the mouth of the Weser River.

(6) Marsi and the Ampsivarii are the ancestors of people who lived near and in the Hartz Mountains.

(7) South of the Hartz was the tribe Ubii.

(8) The Chatti are the ancestors of the Hessians

(9) Along the Main River were the Marcomanni....

(10) The early Saxons were a mix with the tribes of Hermunduri and Chatti , who were known by the Romans as "Suevi".

(11) At the mouth of the Elbe were the Longobardi [Lombards] tribe

(12) The Saxons also ruled the area known later as Holstein

(13) The tribe of Schleswig were known as the Angles.

(14) East of the Elbe were the Semmones who were protectors of the most sacred grove of the Keltic Druids.

(15) North of the Semmones were the Vandals...

(16) Along the Baltic Sea were the Ruegii...

(17) Ancestors of Bohemia were the Keltic tribe known as Boii whom the Romans tried to drive away and the fragments mixed with the Germanic Marcomanni while the majority settled in Austria area....

(18) Along the Danube were the tribe of Quadi...

(19) The Nordic and Rhaetian Kelts inhabitated the Tyrolese Alps....

(20) The Helvetti Keltic tribe lived in what we know as Switzerland which had been driven out of area we known, now, as Germany

(21) The Germanic tribe in the area we known, now, as Bavaria were the Vindelici...

(22) Keltic Gauls would be ancestors of the French





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