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Notes On Lecture for GRHS in 2001

On the History Behind the GR Letters

Written Just Before Russian Revolution of 1917-1918


 Civil War 1918 to 1924

#Started in 1825 with a group called the Decembrists

#Bloody Sunday - 1905

#First Duma - 10 May

>Letter from Nicholas II or Alexandra

#Second Duma Mar 5-June 16, 1907

#Third Duma

#WW I -Great War - Russia against Germany [cousin

against cousin] - 1 Aug 1914

> Account of this day - St. Petersburg Book

#Rasputin is assinated in Dec of 1916

> Ehni wrote a newspaper article about Rasputin's


>> In the eyes of the public, Tsarina's association with Rasputin discredited herÉ She was ruling Russia while Nicholas II was on the Western FrontÉ

>>>She made bad choicesÉ.

#8 March 1917 - Great strikes and riots broke out in St.  St. Petersburg - Revolution has startedÉÉSome people

However, clain it started on 6 Nov 1917 [24 Oct]É.

#Nicholas II abdication - 15 March 1917 in favor of his brother Michael

> Michael's story- book

>>His own people let him down

#Provisional Government


> Pro- Govt. like England

> Pro-Govt. like USA

> Socialism - Lenin & Trotsky

#Lenin leaves Germany on what is called the "GOLD TRAIN

#16 April 1917 - Lenin, Zinoview, Radek, and other Bolshevik letters arrive

#Officially, the Revolution Starts: 24 Oct/6 Nov

#Bolsheviks -Romanovs

>stormed the Winter Palace

>Tsarselo Palace - placed Alexandra and children under house arrest

>Nicholas II joins family

c. Fate is set

# 7 Nov 1917 - Bosheviks are handed the power by the Second All-Russian Congress of Soviets

> Lenin


> Stalin

#20 Dec- CHEKA created - GPU- KGB

# 25 Nov Elections to the Constituent Assemble -Red Army

#Social And Economic Policies 1917-1921

>Land Decree - 7 Nov: Ordered the immediate claims on land owned by large land owners : Kulack [iron fist]

> 19 Feb 1918 : Nationalization of the land -all of Russia was the property of the state who would give permission to those who were allowed to cultivate the land

> 14 Dec 1920 - Food Levy -forced requsitionaing of cosumer goods

> workers given control of factories and under the watchful eye of the govt.


> 17 Dec 1917 - Church property was confiscated and all religions were abolished

>> marriages were civil

> 28 June 1918

>>govt. took complete control of trade unions and people were instructed they had to join

>> compulsary labor by all

>> rationing system


#Georgorian Caldendar was introduced 31 Jan 1918

therefore, all birth, deaths and marriages were OD

and afterward they were ND

#End of WW I

>7 May 1918 - Treaty of Bucharest

>> Roumania cede Dobrudja to Bulgaria

> 6 April 1918 Bessarabia which was part of the Moldavian Republic proclaimed it's union with Roumania

#Civil War 1918 - 1920 [1925]

#9 Nov 1918 - Kasier Wilhelm abdicated and Philipp

Scheidenann, a Solcialist leader, proclaimed the

German Republic -Weimer Republic- as Wilhelm feld

To Holland

11 Nov 1918 Hostitilities ceased on the Western


Trek of the Russian soldiers home.

# Treaty of Versailles