UPDATED: 29 Dec 2008

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Gingerbread Man Cookies

Welcome to the Hubert Kitchen during Christmas Holidays for the production of Gingerbread Cookies for family and friends.

Getting ready are Katelynn King and Marin Hubert


Katelynn  and Marin are mixing the dough with their hands

Children love to dig their hands into the dough.

Goat cut into the dough.

Cut cookies placed on a pan.

Alexandra and Katelynn King mixing powder suger and food coloring  for the icing


SSeparate bowls for the different colors.  You can make as many colors as you like when using the basic ones (yellow, blue, green and red) found in a food coloring box at the store.

All kinds of sprinkles and color candies can be used to add to the decoration of the cookies.

The younger the children, the more stuff they like on their cookies.

Meagan King and Marin

Alexandra and Katelynn King adding the colored sugar and oher sprinkels.

.........................................................The cookies are ready to eat.

;Because of the addition to our home this last year,  every book was boxed so we didn't have our old faithful cookbook to use for our Christmas Gingerbread cookie dough.  So,  Marin, my granddaughter and I used the internet thinking we'd have no problem finding a good recipe.  Well, that wasn't the case.  Either they had too much flour, used just granulated or had too much molasses or not enough .....  One had so much ginger that it leaves a bitter taste in one's mouth.

Marin Hubert cutting out the GINGERBREAD DOUGH, again, this year, 2009 for our Christmas Cookies.


The following are two recipes my granddaughter Marin mixed but we both agree it's not quite as good as our old recipe.  When we find it,  I'll post it.


Recipe #1