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[Wurst, Wascht]

Wisconsin Bratwurst Sausages as seem in show case in VICTOR SAUSAGES  which is in the tiny country town of Victor which is near Lodi, CA, which holds a huge community of German-Russians and their descendants.


Garry enjoying a Rostbratwurst (sausage)  in Munnich, Germany-- 1991

Bauernwurst This sausage has a coarse texture,. With the combinations of mustard seeds and marjoram it has a spicy flavor.
Bierschinken—a large slicing sausage with chunks of ham and pistachios
Bierwurst—coarse-textured slicing sausage flavored with juniper berries and cardamom
Blutwurst; Black Pudding—blood sausage, which comes in many varieties; it is eaten sliced and cold or fried like black pudding

Bockwurst; Weisswurst—smoked and scalded, usually made from finely ground veal; spiced with chives and parsley; resembles a large frankfurter; gently heat in liquid before eating; traditionally served with Bock beer, especially in the spring

Cooked Smoked Dakota Bratwurst

Uncooked (Fresh) Dakota Bratwurst

Bratwurst—a pale , smoked sausage made of finely minced veal, pork, ginger, nutmeg and other spices; you may buy it fresh (uncooked). cooked, or smoked .

Braunschweiger; Liverwurst; Liver Sausage —a speadable smoked liver sausage enriched with eggs and milk; the most well known of the liverwurst sausages
Cervelat—similar to Italian salami, a slicing sausage of pork and beef, spices and often mustard or garlic; Thuringer is a common variety of German cervelat

American Frankfurter

Frankfurter—the genuine German variety (not the same as an American frankfurter) contains finely chopped lean pork with a bit of salted bacon fat, and is smoked; reheat in simmering liquid
Hunter's [Jager] Sausage As the name suggest, the sausage is made so it does not have to be refrigerated and can be carried around by hunters or if you're out for a picnic.  It contains juniper berries, garlic, pepper, and sugar.  The meat must be from lean beef or pork which is ground.

Smoked Kielbasa

Uncooked MILLER's Polish Dog

Kielbasa [Polish Sausage] Trimmed tender ground pork or beef, salt, cloves, sugar, black pepper, marjoram, nutmeg and allspice which can be smoked or raw.  The Polish have a huge variety of sausages.

Knockwurst; knackwurst—a short, plump smoked sausage needing poaching or grilling; contains finely minced lean pork, beef, spices and, notably, garlic; often served with sauerkraut

Liverwurst; Braunschweiger; a speadable smoked liver sausage enriched with eggs and milk
Plockwurst —This is a mild Cervelat that is ideal for  slicing and placing in sandwiches. It is a smoked, soft salami
Wienerwurst—believed to be the origin of American frankfurter; beef and pork flavored with coriander and garlic
Weisswurst; Bockwurst—German for "white sausage" and is very pale and delicately flavored; made of veal, sometimes beef and pork, cream and eggs; a specialty of Munich and traditionally served at Oktoberfest with rye bread, sweet mustard and of course, beer.

Munnich 1991


Wascht -


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