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Escape From Russia

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When Jacob and Anna Maria Schauer migrated to the United States in 1899 they agreed to take the three Hoffer boys,  Friedrich, Jacob and John, who were without proper papers.  This was a great risk  for the Schauer family.  But,  they pushed the risk aside and   the Schauers and the Hoffer boys, took the train  west and toward the Russian border.

When the Hoffer boys were reported missing by the local authorities in Neudorf / Od. S. Russia, work was sent out to the officials.  When the officials searched the train for the three missing Hoffer boys, they looked everywhere the


boys would hide to avoid detection.  None of them paid any attention to the Hoffer boys who seated with the Schauer family, which was quite large, six children,  and had their officials papers.

 This is what Jacob Hoffer 's family wrote about the escape from Russia:

" Jacob Hoffer came to America with his brothers, Fred and John when he was sixteen years old.  The three brothers traveled with Mr. Jacob Schauer and family, as sons of Mr. Schauer's brother. A Mr. Schmeier also helped the boys to leave Russia by destroying any evidence of their true identity: even to tearing out fly-leaves on which their names were were written, in the books they happened to have. When the conductor on the train came looking for three Hoffer boys who were reported as having left the village, Mr. Schauer answered his queries with the statement that there was no one in his group by that name.  The conductor peered under seats of the coach to see if the boys were hiding anywhere.  But were they sitting on the seats. After arrival in America, the boys resumed their own last name."

p. 182 Tappen 1878-1966/

 To the Schauer Family we, descendants of  Friederich, Johna and Jacob Hoffer give you our  SPECIAL THANKS!

Schauer Families

Jacob and Anna Maria, nee Kneckht,  Schauer


Jacob and Anna Schauer

Johan Jacob Schauer and his wife Anna Marie, nee Knecht.  

Jacbo Schauer Anna Schauer

Mr. Jacob Schauer, Sr., son of  John  and Magdlena Schauer , b. 2 Nov 1845 Neudorf, S. Russia  d.  to m.  4 Nov 1869 Anna Maria Kneckht of Hoffnuntsal / Zebrego, S. Russia.  They lived in Neudorf until they migrated to USA in 1899.  Issue:

  1. Christina Schauer m. John Schwarzwalters of Streeter
  2. Magdlena Schauer m.  Christof Rau of Russia
  3. John Schauer of Streeter
  4. Emanuel Schauer  m.  _____ Ketterling.  Lived in Dawson.
  5. August Schauer of Dawson
  6. Jacob Schauer of Bismarck
Ruth, nee Schauer, Davison, R-60 wrote:  Jacob was Johann Jacob Schauer b. 3 Nov 1845 Neudorf  d. 3 Jan. 1847 m. 11 Feb 1869 in Gluestal / Od. to Anna Maria Knecht b. 29 Aug 1848 Hoffnunstal/ ___, Russia d. 15 oct 1924 Streeter, ND, USA.  He is the son of Johannes Schauer and Magdalena Deschler..

His grandfather's data:

Johann Friedrich Schauer b. 22 Feb 1770 Pommern, Prussia  married twice. m. (1) Dorothea Henriette Low b. 15 Jan 1762 Birkenau, Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany, dau. of Johannes Low and Elizabeth Catharina Erhardt and   m. (2) Anna Ladner b. 28 Nov 1789  Seewis, Graubunden, Switzerland, dau. of Johannes Ladner and Ursula Davaz. .  The second wife was Jacob's  granddmother.

#1 Christina Schauer  b. m. 11 Feb 1892 to  JohnSchwarzwalter, son of Andrew and Dorothy Schwearzwalter, b. 11 July 1873 Neudorf / Od. S. Russia



  1. John  J. Schwarzwalter of Streeter b. 27 May 1893 m. Matilda Pfiefle
  2. Mary Schwarzwalter m. Adolph Eisenbeis of Streeter, ND
  3. Eva Schwarzwalter m. John Graff of Jamestown, ND
  4. Walter Schwarzwalter of Streeter, ND
  5. Emilie Schwarzwalter  of Streeter, ND
  6. Ester Schwarzwalter m. Emil Wieland of Streeter
  7. Martha Schwarzwalter

p. 69 Streeter, ND Book

#3 John Schauer b. 5 Sept 1883 Neudorf, S. Russia m. Fredricka Enzminger.

John and Fredericka


  1. Ida Schauer
  2. Anna Schauer
  3. Emil Schauer
  4. Adam Schauer
  5. John Schauer, Jr.
  6. Anton Schauer
  7. Reuben Schauer
  8. Iona Schauer
  9. Harry Schauer
  10. Fred Schauer

p. 55 Streeter, ND Book

 #4 Emanuel Schauer's FamilySchauer Family

Row One:  Anna, Gilbert, Richard, Melvin, Ted, Lydia, Bertha,

Row Two [front] Vernon, Ruth, Emanuel,  Mrs. Schauer [nee Ketterling], Magdalnea and Emelia

See Schauer Web Site:

includes Hieb Family information.

Schauers  Andrew  Schauer and Anna Martie Burr Photograph is their 50th anniversy fr. Ruth M.Schauer, Davison.
21. Jacob Karl Schauer #2157 (11.Carolina3, 4.Jacob2, 1.George1) b. 17 Jun 1877, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 8 Feb 1900, in Neudorf, Russia, 20 Jan 1900, Karoline Hoffer #2159, b. 30 Nov 1877, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, (daughter of Theobald Hoffer #2360 and Anna Marie Eberhardt #2361) d. 23 Mar 1934, Regent, ND, USA, buried: Tepee Butte Cem., ND. Jacob died 8 Mar 1948, buried: Amboy, Lee Co., IL, USA. Arrived in USA 29 Dec. 1907 at New York on the vessel Blucker. Certificate No. 332849 St. Petersburg records give marriage date as 20 Jan 1900, Neudorf.



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