Hubert Families who migr. to Perjamosch /Banat, Austria-Hungary

Last Update:   3 Sept 2002

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Huberts in Oberkirch / [Landreis] Offenburg, [west of Freudentstadt], Baden-Wuerttemberg

Important notes and dates of the village of Oberkirch:

*Hubert from Oberkirch / [Black Forest], Baden-Wu.

Looking for the birth place of the Perjamosch / Arad, Banat, Austria-Hungary [Rumania] colonists Franz Xavier Huber[t] ....

The following is a list of possible places:

A Hubert [no first name given]  is listed as having migr. from Oberkirch which is east of Saarland.

The reason I've taken time to mention this village is because of an old family story which claims the Huberts were from the Black Forest and were Saxons.

In the history of a village just north of Oberkirch is Sasbach which may have been an early settlement of the Saxons.  During the Thirty Years War troops from Austria marched into the area and 27 July 1675 the French General Turene was killed near Sasbach.

During this occupation of the Austrians, some the Huberts may have fled west to Saarland or  some of the Hubert may have joined the Austrian army....  There is a tale that the Huberts were horse traders... Troops  needed horses during a war.....  A good business to be a part at that time. 

At this time, all we know is Franz  Xavier Huber[t] migr.  from a German state and arrived about 1747 in Perjamosch / Arad, Banat, Austira-Hungary.  He wold marry Marie S. Fixmer who was b. in Schemlingen, n. Merzig, Saarland.

If anyone has any farther information please contact me:

Record of the family of Franz Xavier Huber[t] and bride Marie S. Fixmer,  who migr. to Perjamosch / Arad, Austria-Hungary about 1747.