Hubert and Hummel Coat - of -Arms Listed in Records

Last Updated:  15 March  2002

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Coat-of-Arms and Family Heraldry


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Almost everyone is fascinated by the prospect that an ancestor in their family may have held a coat- of-arms.  The following are various coat-of-arms which have been found that carry surnames found in the Hubert family tree. However, at this point in time, there is no paper trail that links the Huberts to any certain coat-of-arms.

Along with each section there will be comments.   

Hubert Coat-of-Arms


Hubert of Augsbourg:

Augsbourgwas the capital of Swabia, W. Bavaria, on Leach River founded by Augustus in 15 B.C. as Augusta Vindelicorum.  It was a free imperial city in 1276.  Became a main members of the SwabianLeague from 1488 to 1534.

Coat of Arms: The beast used as the family symbol was the rampant lion [lion's right foot is lifted, tail elevated and turned by it's head].

Hubert of Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is the Netherlands' constitutional capital in North Holland on the S. bank of the IJ and connected by canals with the North Sea and the Rhine delta.

Coat of Arms: The item used is an anchor which showed  the bearer was connected to the sea in some way.

Hubert of Holland [Holl.]

Coat of Arms: Not sure what the inanimate object of this shield is.


Hubert Bois le duc of Rotterdam = The Duke of Bois of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is in South Holland, WE. Netherlands, on the Nieuwe Maas near the mouth on the North Sea.  Town was charted in 1328...

Coat of Arms: The rampant Lion with a band of stars above it's head. The stars, however, are not really stars but represent a mullet (Scottish star) which is a rollet of a spur.

Hubert of Belgium [Belg.]

Coat of Arms: This shield holds the symbol of a castle

Hubert of Guernensey:

Guernensey Island is the one of the main English Channel Islands off Normandy coast, France.

Coat of Arms:  This shield is showing it is divided into four parts with a "bend" [a diagonal band from upper left to lower right of shield] with a group of rampant lions.