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Last Updated: 5 Aug 2002

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Application for a Certificate of Arrival and Preliminary Form for Petition for Naturalization

Nick Hummel, residing at Rural Route Bush St. Tammany Louisiana, desire to file  a petition for naturalization in the Court at New Orleans, Louisiana.  I submit...

(1) I arrived in the United States through the port of New York City, New York under the name of Nikolous (Nick) Hummel on January 26 1909 on the vessel S/S :Kaisserin Auguste Victoria".....

(2) I have not been absent from the United States...


(4) The full name of the person shown on my steamship ticket was Nikalous (Nick) Hummel

(5) I was born in Sakalhausen Hungary on August 18, 1895

(6) My father's fullname is/ was John Hummel

(7) My mother's maiden name was Katharine Goetz


(9) My last foreign residence was Utwin, Hungary

(10) The place where I took the ship or train which landed me in the United States was  Hamburg, Germany.

(11) The ticket on which I came to this country was bought at Utwin

(12) (If arrival by ship) Name of steamship line was Hamburg-American..... I arrived as....Passenger

(13) I traveled on.. Passport


(15) I was *** examined by the United States immigration officers at New York City, New York

(16) ....

(17) The person int the United States to whom I was coming was Mr. and Mrs. George Duckcorn1

(18) The place in the United States to which I was going was Chicago, Illinois.

(19) The names of some of the passengers or other person I traveled with and their relationship to me, if any, are Father, Mother, Sister (Josephine) brother (Joseph)


(20) In what places in the United States have you resided?  

Chicago, Illinois

Bush, Louisiana


(22) [yes and no questions dealing with allegiance to USA....(26)

(27) If not now married, have you ever been married?  no

(28) to (32)..

(33) Was your father or mother ever a citizen of the United States?  no

(34) Did you register under the Alien Registration Act of 1940?  yes

(35) Did you your fill out this form?  no  If not, give the name and address of the person who did  Frank C. Pack P.O. Box 961, Bogalusa, Louisiana.

I certify that all the statements made by me in this application and form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief

Nick Hummel

Bush, Louisiana


1. Mr. and Mrs. Georg Duckhorn: Margaret, nee Hummel and her husband Georg Duckhorn