11 Feb 2014

Update for: #21

Class of 1960

Ladies Luncheon

April 27, 2012

Seventeen classmates attended our 21st "Class of `60 Ladies Luncheon" at Dee Dee's in Lodi.

Those in attendance were: Patti Bender, Sharon Christopherson, Dianne Cooper, Gayle Deutscher, Sandy Lind, Marlene Miller, Margaret Phipps, Annette Reiswig, Judy Remmick, Kay Rozier, Marsha Sanger, Shirely Savig, Mavis Seibel, Elvera Thornesberry, Kathy Welsh, Janet Woehl and Janice Woehl.

Emails of regret, but tell everyone hello, came from: Kathleen Banegas, Jeraldine Best, Cathleen Bjelland, Judy Bouska, Judy Cheney, Penny Coldani, Faye Doty, Cherie Flower, Dolores Gribaudo, Jeanette Holmquist, Carol Hughes, Janie Keir, Linda Kundert, Marci Lowe, Georgia Maul, Judy Motoyama, Etna Nicewonger, Marilyn Ostermann, Norma Peterson, Jeanne Reimche, Cheryl Reutter, Marlene Stout, Sharon Sumstad, Sharon Tanaka, Madeline Terrill, Felis Urrutia, Lynette Walther, and Sue Welby.

Please forgive me if I forgot to mention someone.

This time I took my notebook, but totally forgot to pick up a pen and write down what anyone said until we were almost done. We do seem to need a "secretary" who will pay attention and take notes rather than just sit and enjoy the moment. Thanks Mavis, Patti, & Shirley for helping me fill in the spaces.

Show `n Tell:

Patti Bender and Dena and Kay Rozier and her granddaughter, recently took the train to Yosemite and spent two nights at the Yosemite Lodge and had a grand time. They even experienced SNOW.

Sharon Christopherson reported that her mom who lives in Galt in her own home had to give up line dancing at age 96. We should all be so fortunate! She remains the main caregiver and checks in often.

Margaret Phipps is in the process of fixing up her new place at Parkview Terrace. She had wooden flooring installed, but because of the recent rains, it buckled, and they're now in the process of redoing it. Good thing she's in no hurry to make the move.

Marlene Miller and Jean Morimoto will be leaving shortly for a trip to The Dakotas. They want to check out Mt. Rushmore, among the other sites of interest. Have fun!

Dianne Cooper keeps busy working with estate sales and she reported that two days ago she had cataract surgery, and is mending well.

Gayle Deutcher and Mel went to Arizona to check out the Giants Spring Training Camp. Gayle was able to gather lots of autographs for their grandson. Mel recently had knee replacement & doing fine.

Sandy Lind had just returned the day before from a trip to the big island of Hawaii where she spent time visiting her sister. She did report that the weather wasn't too Hawaii-like. Lots of rain and gray days.

Judy Remmick spoke of her granddaughter who is a sophomore in high school and is competing as part of a rowing team in the Bay Area and doing very well. Thank goodness, Judy brought her camera with her to our gathering and was kind enough to take the photos. Thanks, Judy, for capturing this event. GREAT photos as always!

Marsha Sanger just rented a home in Lodi in which she hopes to heal, and get back into the mainstream of life. The month or so in Reno was cold, windy, lonely, and not very productive. The Apple Store was nearby, so that was a bonus. They even replaced my brand new contaminated laptop. They believed my story, thank goodness! Very nice people work at the Apple Store in Reno.

Shirley Savig was leaving for Napa the next day for "Kitchens in the Vineyards" which is a yearly event where you visit wineries to enjoy their specialties. She's planning a trip to Germany in August to attend her niece's wedding and another trip to Thailand in December to visit her sister, Annette, who is now living there.

Mavis Seibel is getting back to work selling real estate, but is also Jimmy's full time caregiver. She said that he's doing pretty well most of the time and continues to make progress.

Kathy Welsh brought us up to date on several of our classmates. Bonnie Kauzarich Strunk passed away on April 4, 2012. She had suffered with M.S. for 15 years, and her husband sent an email stating that she did lose the battle. Our sincere sympathy goes to her family. Sharon Sumstad just went home after a lengthy stay in the hospital/convalescent. She took a fall and broke an arm, was in a coma for awhile and then had pneumonia. She's now home and making great progress. Janice Buckmiller is home now following hip replacement surgery and is having therapy and making good progress.

Elvera Thornesberry reported that her dear mother passed away at age 96. Losing loved ones is never easy, no matter the age. Please accept our most sincere sympathy. Her grandson recently set sail on a maritime working ship.

Janet Woehl told about her niece who recently had an accident on the soccer field when she pulled a ligament in her foot/leg area. A scout coach had made a special trip from some college to take a look at her skills, but shortly into the game, she had this accident. But, she's mending and will back on the soccer field soon, she hopes.

Janice Woehl is in the process of moving from Elk Grove to Land Park. May it be a smooth move, if that's possible. Making changes at this time of our lives is often a bit more difficult than when we were younger.

Our next gathering will be Friday, July 27, 2012.

Do let me know ahead of time if you'll be able to attend, as I need to call in a number to the restaurant. I'll send out a reminder a month or so in advance. Even if you don't let me know, please just show up, as there's always room for more.

Enjoy each precious day, and I hope to see/hear from you soon. Stay HEALTHY, SAFE, and HAPPY and hope to see at our next gathering. Enjoy life; it does have an expiration date!


Marsha Sanger


cell: (209) 629 - 5859

PS: If you'd like to be deleted from this list of LUHS Class of `60 e-dresses, just let me know and it will happen; I won't send out further updates to you. I've included EVERYONE'S e-dress, not just the ladies who attended this event.