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Oct 2006


The e-mail I sent out:

>>Well, it looks like I might have a few hours to put together our next newsletter.

If anyone has any news they'd like to tell people, please, sent it and I'll make sure it's in the on-line newsletter.

I think the questions to answer for this newsletter are:

How many of you remember your freshman year at Lodi High? Did you have a good experience? Do you remember any stories you'd like to share?

The reason this popped into my head is because my oldest granddaughter has just started High School and watching her has caused me to remember all kinds of stuff.

Let's see, today is the 15th of Sept. How about the deadline being 15 Oct.

Since that's so close to Halloween. I bet some of you have a few stories about what you did on a Halloween night during your High School years.

If you know of a change of e-mail address or liked to add some, let me know.

Hope to hear from ALL of you.

Judy Remmick - Hubert

Class of 60


In a message dated 9/16/06 9:52:05 AM, writes:

Judy:  I reread the class bio you have on the web site and Mine needs to be updated.

Married to Gail Begley( Stagg High School) 1963 to 1973.  .  One Daughter with Gail. our Daughter and Her family live in Sausalito CA. They have two Boys  .   Then Married to Mary L Pratt ( St. Louis Mo) from 1973 to 2005, Mary had one son from prior marriage.       I am Currently Single and not sure if marriage is for me. Currently own and operate Ehrhardt Aviation Agency LLC in Sullivan MO since 1995.  Also Own and Operate Ehrhardt Photo Studio in Sullivan Missouri. I live in Cuba Missouri .

That ought to bring me up to date with the Class of 60. Judy, I really enjoyed our last reunion. and I look forward to 2010. I marvel at the recall you have of your childhood.  I guess I was not paying attention to mine.

As for my Freshman year.  I remember walking to school down Walnut street.  The First day of School  had my eyes as big as saucers. Getting my Student body Card was a big deal for me. Also the process of registering for all the classes.  and Then trying to find them.  I was sure I would forget the next day.   To this date, I have had a recurring dream where in , I am attending College and at final exam time, the new schedule for testing is posted and as I am looking at the list, I find my name on a class that I had not attended.  It is a literature course and I did not read any of the material and I know it is an essay and I can not fake it. I am Screwed!    How could I have forgotten to attend this course?   Well That  is the dream.  The analyzing goes on  as to how I can get out of this problem and what will I do with the F that I am sure to get because I did not attend the class.

I remember walking by the Auto Shop Class and Seeing the BIG seniors and Juniors  who were working on their Hot Rod Projects. I really felt small.  AS I recall I was about 5 ft 6 inches and weighed about 130 lbs.  I was never a good reader, and that landed me in what we called Bonehead English class.  It was my Freshman year that I finally kicked myself in the Butt and worked to get out of Bonehead English class. By my Sophomore year I was out and had Mr.. Roe as My English Teacher.  That reminds me of the buzz that was on campus , that Mr.. Roe was dating a Senior Girl.  Remember Mr.. Roe wore Cowboy Boots.

I remember having a Good experience My Freshman year with the exception of the spring time when I was walking home again on Walnut street and having Blackbirds Dive at me because I was too close to their nest.  It was war for about 30 days until their babies could fly. 

Recalling My Sophomore year , I remember the boys had to take Boxing from Coach John Gianoni.  He was a Big man and someone you never wanted to Cross.  I was always amazed that His daughter could get any boy to date her.  Her Father was bigger than GOD.  And to me , He had the voice of the same strength. But he was kind though and Great Coach.  I remember his hands,  They were like paws.  When He made a fist, it was a weapon to be sure.  AS luck would have it  we drew partners the spar with and Eugene Gertzen  was my partner.  Eugene and I go back to Kindergarten at Emerson School. We were friends but Eugene always had a habit of wanting to punch me in the Shoulder , or tease  me in some other way.  Steal my books and make me chase him to get it..  Well here we are, Eugene and me, with Boxing Gloves that were as big as pillows, squaring off with left jabs, Blocking  moves and right cross's.  Jab, jab, block , cross.   I was holding my own against Eugene, and on this occasion My right cross landed square in his face.  He got a bloody nose and gave me look asking why I did it.  I remember telling him that he needs to keep his left hand up to block that shot. I knew from then on I could handle Eugene. I have not seen him in years and it would be nice to have him attend our next reunion. Eugene is one of about 80 kids including myself who attended Emerson, Washington, Needham, and LUSH together.  I know there were other groups  from Victor, and  Lockford,  Mirada,  Live oak,  Clements,  and a couple of other schools that slip my mind at this advanced age.

My Halloween Story brings to mind either our sophomore or Junior year, at Bob Wagers house.  For some reason, Bill Kennedy, Myself, and Bob Wagers decided to create our own version of a Horror House.  When the doorbell was run, I remember we had a Night on Bald Mountain playing in the background and one of us  gruffly asked the children what they wanted. We gave them candy  but made it clear that things were going on in this house that could be dangerous  to them if they did not run off at one.  They all did as I recall.   Be safe and enjoy  your grand kids.   I look forward to hearing from you.  

Regards  Clyde Ehrhardt 


Hi Judy: I'd love to have access to the classmates newsletter but I'm not sure if I can come with the correct answers to get admitted.

Here's one of my best answers: bill Kennedy, clyde Ehrhardt, and bob Wagers. And the question is: What three fabulous people wrote that great column "Panophobia" (we had to discard the "t" in order to fit the column's width) for The Flame? And why did they keep it a secret? Oh wait, that requires a second answer--forget I mentioned that. Are you making that stuff up about the library? I never saw no girls there. :-( Maybe we were in different sections? Do you remember where they kept the most interesting books locked up? ;-)

Take care and thanks,

Bill Kennedy


Thank you Judy for your efforts to keep us "in touch".

Wow! Freshman year . . . hmmmm . . . the one thing that immediately comes to mind is being one of four guys who were allowed into the A Cappella Choir as freshmen . . . "unheard of" at the time . . . dear Mrs. Hasselbring! We rehearsed in the front rows of "the auditorium" . . . every class day!

When y' all may be visiting Maui, on Sundays I'm at the organ of Keawala`i Congregational Church in Makena . . . . . . or y' might wanna visit "da club" . . . (I do "backstage technical support") at Warren and Annabelle's Magic Club in Lahaina . . . . . .

Aloha from Maui

Danny (aka Daniel, aka Dan) Brown