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Once again our Ladies Luncheon was sucessfull!


In a message dated 10/29/07 11:49:45 AM,  Marsha Sanger - writes:

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Alive and 65 (or soon to be)

Class of 1960 Ladies Luncheon, October 26, 2007


Twenty-seven Class of 1960 ladies gathered at Dee Dee's on Friday, October 26, 2007, around noon. We chatted, shared a short bio and only played two "Two Truths and One Lie". I think it may have run its course, and of course ate lunch. Hopefully everyone had a fun time; I surely did!

Those in attendance were: Ann Armstrong, Diane Becker, Patty Bender, Cathleen Bjelland, Jeraldine Best, Judy Bouska, Jackie Chesi, Faye Doty, Starla Filler, Marjorie Garrison, Patty Goodman, Dolores Gribaudo, Janie Keir, Irene Kruger, Linda Kundert, Sandy Lind, Carolyn Marshall, Carla Norris, Norma Peterson, Judy Remmick, Cheryl Reutter, Marsha Sanger, Shirley Savig, Maxine Schaffer, (visiting from her home in Missouri) Lynette Walther, Janet Woehl, and Janice Woehl. 


Emails or calls of regret this time, but perhaps will attend another time came from: Kathleen Banegas, Barbara Boepple, Donna Chatfield, Carolyn DeVinny, Lesley Fitzer, Geri Giannoni, Claudia Handy, Dona Holmes, Nileta Lerza, Georgia Maul, Etna Nicewonger, Annette Reiswig, Donna Schumacher, Karen Sterling, Marlene Stout, Madeline Terrell, Elvera Thornsberry, Dianna Vandehey, and Sue Welby..

Dolores Gribaudo won the door prize: a pink baby rose bush; a beautiful rose for a beautiful lady!

Sue Welby almost attended, but missed her connecting flight from S.F. to Sacramento.

Thanks, Starla Filler, for the GUBS card game. Her grandson's very creative mind designed it. A left-brained person, such as I, is in awe.

Again, please let me know ahead of time if you'll be able to attend, as I need to call in a number to the restaurant. I'll send out a reminder a month or so in advance.

Do let me know if you want to be deleted from this list, as I don't want to "bug you" if you don't want to be "bugged".

Our topic next time will be: What will you write on your "Bucket List", as in "Before I Kick the Bucket"? (Thank you, Judy Bouska, for the suggestion. There's a new movie coming out staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman dealing with this topic.)

We agreed to meet in three months, so that will be January 25, 2008; same time, same place. Please keep networking by trying to find all of our classmates. You're doing a GREAT job!

Stay HEALTHY, SAFE, and HAPPY and hope we meet on January 25, 2008. TTFN

Marsha Sanger

(209) 931 – 3165



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