Last Updated:  5 May 2010

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E-mail and photographs are from Marsha:

Hi Classmates, 


I'm still working on the document from our luncheon last Friday; need to call Mavis for some reunion information to include in the update. So, will hopefully have that out to you tomorrow. 


Well, I forgot Janie Keir. She was here, but by the time I remembered to take photos, she had already left. I'm so sorry, Janie. I'm also missing one photo of Faye Doty, Diane Becker, and Cathleen Bjelland. It's on my Hotmail screen, but for some reason, it's not showing up here. I have a photo of them, but I have a better one which is "lost" somewhere. Perhaps I'll try to attach that one to the document tomorrow. One of these days I'll know how to do this and have everything going out on ONE email. I came here, (my gmail account), just to try to figure out the photos and see what I had, and it seems that I've attached them okay. So, here goes, as I'm afraid that it might not happen again if I try to wait for tomorrow when I'd have everything finished. 


Hope all is just right.