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Friday, 20 Nov. 1959

Beat Stagg

Story reads:

15 Seniors to Play In Last Game Tonite

In tonight's final, 15 seniors will be in The Flame Parade when they prepare to do battle with their rivals from Port City [Stockton].

Being that this is the last game of the season some hard and fast action is expected.

Ignoring the fact that Staff is favored over Lodi, the Flames are fired to capacity.

The seniors who will be playing their last game tonight are Tom Fukumot, who has been an outstanding center and linebacker; Bob Fuller, an outstanding tackle and this year's captain; John Heine, who has been a regular on this year's team; Bob Kellar, a regular center and extra point kicker; Stan Melcher, a 163 pound tackle; Lloyd Moos, a small but scrappy fullback; Dennis Morita, a regular on defense two years and first string guard on the offensive team; Mitch Nakamur, who has been a Big help to Lodi the past two years; Bob okazaki, who has held the job of first string fullback; Pat Saguenetti, who is a holy terror as a guard; Pete Sheehan, who has helped support the left half-back position all season; Argus Smith, who has quarterbacked the Flames this year; Mike Stemler, who as been one of the Lodi's best catchers this years, Jesse Vocque, a devoted football player; and Mack Whipple, also, a devoted player.


The Scores of the Four Years Were:

1956, Lodi 7, Stagg, 12

1957, Lodi 18, Stageg12

1958, Lodi 19, Stagg 20

1959, Lodi 7, Stagg 26

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