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Remmick-Hubert Special Page - Lodi Union High School, Class of 1960-Newsletter

Vol.10:  29 May 2003


The Winge'd Horse, Lodi Union High School - 1960


Judy Bouska




Ma wont believe me when I tell her I have a mowse under this jar.  I am sitting on the back porch on the flore and I have a jar in my hand turned upside down on the flore.  There is a mowse under it. The jar.  Not the flore.  If I let go of the jar the mowse will tip it over and run away and then ma will never believe me about the mowse.  I been calling her but she wont lissen.  Dad aint home now I dont no where he is.

Ma tell me all the time I am stoopid and wont I ever grow up but I realy do have a mowse under here. Dad always told me that heroes right down what happens to them the last minit if they can and they dont always.  If this mowse gets away how will anyone no I am a hero.  I dont espeshly want to be a hero but at leest I want people to beleve me about the mowse.  I just yelled at ma agin but she yelled back to be quiet.  She said shut up is what she said.

I cant sit here forever.  When she comes onto the porch to make me go to bed she will see the mowse and finly beleve me.  Then she will tell Missiz Miyers about the mowse and Missiz Miyers will tell Jonny and then he is going to think I am wonderfull.

I remember once my frend Jonny swiped a chickin from an old poltry place and everybody thot he was pretty good.

I just called ma again.  Boy is she mad.  I dont no why.  Its only a mowse.  The mowse is awful cute. I wish you could see him.  Maybe if ma does come and see it she will let me keep it and I can how it to Jonny.  Wos.  My arm is tired from holding this jar.  I have to sort of tip it up so the por mowse doesnt smuther.  I wonder how the mowse likes it there.  I guess not.

Golly sakes ma makes me mad.  She just blue her top again.  She says it isnt right to lie and I no that but I am not ling now about the mowse.

Ma is feding the baby.  Now sheel never come out here.  Darn it.  But I wont give up because Dad says to be sure your right and then do it.  So I am.  Ma is calling me to get ready for bed.  I wont go. I will wate until she coes to get me.  Golly mowses are cut.  Woops I think its mise now mowses.  I wish Jonny would come over but I not he wont.

I am not going to finnish this because my mowse got away.  Ma kept calling me and finly I disided to push the jar over to the wall and put the box of sope on it to wate it down and go get ma and tell her to come and see it.

But the mowse got away and I cant let anyone read my hero paper because they wont beleve that I had a real mowse under that jar.  Even ma don't believe me.  But I am going to tell Jonny because he mite beleve me some.


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