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Senior Banq Program/Menu




Grudo Engullir

Aplasta Papa  Sangre Morada

Mezclar Plantas

Pany Manteca

Leche - Cafe - Te

Manzana Pastel Con Helado


Masters of Ceremonies - Bob Wiederrich, Mike Watson

INVOCATION .......Rev. R. S. Allrich

WELCOME ADDRESS....Jeanne Schroeder

 Elliott Adams, Presiden't

Dr. Lawson Smith Superintendent

Mr. Frank Stocking, Principal


Stan Melcher

Pat Sanquinette

Mike Stemler

Bob Fuller

Mike Haney

Tim Spittler

Dave Hildenbrand

Bill Peterson

Chip Adams

Ken Melvold

Duane Bechthold

Donna Schumacher

Etna Micewonger

Bill Eriksen


MOONGLOW.......Pat Bender, Accompanist was Dan Brown

16 TONS - Pantomine......Martha Gabriel

JOSEPHINE ..... Irene Krukger

CHATTER.......Bill Belforet and Bob Wagers

EGBNERT TO THE RESCUE.....Bob Fuller, Jeri Giannoni, Kathy Lippert, Mike Stemler, Chip Adams, Claudia handy [Pronter]

TRUE LOVE....Danny Brown and Marla Siebrass

OLD PAYOLA-ROLL BLUES - Pantomine...June Truelock, Pat Bender

STRUNG [stet] QUARTET PLUS ONE..... Marsha Sanger, Sue Welby, Marlene Stout, Kathy Youdall, Mary Lou                                                        McGill

PIANO SOLO ...Chip Adams


Alma Mater.......EVERYONE


General Chairman....Jeanne Schroeder

Decorations...Aline O'Brien and Carla Norriis

Programs.......Georgia Maul

Entertainment...Sharon Tutt

Food...Jerilyn Giannoni

Publicity...Karen Krause

Tickerts..Shirley Savig

Clean-up.....Ron Mettler

Banquet Advisor....Mrs. Helen Hartvig

Senior Advisor...Mr. Emil Reimche

Judy A. Remmick wrote the following after the Banquet in her Scrapbook:

Senior Banquet, April 30, 1960 [Seniors Only], 7:00 P M- 10:30 PM

I really had a great time and the entertainment was with great variety from cutting up to excellent talent.

First we had a turkey which was quite good as far as turkey goes.  I ate everyone else's ice cream and felt quite full.  Ericka [Wenzl] keep saying she felt as if she was bursting at the seams.

The entertainment began after we ate.  

Mike [Stemler]and Bob [Fuller] were terriffic. The way I'll remember is cutting up, popping suspenders and not being able to remember who goes on next.  The "Parking Lot Symphony" groups' clothing was hilarious. Tim   wore big pants with the zipper down and a girls school's swim suit underneath . He had a hammer hanging out his back pocket like a tail. "Micky Louse" was sung and Bob sounded like Arthur Godfry.  16 Tons by Marty [Gabriel].. .. I'll remember this part of the song which tells us  "...if he doesn't get him with the right he'll get 'em with the left" [the shovel was in the left hand].  I don't think the adults cared too much for JOSEPHINE  [by Irene Kruger] but the boys liked it and I'm sure.  "Egbert To The Rescue" was one of those melodrama skits in which no one could remember their lines.  Old Chip [Adams] had the script with him and prompted the others with their lines but it didn't help anyone and then he couldn't remember where they were in the script..... "String Quartet Plus One" was about Lemberger cheese and exhaust pipes and our class of 60's famous  THE BEACH PARTY.....  The songs Marla  [Siebrass] and Dan [Brown] sang really set me in a mood.  I realized the night was almost over and graduation is soon arriving. Some times I think too soon and some times I think, not soon enough. Guess what Mike and Bob said about what we've done, the class of '60.. It was true, we did have fun.

I had helped with the decorations .... The parrots and  ivy with the small fountain I thought was the best looking...

**Contact Chip Adams for the tape recorded that night.


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