In memory of our classmates of Lodi Union High School, Lodi, CA, USA

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In Memory of Our Classmates


Remember them one by one, remember them all, who have  gone away,  gone far far away into the silence and under the stone that tells you and I when they were born and when they died far too soon.*

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Class Mates

 Memories:  Stories, Photographs........

Adams, Arlin

Judy, Alrin, Don

Judy Remmick, her dog Laddie,  Arlin Adams and Don Lepp.

I knew Arlin from the time we were three or four years old.  His parents were part of the same German-Russian-American circle as my family.  Later,  I was to discover he was a distant cousin on my maternal side.  He and his family lived just one block over and my Mom would walk me across the street and I'd run [those were the days when a person never walked] to his house.  The sidewalk in front of his house had a large chalk hop-scotch drawn next to a tree which we often tried to climb but it's first branch was just beyond our reach.  I'd knock on the door and out he'd dash with a huge smile and a friendly, "Hi."  At that age he hadn'st discovered girls had "cooties".   I remember getting jealous of his guitar which he started to play and didn't have as much time to play ball.  Then my cousin Don Lepp moved to Lodi,  Don  became Arlin's best friend into their adult years.  Don's son is named in memory of Arlin.   One of are favorite past times was playing marbles.  A game the generations who followed us never had the pleasure of knowing. You can see from the photograph above we continued to be friends.  It was about them Arlin discovered girls had "cooties". When Don moved back to Wyoming, and, I moved across town and lived by  Lodi Lake, I lost my own  one one one friendship with Arlin.  Our Moms often talked to each other so I always knew what was happening in Arlin's life.   We became friends, again, our Freshman year of HS, but never like we had been. He and I were traveling different roads....    I remember him as always having a smile.

Written by Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

Aldinger, James

Allen, Carolyn

Written by Ann Armstrong Bauer:

..I would like to insert a remembrance for Carolyn Allen who died several years ago:

Carolyn Allen died several years ago after being ill for quite some time. She was one of my very best friends in high school, and we spent many hours together, sharing secrets and stories, dreams and aspirations. We used to cruise the drag on Friday nights (making my younger sister sit on the floorboard so she wouldn't be seen), go to after game dances and Blue Note dances; why we even used to go to church together, alternating between hers and mine.

When I would later see Carolyn she always expressed her fondness for her high school years and loved to reminisce taking us back to a joy-filled and simpler time.

Carolyn was, by stature, a little girl, but she had a big heart and liked everyone. Although I didn't see her often enough after graduation, I miss her dearly now and reminisce for both of us.

According to the 1970 Class Reunion Directory, she had married Ralph Wait

Ashbaugh, Jerry


Bieber, Carolyn

Carolyn Joyce Fulton passed from this life suddenly Monday morning, Dec. 12, 2005, at Indian Valley District Hospital in Greenville. She was born 63 years ago in Sacramento to the late North Dakota natives Emil and Gertrude Bieber. Carolyn is survived by her loving family, which includes her daughter, Kim Warner of Greenville; brother, Ron Bieber of Elk Grove; sister, Sandra Smoak of Sacramento; two grandchildren and five great-granddaughters. Following cremation at Fehrman Crematory, services will be held at a later date. Inurnment will take place in Lodi Memorial Cemetery. An opportunity to express condolences to the family and to sign the memorial guest register is available online at Arrangements have been entrusted to the care of Fehrman Mortuary and Crematory, P.O. Box 803, Greenville, CA 95947.

Bettencourt, Tonya


Tonya Bettencourt m. Frederick Maciel

In the 1970 Class Reuion Directory it listed Tonya as being a systems analyst and having two children.


I happened upon your website when doing a google search on my mother's name: Tonya Bettencourt/Maciel. I found her listed in the "in memory of our classmates" section. First, I would like to thank you for this. It has been almost 2 years since she has passed away, and I know she would have loved your website.

I thought that I would provide you with more current information about her (since the 1970 information you had is a little outdated). She and my father (Frederick Maciel) were married for nearly 37 years when she died. They ended up with three children total, and she was an Executive Secretary at Caltrans. Please let me know if you would like more information about her. She was an incredible woman and missed deeply by those who love her.

Thank you for your time.

Tamara Maciel Bannan

Tonya (Bettencourt) and Frederick Maciel


Blout, Linda


Written by Janie Keir Say:

"Remembered and missed by her friends."

In our Directory of our Class Reuion of 1970, Linda was listed as having been a teacher and having two children.




According to Marsha Sanger, who arranged  our Ladies' Luncheon on Friday the 31st, Barbara died in the night 30th of Jan 2014.  

I will place her obituary, which Marsha sent me yesterday, in my Feb. 2014 Newsletter.

I've known Barbara since grammar school.  Through the years we  lost contact but got to know each other again at our High School Reunions and later at our Ladies' Luncheons.

MY  STORY: One late late spring afternoon we (Special Girls Sports Class, Period Seven) were playing softball.  For some reason I was catching. Barbara was sitting on the grass on third base side.  I do not recall who was up at bat but as she swung for the ball,  the bat in her hands slipped out and flew toward the girls sitting on the grass.  It happen so fast that the girls did not have time to react to the wooden bat flying in their direction.  The bat struck Barbara's head and she was knocked down and out....  I'll never forget the horror on everyone's face as Barbara didn't moved.  I do not recall which teacher was on duty but whoever it was took action.  Barbara moaned as she regained consciousness.... She was a very lucky young lady that day because she ended up being all right.  The girl who had lost the bat had felt so terrible about the accident that I'm not sure she ever felt the same about playing softball afterwards. But we did play and we ended up having a pretty good year.

I remember Barbara as being kind and always had a smile.

Barbara will be missed.  

Bowser, Ronald


Breitmeyer, Rosella [Rosie]



Rosella [Rosie] Breitmeyer abt 1958

I had known Rosie from the time we were four or five.  Her father was part of our German -Russian-American circle.  She attended the same Lutheran Church as my mother's parents. Her mother was Swedish and always so very kind.  We were in the first grade together... Rosie  often visited Vera Schmiedt who lived not far from me after we moved to the south side of town.  When I moved over to Mills. Ave.,  Rosie's parents had, also,  bought a house on Mills the same time.  Since we were the same age,  we migrated to each other.  I discovered she liked to play baseball....  We did everything  together. Swimming. Roller skated. Water skied..... Horseback riding... She owned an young horse which was part Arabian that was very skidish....  I borrowed anyone's horse who need exercise....  We laughed. Cried....  Talked about boys we liked...  About our HS Junior year we started to move apart in our lives.  I became a loner and drifted searching for a life outside of Lodi, she remained close to her roots and married a Lodian, Keith Whitmeyer.  I went off to college and Rose and Keith were married, Rosie took up life in Lodi and I rarely saw her.  She remained close to Vera who was the one who later told me how ill Rosie had been. It sadden me that I hadn't known.  Rosie and I  could have had long conversations about the "good old times"....  We did have a lot of good times. [Memoirs of Remmick-Hubert]

Buchmiller, Shirley


In our Class Reuion Directory of 1970  has  listed that Shirely was wife, cosmetalosgist and mother of two children.

Burr, Craig

Craig Burr

Burr OT

Craig Burr

Stage Manager in "OUR TOWN" , Class of 1960's Class Play - Photograph

It wasn't until my Senior year that Craig and I became good friends.  We had couple of classes together. I discovered  the deep side of Craig and I enjoyed listening to his hopes and dreams. It seems like it was yesterday when  he asked me if he should try out for the part in Our Town.  I urged him to try out and he did and became the lead.  He was quite good,  I thought. [Memoirs of Remmick-Hubert] 

Burson, David


James Cathcart


Marjorie  Garrison remembers Jim and wrote:  My grandmother was picking me up from school one day and someone came through a red light and hit us on my side.... Jim was the big hero and pulled the door open for me to get out. Everyone cheered." [E-mail, 10 July 2000.]

I had many classes with James.  I remember him as a quiet person, who's smile came easily .

He married Caren ____ and the last time I saw  remember seeing and talking to him was in 1970 reunion. He was at that time an Installment Loan Officer.


James and Caren Cathcart


Clark, Carolyn

Carolyn Clark

In the 1970 Class Reunion directory it is stated Carolyn was married to Dale Coleman.
Cronn, Janet


Janet went to Woods School with me and I remember her very well.  See her with the saxophone....   [Judy A. Remmick-Hubert] Was married to Gary Techlenberg who was listed as a fireman in our 1970 Class Reunion Booklet which, also, lists they had three children.
Everett, Charles


Flato, Armin


Gauntt, Sandra


I knew Sandy from the time we  were small.  She grew  upwards faster than the rest of us and I nicknamed her, "Scarecrow", not because she was ugly,  she was cute, but because she was so tall with long legs and long arms like a scarecrow.  She use to get angry at me because she thought it was an insult so I renamed her, The Tall Drink of Water ".  She was a sweet person and those of us who knew her will remember her always. [Memoirs of Remmick-Hubert]

She married David Ueland. They had one child.

Gaunt Husband


Gooding, Susan


She married Clyde Bradley .  In the 1970 Class Reuion directory there is listed they were the parents of two children. And, if I'm reading this correctly, she was Assistant Production Supt. for Northern Div. Occidental Petroleum Corp.                                           


Susan and Clyde Bradley

Henry, RitaRita Henry In a message dated 7/12/04 2:43:11 PM, writes:

Just to let you know that Rita Rott, one of our class mates passed away this last Friday.  I don't really have any of the details.


NOTE:  9 July 2004

Obit of Rita Marie Rott

Rita Marie Rott, a Realtor, beloved mother and friend, died Friday July 9, 2004 in her home in Lodi. She was 62. Mrs. Rott was born in Billings, Montana. She moved to Lodi in 1948 with her family and has made Lodi her home for the past 56 years. She worked as a Realtor for the past 18 years, most recently with Century 21. While her children were growing up, Rita worked as a teacher?s aide and was a member of the PTA for many years at George Washington Elementary. In her spare time, Rita belonged to many local organizations including, Lodi's Adopt- a- Child, ? Look Who?s Talking? with the American Cancer Society, Lodi's Corvette Club, Lodi High's Class of 1969 Alumni, Lodi's Golf Association and the Lodi Moose Club. She enjoyed traveling, golfing and playing cards. Rita would always have a deck with her. You could count on her to attend and contribute to local charities. Rita was a very giving person. But most of all, Rita loved spending time with her family and friends. She leaves her daughters and son-in-laws, Angel and Dan Smetts of Niles, Michigan, Kathy and Scott Six of Angels Camp; sons, David Pellegrini and Tommy Pellegrini of Lodi; sister and brother-in-law, Marlene and Bob Loseth of Lockeford; grandchildren, Justin Six, James Smetts, Shannon Six and Alyssa Pellegrini; niece, Andrea Remesal; nephews, Robert Loseth, Andre? Remesal. She was preceded in death by her husband, Aldon Rott; brothers, Robert Henry, Lawrence Henry and son, Larry Pellegrini. A Memorial Service will be held Friday at 11:00 AM at Lodi Funeral Home Chapel. A Celebration of life immediately follows at the Lodi Moose. The family prefers memorials to be in the form of donations to Lodi Adopt-a-Child, 100 E. Pine Street, Lodi, CA 95240

Howard, Roger
Kaul, Roger



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*by Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

+ Shakespear, Romeo and Juliet, v, 3, 92.

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