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Last Updated:  11 July 2000

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Stepping On Car

STAMP IT OUT BEFORE IT MULTIPLIES!  That is what senior Mack Whilpple appears to be doing in the picture above.

The photograph was taken from  "THE BLAME", our Flamm staff spoof for Friday, April 1, 1960.  This was on the front page.  The leading story was:

 East Campus Condemmed by Smels, Termites infest Building, Demolishing to Start Today.

Another headlines read:

Fujita, Gabriel Subject of Payola Scandal

The Heap of the weeks.....


The car feataures this a beautiful smashen', dishup old heap of a tractor.  This clank belongs to Mr. Londahl, "as you know is one of our teachers a Lodi Hight".

The two good sports for the silly edition were:

Mack Whippel:Whippel


our English teacher Mr. Londahl:Londahl


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