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Remmick-Hubert Special Page - Lodi Union High School, Class of 1960-Newsletter

Vol. 3:  22  Jan. 2001: Page One

Editor's Notes pen

The day was January 22.  The year of 1962.  My first son, Douglas, was born after 36 hours of labor.  Later that morning, when the nurse open the shutters of my room, it was snowing outside of the Lodi Memorial  Hospital in Lodi, CA. A special day that was made all the more memorable.

The next  two questions for my old class mates to share with all of us  are:

(1)  Is there a special day you would like to share with your old classmates?  


(2)  What is it that you haven't done in your life that you would still like to do....?

Let me know by sending your e-mail to

Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

Editor, who never could spell, and Webmistress




1. How did you meet your wife or husband.?

2. How did you come to live where you do?

3 What are your kids doing now?

4.  How many times have you been married? This could be interesting.

5.  How many times have you been divorced? These should match or be one less.

6. Who are you voting for in the election? Why? [A question, now, out of date.]

7.  Do you know why Chip(Elliott) Adams never dressed for gym? in 4 years?

8.  Who did you miss seeing at the last reunion.?

E-mail from: From Clyde Ehrhardt:

It is only fair that I answer my own questions:  I didn't want to rush into these questions with out giving them full thought.

#1. How did I meet my wife?  It all started in St Louis Mo. . I had just gone to work for an Aviation Insurance Company. I was promptly stationed in Dallas Texas. However I did have opportunity to get back to St. Louis from time to time and our paths crossed several times. The Telelphone bills were getting very high. As they say in the movies, one thing lead to another and on November 16, 1974 we were married in Dallas Texas.

#2. How did you come to live where you do? After living in New York for over 18 years we knew WE would not retire in the Empire State.  Since my wife is native of Missouri...We could have selected California however givintg equal weight to both states we found it more advatages to select missouir.  TAXES were the main element in our selection. Our Town of Sullivan was further reason for our selection. It had all the qualities of life that we wanted. A Small Town with no stop lights. Only Stop signs. Complete with Airport and town center and 45 miles from St. Louis. We bought 18 acres about 3 miles north of town. We think we have enough room now.

#3. What are our kids doing? We have a daughter by my first marriage who now lives in ____ California on a 40 -foot boat with her husband and tow children. Both boys. Age 5 and age 1 this December. Our son, by Mary's first marriage lives in New York and is unmarried. Out son is an Automobile Mechanic and our daughter is a Dental Hygienist.  Both are in their mid thirties and doing fine.  

#4. How many times have you been married? Both my wife and I have been married once. We have now been married for 26 years to each other.

#5. How many times have you been divorced? Hopefully only once. The first time was enough.

#6. Who are you voting for and why? Without hesitation I am voting for Bush. The last couple of months of television showing our candidates should be enough to answer that question. Not wanting to vote for liar is another reason. Getting the stench of the Clintons out of the White House is another. I could go on but I won't.

#7. Do you know why "Chip" Elliot Adams never dressed for gym?  He was the trainer for the football team for 4 years and did not have dress during football season. He was on the golf team for 4 years and they do not dress for golf in gym clothes. I don't ever remember seeing Elliott during basketball season. For 4 years he was absent during gym during basketball season. He either cleaning up the locker areas of the football dressing room or he was cleaning his golf clubs.  That is the only way I can explain it..

#8. Whom did I miss seeing at the reunion? This list could get very long!  I missed seeing Bill Munson, Gary Pierson, Lloyd Moss, Tom Fukumoto, Dennis Morita, Stanley Melcher, Ann Armstrong, John Blaufus, Raendeen Costa, Martha Crescenzi, Martha Gabriel, Edwin Gehres, Eugene Goertzen, Robert Herr, Wayne Hoffer, Bob Hollander, Barbara Koroch, Sidney Matts, Doug Mason, Ken Mettler, Bill Rieger, Tim Spittler, Lynette Walther, and Judy Bouska. This is not to say that I did not enjoy those I did meet. My regret is that our time was so short. But boy did I have a great time. The evening just flew by. The list of those who has passed on is growing too long. I didn't know about several that passed away.  Bill Mlunson's death was a shock to me.  I also believe that Lloyd Moss has passed away. He was married to my cousin Peggy Hanchu.

We ned to get together again. We are a special class. The Class of 60.


Clyde Ehrhardt.

E-mail from: Aetna Nicewonger (Mayfield)

Hi Judy - Here's my answers to Clyde's Excellent Questions:

I met my husband, John, when, during a hippie dropout in 1970, I moved to Maui with my first husband and young son. I soon left the first husband and in 1971 started a very long saga with John which ended with our marriage in 1988.

We ended up in Lake Tahoe as a result of my many fond memories of trips to Tahoe from growing up in Lodi.

My only son is a IT Systems Analyst for the Incline Village General Improvement District. This makes him a second generation computer geek. (I am retired from 30 plus years in Data Processing/Information Technology, starting as a mainframe programmer in the mid 1960's). John has two sons from a prior marriage, working in construction in Utah.

I have been married twice and divorced once.

I am voting for Gore, because I will NOT vote for any candidate for any office who is not pro-choice and for women's rights. I would vote for Nader, but that would most likely be handing my vote to Bush in Nevada.

Since I was in girls gym, I was not aware, and thus do not know why Chip didn't dress for gym. Good for him, tho!

I missed the last reunion because my husband was quite ill due to a blood clot (DVT) from knee surgery (so he could continue to play volleyball and snowboard!). So I missed everyone. Next time for sure!

I am looking for copies of our yearbooks for any of the years if anyone knows of any extras.

Good for Judy for doing this project!!!

Aetna Nicewonger (Mayfield)

E-mail from: Bob Rocque

Sorry I'm last day on this. Your previouse email said we could get this info in on last day of October. But I noticed on you email today that November News Letter is done? Well here goes anyway, maybe can ad to next one.

Question # 1: How did you meet your wife-I met my wife at Stockton College on campus thru a friend Gail Cedarwall of Lodi who was also attending there. It was love at first site. Took both gals to lunch that first day and then after just my wife to be. She had a blue dress on and I noticed very shapely! Gail Cedarwall eventually married Bill Clifford the Stockton College bus driver to Lodi area. He and I paled around together. He was from Ione,California. We had a very short courtship and were married right after I graduated from Stockton College in January of 1963. We married April 21, 1963.

Question # 2: How did you come to live where you do? After getting married I worked in Stockton at Firestone and then we moved to Elk Grove and lived and worked there for a short time. I heard of a job opening for better pay in Madera,California and got the job. When we moved down it turned out that the job was given to someone else. The problem was that there was two hiring managers. We then lived a short time with my wife's parents (close by in Firebaugh, Ca). I then got a job in Dos Palos-just up the road from Firebaugh. After working there for a year at 7 days a week I got a lead of a better job in Fresno. Got that job from 13 applicants they got. Fresno also offered more social life than Firebaugh. Been here ever since.

Question # 3: What are you kids doing now? My youngest daughter Jennifer works in the office at a weight loss clinic in Fresno. My oldest daughter Tonya just died last November at age 35. She priorily was a consultant for a bridal salon in Fresno and then a house wife and homemaker when she was not able to work at her job anymore because of physical ailments.

Question # 4: How many times have you been married-Just once and still married to my lovely wife Pat for 37 years.

Question # 5: QHow many times have you been divorced? Have not, same wife for 37 years now.

Question # 6: Who are you voting for in the election? Why? For Bush because he stands firm on issues that I believe are beneficial to our country. He doesn't appear to be wishey-washey as Al Gore is. Gore seems to say what appeases whom ever he talks to and doesn't seem to me to have any credibility. He seems to be a carbon-copy of Bill Clinton. Mr Bush seems to support Christian morals and ideals. He also seems to me to a person that supports what this country was founded and built on. I believe he has a good record as Governor in his state and is firm, but compassionate!

Question # 7: Do you know why Chip (Elliott) Adams never dressed for gym in 4 years? Yes, He has a tattoo on his left cheek that says "Mom". But don't tell anyone!

Question # 8: Who did you miss seeing at the last reunion? My friend and fellow classmate, Larry Filippi of Lodi. Last I heard he lived in Sacramento. He also was not at the 30th reunion. Not sure he was at the 35th since I missed that one (the only one I missed). I also missed Jim Gage. Did see him a few years ago at Micke Grove Park at his family reunion. He lives back east and said it was too hard to make the reunions.

BY: Bob Rocque

Note: Others have written me but the e-mail was lost due to my error. Please, resend or rewrite your answers and send them to me:



 What is it that you haven't done in your life that you would still like to do....?

E-mail from Ann Bauer

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to live by the sea--maybe it comes from my English roots. I promised myself that when I was old enough I would move by the ocean. Circumstances changed with marriage and children, but the dream continued. My husband and I talked about moving to the coast on many occasions, but it seemed we could never agree on a place to move and the discussions went on and on and the move never took place.

Maybe when I retire I can return to England and have a little cottage by the sea and do the things I love to do. It's a wonderful dream and probably not very realistic, but who knows?

Ann Bauer

E-mail from Bob Rocque

I guess in answer to your question about what we would still like to do in life that we haven't done. I would have to say that since I grew up as a kid and went to schools in the Sacramento valley and moved down to the San Joaquin Valley shortly after I was married that I miss a lot of the places I use to haunt. I find myself thinking alot about all the places I use to go to as a kid with my family and school friends. In Lodi, the mountains up hwy 88 and hwy 50. The places I use to fish . And I don't get to see a lot of the people that I grew up with. I guess the memories, as we get older, have more of a sentimental bearing on our thoughts. What I would like to do, since I can't move back up north (live in Clovis near Fresno) and my job and children and grandchildren are down here, is to be able to have more free time to make many trips or excursions up to Lodi and the surrounding areas that I grew up in such as Galt, Elk Grove,etc. I would like to get together more with friends, school chums, and family in the area where I grew up as a kid. My father,brother and sister still live in Lodi. Also have nieces,nephews,uncles,aunts and cousins in the Lodi, Stockton, Acampo, Sacramento and Woodbridge areas.

Fate had carried me down south to where I live now. We moved down on a job lead about one year after we were married. This was about 1964. It has been a good life down here and I like the area; but a lot of times I wished it had worked out where I could of found the job I wanted up in the Lodi area. And that I could of remained in that area so as I could of spent more time with my family and also had more time to continue fishing,camping and visiting the areas up there I so dearly loved.

I would hope that I can get into a position where I will have more time to do this and not have to work as much as I do. I would also hope that I can do this before I retire while I am still younger. I probably will work for another 7 or eight years.

I didn't always have the time to make trips up north because of my work and I miss the fact I didn't get to spend as much time with my parents. My mother just died recently at end of 1999. My dad is still living and I would liket to be able to get together more with him to visit and to work on our mutual hobbies. And to be able to fish with my brother like I use to do a lot.

Hopefully this will be the year!?

Bob Rocque

 E-mail form Dewey Willis:

My quest that I'm looking forward to that I havn't done is to see the Cal Bears win the pac 10 & go to the Rose Bowl.It has been since 1959 when we werte Juniors & we were still in High school that Cal was last in Pasadena. While I'm in great health 42 years is making me nervous. Go Bears!





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