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*There Was  A Child Went Forth by Walt Whitman

       " There was a child went fourth every day,

    And the first object he look'd upon, that object he became
And that object became part of him for the day  or a certain part of the day,
    Or for many years or stretching cycles of years."

Baby Judy

Baby Photographs

  A baby picture is meant to capture an image of a child for the  proud parents and other members of the family.  In this case, the baby is me, [ Judy A. Remmick-Hubert], born in Sidney, MT in the summer of 1942.  My parents are Lillian, nee Hein, and Edwin Remmick [Roemmich].

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Behind Dad and I in the photograph to the right is the apartment building on E. Elm St. in Lodi, CA. The upper window on the left was the apartment where my father's parents, Mary, nee Hoffer, and Edward Remick lived.  This same apartment would become ours after WWII.

Dad and I

    "His own parents, he that had father'd him and she that had conceive'd him in her womb and birth'd him,
    They gave this child more of themselves than that,
They gave him afterward every day, they became part of him."
         *Walt Whitman's poem continued in part
My memories begin in the later part of 1943 and 1944.

First Home I Remember - 303 Elm Street, Lodi, CA- 1945

Mom & Dad

Lillian , nee Hein, and Ed Remmick,  Lodi, CA

Our apartment was upstairs.  My parent's bedroom window can be seen above.  This building was divided into four apartments.

Finding a home in Lodi during WWII was next to impossible. So, we moved into the apartment house on Elm St. where  my grandfather, Edward Remick, lived. My  grandfather and grandmother were in the process of a divorce.... Later, grandfather found another place and we remained.

I was lucky, grandfather told me a great deal about his life as a small child in Worms, Odessa, S. Russia and his service at the White House in Washington, DC as part of the color guard. He, also, was part of the troops that evacuated other troops out of  Russia , not far from where he was born, and other placed in 1918.  There were stories about life in North Dakota, also.  

I would live in Lodi into the year 1962.

Before WWII and long afterward,  Lodi  was nicknamed  "Little Germany"....  There were a lot of us who had German origins.  And this is one of the reasons Lodi was called  "Little Germany" .  However, this was not quite accurate.  Most of the people who spoke German held German roots, however, they had not migrated from Germany but Russia where their ancestors had migrated in the early 1800s just one step in front of Napoleon.  They  were/are and I am German-Russian- Americans. [See my web sites Borodino  or Remmick for more information.] Lodi had become the retirement community for the German- Russian-American  elders who had wanted better weather of California.  Many were from "Nord Daakoda" [North Dakota], where my Dad was born, "Saud Daakota" [South Dakota] and a sprinkle of us from Montana. This was the reason my own parents and I, at the age of six months, came to Lodi in 1943.  My mother's parents, Christine, nee Schweikert, and Ludwig Hein had bought a home in Lodi where they chose to retired from ranching life in Montana. My parents came to house sit while her parents returned to Montana to sell the ranch, etc. etc. etc. It did not take them long to realize a good future could be had in California.  My father found a job and we were here to stay accept for the moves during WWII when   my Dad was in the Navy.


Apt Front

First Home I remember was 303 Elm Street, Lodi, CA, USA. It has been refurnished instead of being torn down for new apartments.

This apartment was going to be demolished not long ago but it's architecture was recognized and it was saved and still stands on the corner in 1998.

Missing are the upper  level back doors and the large porch which extended the upper floor. From this vantage point, my folks and all the family and friends, watched every Lodi Parade, which took/takes place during the Lodi Grape & Wine Festival in the fall.  I, however, had a spot on the curb to see things up close and personal. Also missing is the round stained glass window over the front interior stairs.  The massive pillars could have matched any Southern Plantation probably  was too expensive to replace and in their places are what look like four by fours [or larger] boards.

If the wall of that old apartment house could speak, how many tales it could tell about my life and so many many others who had been a part of her own history.  I can only remember flashes and specks.



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