Remmick-Hubert Memoirs: Fourth Grade, Washington, Lodi, CA, USA

Last updated: 24 March 2002

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George Washington  Elementary  School, Lockeford St., Lodi, CA - 1951

Mrs. Bailey's Class -Fourth Grade

4th grade

Top Row:  1. Robert Fuller, 2. Robert Kellar, 3. Dean Becker, 4. Stan Melcher,

Middle Row: 5. Carolyn Bieber,  6. Raedene Costa,  7. Lynette Weidner

Front Row:  8. Pat Bender, 9. Barbara Koroch, 10.  Janet Woehl [twin] ,  11. Geraldine McCaslin


Top Row:  13. unknown, 14. unknown, 15. Dale Kretzer, 16. Mike Stemler

Middle Row: 17. unknown, 18. Clyde Ehrhardt, 19. Mike Johns, 20. Mike Haney

Front Row: 21. Janice Woehl  [twin]  22.  Letha Merrihew  23. Jonell Bauer

Gar 4

Top Row: 24. Eugene Goertzen, 25. David Hildenbrand, 26. Timothy Spittler,  27. Earl Veit, 28.  Mrs. Bailey

Middle  Row: 29. Gary Pierson, 30. Robert Wagers, 31. unknown, 32. Larry Leno

Front Row: 33. Kay Baker   34. unknown  35. Susan Welby

Photrograph is from Dale Kretzer who wrote:  "Here's the best I can do on naming the classmates in this photo from George Washington Elementary School  on Lockeford Street in Lodi.  The school is this year (20000) celebrating a 50 year milestone.

This is a picture of Mrs. Dorothy Bailey's 4th Grade class in 1951, taken on the west end of the south wing.... You can see why this photo is of interest to many classmates, since all that are identified graduated with us in 1960....."

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