Remmick-Hubert Memoirs:  Eight Grade Woods School, Woodbridge, CA, USA

Last updated:  24 March 2002

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"These became part of that child who went forth every day, and who now goes, and will aways go forth every day."

The last line in Walt Whiman's:  There Was A Child Went Forth

I don't have the photograph of our Eight Grade Class.   Do You?


Thomas Slevin -  My Eight Grade Teacher

Eight Grade Graduation, Wednesday, June 6, 1956,  8:15, Woods Elementary School, Woods Auditorium, Woodbridge, CA, USA


Processiona: "Creation Hymn"

Invocation by Rev Herman Bell

Welcome to Parents, Andy Gaudet, Student Coucil Presiden

"Halls of Ivy" sung by Graduates under the chorus director Mr. Amos Parker

Presentation of Class Gift by Daniel Brown recieving it was Mr. Marvin Morganti, Vice Principal

Student Speakers were:

  • Sharon Chrisopherson  -"There Today, Where Tomorrow"
  • Floyd E. Gibson - "The Foundation of Every State"
  • Patricia Goodman - "We, the Leaders of Tomorrow"

"I Believe" sung my Woods School Chorus, director Mr. Amos Parker

Presentation of Speaker by James Areida, Dist. Superintendent and Principal, Woods School District

Graduation Adress by Louis W. Cencirulo, Principal of Special Schools, San Joaquin County

"Clouds" sung my Woods School Quintette:  Gail Gibson and Ardat Mitchell

Introduction of Class by James Areida

Presentation of Dipolmas by Mr. Euvelle Enderlin, Clerk, Board of Trustees Woods School District

"The Lord Bless You and Keep You" sung by Woods School Chorus

Benediction by Rev. Herman Bell

Recessional:"Alma Mater" by Woods School Chorus

Graduates were:

ADAMS, Bobbie Jane


BAUR, Roger

BELL,  Marinita

BETTGER, Bettyann Lynn

BOEPPLE, Barbara Lee

BREITMEYER, Rosella Sylvia

BROWN, Daniel David




CONNORS, Patrick E. , Jr.

CONWAY, patrick , Jr.

CRESCENZI, Martha Dolores


CRONN, Janet Lee

ESEED,  Mohamad

FAIR, Dennis

GAUDET, Andrew



GOODMAN, Patricia Ann


HAUCK,  LeeLand Ra;ymond


KAMMERER, Floyd Gary

KIDROSKI, Geraldine

KOROCH, Barbara Jean

MILLER,  Barbara

MOORE,  Mabel Maxine

NITSCHKE, Harry Gene

OWEN, Nancy Louise

PORTER, Lennice


REEVES, Michael John

REDMAN, Barbara Joan



SCHOCK, David William


SIFFERMAN, Larry Delain

SMATSKY Betty Jean

STEEL, Gearald B.

STELZER, Caudine Rae

TOCKEY,  Diane

WAGENMAN, Noreena Jean

WEBER, Kenneth H.

WELSH, Kathy


Class Colors:  Blue and Gold

Class Flower:  Carnation

Class Moto"  "Here today, -where tomorrow?"

The Administrative staff  was:

Mr. James Areida, District Superintendent and Principal, Mr. Marvin Morganti, Vice Principal

Faculty was:

Mr. Thomas Slevin, Eight Grade

Mr. George Janicula, Seventh and Eight Grade

Mrs. Dorothy Roach, Seventh Grade

Mr. Gene Boriack, Sixth Grade

Mrs. Hlda Wahl, Sixth Grad

Mrs. Norma Katazkian, Fifth Grad

Mr. Amos Parker and Mr. Marvin Morganti, Fifth Grade

Mrs. Mary Nepote, Fourth Grade

Mrs. Ethelyn Stevens, Fourth Grade

Mrs. June Fileds, Third Grade

Mrs. Margaret Jseeup, Third Grade

Mrs. Elizabeth Handel, Second Grade

Mrs. Norma Piazza, Secon Grade

Mrs. Henrietta Sigler, Second Grade

Mrs. Marian Putnam, First Grade

Mrs. Patricia Wilson, First  Grade

Mrs. Metty Wallace, Kindergarten

Miss Janet Duncan, Kindergareten

Mrs. Amos Parker, Instrumental Music


     "The strata of colour'd  clouds, the long bar of maroon-tint away solitary by itself, the spread of purity it lies motionless in,

The horizon's edge, the flying .... crow, the fragrance of ..marsh and shore mud,

     These became part of that child who went forth every day...."

Walt Whitman 's There Was A Child Went Forth:continued in part....

CHANGES  - "A Tomboy to A Girl"

We, Rosella Breitmeyer and I,  use to take a paddle board and drift back into the marsh near Lodi Lake when it became too boring to just sit on the sandy beach to sun bathe to get  Rosie's great summer tan.  I burned too easily so I was always looking for shade. There was this great river oak-willow back in the marsh that was my perfect shade tree. 

There were times the temperature rose to 102 degrees or higher in our  San Joaquin valley.  Around us was a world of  nature"s beauty.  The fish  who had created fish-runs that were like age lines on the face of this marsh connected to the Mokelumne River. The   deer, bobcat  and birds left foot prints along the banks... there were always a great number of birds.... I always liked the shinny red-winged blackbird that clung to the reeds  and called out, "Okalee"....

The area had once been part of the important Indian community of the Mikelacks....

Often times I would clear my mind of everything and watch the various clouds  that drifted over our valley.

Pre-teenage girls growing up in the mid 50s didn't talk about birds or Indians. We talked about boys, boys and.....  boys.

Rosie was a beautiful gal with very blonde hair, blue eyes, her body was filling out in all the right places and her tan added to her good looks that caused boys to swarm around her.  She was like Doris Day who always got the  most handsome boy, Rock Hudson.

I never was jealous of Rosie's good fortune,   because I wasn't ready for dating, in fact,  I still found greater pleasure in throwing a baseball harder and hitting a baseball farther....  However,  my competition, the "boys of summer"  had stopped being my rivals...  They were, suddenly,  denying me entry into their "boys' world". Changes were happening and I was irritated and confused by what was happeningto the girls and the boys.

Only once was I invited to a girl-boy birthday party  in my pre-teen years and I felt like the "odd duck" in the group.  I experiences the first game of "spin the bottle" and I felt embarased.   When my mother asked if I had a good time,  I wasn't sure I had.....

It was just before our eight grade graduation that Rosie and I decided it was time to sheer our "childish" long golden locks at the beauty shop and have our hair cut into the newest fade known as a Duck's Tail [DA] which was the latest fashion for "older women" [college].


Rosie and I

Judy Remmick and Rosella Britmeyer - 6 June 1956

Eight Grade Graduation, Woods Elementary School, Woodbridge, California

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