Remmick-Hubert Memoirs:  Sixth  Grade Woods School, Woodbridge, CA, USA

Last Updated: 24 March 2002

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Woods School,  Woodbridge, CA - 1954

Kindergarten to Eight Grade

Woods Playground

Woods Elementary School Play Ground- South Side

Spencer Stafford [Class of 1961]  with friend - abt 1955

Note about Spencer Stafford:  Before our families moved to the northwest area of Lodi,  we lived across from the street from each other when we lived on the south part of Lodi. Every Saturday he'd invite me to his house to watch baseball on television, which my family didn't have.  And for hours we've sit and watch the "Game of the Week". I became so interested in baseball I asked his mother if I could watch the games even when Spencer wasn't home.  See my short story about baseball at Lincoln School.


.............Grade Six - Mrs. Wahl's Class.............

1. Alexander Glaros

2. Lenice Porter

3. Charmaine Flor

4. Nancy Owens

5. Gary Seibel

6.Diane Mercer

7. Andy Gaudet

8. Noreena Wageman

9. Kathy Welsh

10. Barbara Koroch

11. Don Lepp

13. Steven Bills

14. Bernise??

15. Frank Wisner

16. Bobbie Adams

17. Sharon Murphy?

18. Sharon Christopherson

19. Betty Smatsky

20 .Marie Prutt

21. Jerry Bartels

22. Doris Johnson

23. David Cristofani

24. Judy A. Remmick

25. Daniel Brown

26. Mavis Seibel

27. Gerald Steel

28. Marth Mosley

29. Jeraldine Best

30.Kathleen Furchner

31. Lloyd Conn


33. Patsy Wright

34. Sandra Gauntt

35. Janet Cronn

36. Betteann Bettger

37. Mrs. Wahl

38. Dianne Tockey

39. Rosella Breitmeyer

G-6 #3

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