Montana memories of the Hein family who had farms and ranches near Marsh and Sidney, MT in the early 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Index Page

Last Updated: 29 Jan 2011

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Index Page

Montana Memories:

Stories About The Good Old Days

beet farm Mt

Working the Hein sugar beet field near Sidney, MT - abt 1934

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CCC [USA Civilian Conservation Corps] Camp Co. No. 2761 near Sidney, MT, 1938 to 1940

Memories and Photographs of Edwin Remmick

German-Russian House Recipes  A collection of German-Russian recipes which will remind you of your grandmother's  or your aunt's cooking.

Included are stories, photographs, some history and a few smiles.


Hein Family

Hein Family in Montana, USA
Hein Family Genealogy Hein Family  in  Russia
Mare and Foul

Lepp Family


Folger's Store & Post Office -

An Evelyn Cameron Photograph

Marsh, Dawson County, MT, USA


Maps of Montana, USA

Maps of Russia, Germany and others...., An Index of

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Sidney, Richland County, Montana (MT) U.S.A.

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Sugar Beet History with Photographs of Hein Family near Sidney, MT in early 1930s


Those Were The Days

written by Lillian Hein Remmick:

Yelowstone C. Cov

Yellowstone Country by Richard Hein

"This story covers one hundred years of history plus comments of the time before and after, I will write about fifty years of stories as told to me by the old timers, my grandparents, my parents and friends of the family..... Indian Wars, buffalo hunting, the cattle barons....ranches that had survived the Indains, the droughts, and the killer storms."


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