List of Germans in miligary grave yard in old Odessa n. the Black Sea, Ukraine [S. Russia]

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Those Killed In Action:



E-MAIL  30 AUG 1999
>> Good evening !

I have a list of people buried in the  " Military (War) Necropole of Old Odessa"Over 1 000 are buried there, but the list covers only 300 senior officers & genrals,  of whom 40 have German surnames.  Would it interest the list to have those names ? would you want to place it on Pixel ?  I could translate from Russian. ** of these 40 names, I *think* one can obtain  biographies (miliatry carreer/service records)  If this might interest the Odessa List, please feel free to report there.

Vera Beljakova-Miller <<

See bottom of this page for more information.

25 Oct 1999 - Corrections found:


ACKEMANN, Evgeni Juliovich - Colonel

APOSTOLLI, Vasilii Egorevich - Lt-Colonel

AIRDALE / ERDELI , Paul - Lt colonel

BERG, Michael Leontovich - General-Major

BO(a)UFALL, Vladislav Franzevich - General-Lt

ENGELHARDT, Nikolai Fedorovich - General Lt

HANGARDT - Georgi Georgivitch - General Major



(GERBER?-CHRISTO) - Stepan Dmitrievich - General Major

HOFFMANN, Dmitri Antonovich - General of the Artillery

HOCHFELDT, Michael Samoilovich - General Major

DICK, Georgi Afanasievich - General-Lt


(?Kliehmann?) - Vladimir Ludvigovitch - General-Major

KORBE, Illarion Vasilevich - Major

von KRUG, Victor Platonovich - General Major

LANG, Vladimir Ivanovich - Lt-Colonel

LAPIN, Vladimir Ivanovich - General-Major

LEIDENIUS, Greogori-Werner Gustavovich - General-Major

LESSAR//Lezar?, Michael Lukich - Major

Count LIEDERS, Alexander Nikolaevich - General of Infantry

Baron von MEERSCHEIDT-GILLESEM, Nikolai Vladimirovich - Colonel

Baron von MEYENDORFF, Theodore (Fedor) Egorevich, General-Lt

MEINANDER, Vyatcheslav Kasimorovich, Colonel

MELENTEV, Sergei Nikolaevich - Colonel

NARBUHT, Michael Andreevich - Colonel

Baron von NOLKEN, Karl Boguslavvich - Colonel

PATRICK, Alexander Vasilevich - General-Major

PETERSEN, Nikolai Ivanovich - Colonel

PILL (Pihl?), Eduard Friedrichovich -General-Major

PRIK / prick / priek /, Moiesei Eremevich - Lt Colonel (German-Jewish)

ROSENFELDT, Vincentei Antonovich - General-Major

Baron STAHL(Stael)-von-Holstein, General-Major

SCHEIN, Peter Konstantinovich - General Lt

SCHOHSTACK, Andree Andreevich, General Lt

SCHOHSTACK, Theodore Alexandrovich, Lt General

WINTELL, Alexei Ivanovich - Major

Borodinoians Who Died in WWI from 1914 - 1918

  1. Ehni,  Joihannes   b. 1886
  2. Geissler, Andrezas b. 1894
  3. Giessler, Emanuel b. 1885
  4. Haberer, Philipp b. 1892
  5. Haerter, Daniel b. 1889
  6. Hein, Frieedrich, son of Michael Hein and Christine, nee Stehr  b. 1894
  7. Hein, Johann b. 1886
  8. Hess, Reinhold
  9. Hess, Samuel b. 1888
  10. Hoerth, Michael
  11. Krause, Johann b. 1877
  12. Kron, Jakob b. 1891
  13. Lange, Christian b. 1883
  14. Lutz, Johannes b. 1888
  15. Maier, Jakob b. 1889
  16. Maier, Jakob b. 1885
  17. Renke, Daniel b. 1894
  18. Renke, Friedrich b. 1884
  19. Renke, Karl b. 1886
  20. Schaefer, Adolf b. 1890
  21. Schaefer, Emil b. 1895
  22. Scheurer, Friedrich b. 1883
  23. Schlenker, Emanuel b. 1891
  24. Schock, Johannes b. 1889
  25. Schoenberger, Christian b. 1877
  26. Schoenberger, Konrad
  27. Schuh, Johannes b. 1882
  28. Schweikert, Gotfried b. 1892
  29. Schweikert, Gottlob b. 1891*
  30. Schweikert, Jakob b. 1881
  31. Schweikert, Reinhold b. 1880
  32. Schweikert, Johannes b. 1888*
  33. Stickel, Daniel b. 1886
  34. Stickel, Gottfried b. 1894
  35. Ulrich, Wilhelm
  36. Weber, Reinhold b. 1896
  37. Weippert, Friedrich
  38. Weiss, Jakob b. 1892
  39. Wessner, Daniel b. 1893

Vera's Data Continues.

With my compliments -extracts of German, Gr-Baltic / Swiss names I left out a few Italian and French names though) -

* below I give a synopsis of Russian > German Christian names

** and a hierarchy of top military titles, in case there might be queries

how to translate ranks properly into English.

*** I also give a crash-course in what it all means.

Some of the people with German surnames who are buried at the

< War Necropole of Old Odessa >

ca 1854 - 1914

* Pleaes note, in Russian, one uses "Patronyms"

eg - denoting "son of" ... for a man, this ends in "ovich"

Eg - Adam Ivanovich = Adam + son of Johann + surname

Evgeni - Eugene

Fedor - Theodore

Ivan - Johann

Andre - Andreas

Vasili - Basil

Nikolai - Nickolas

Sergei - Sergius

Vincentii - Vincent

Gregorii - Gregory

Gerorgii - George

(which is very frequently confused in Russia with Gregory)

Samoil - Samuel

Julii - Julius


Russian Imperial Army Military Ranks :

from top down :

Rank 1:


Rank 2:

General of the Infantry (or Cavalry)

Rank 3:


Rank 4:


Rank 5:

Brigadier in Army & Cavelry

Lt Colonel in the Guards

Rank 6:

Colonel in Army & Cavelry

Lt-Colonel in Artillery

Major in the Guards

Rank 7:

Lt Colonel in Army & Cavalry

Major in Arillery

Captain in the Guards.


Above 4 ranks automatically propelled a man into "nobility" know as service

nobility or military nobility - this is an earned rank, but also is

hereditary, introduced by Peter the Great to democratise the country and

although talented people from the commoners & serfs (bonded labour) to

achieve high rank through dedication to the Empire.

It was also a move to squash the powers of the previous aristocrasy who

were getting to uppity and bossy for the Tzar's liking.

He needed a new (service-orientated) class of people totally loyal to the

Crown, and dependent on his employment in the military or civil service.

Germans, European immigrants and Baltic-German-nobles and as well as simple

soldiers, comfortably slotted into Peter the Great's plans for governing


It was their big break to achieve reach high office through talent,

hard-work and dedication. Some Balt-GR were given titles of Barons at this

point, and well-serving Barons were promoted to Counts.

Originally the 1st 8 ranks allowed for "hereditary nobility"

- but the goal posts were later moved to Rank 4.

Below that one had "personal" nobility.

Vera Beljakova

> From: atacama <>

> Subject: Old Odessa Military Cemetry

> Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 21:57:04 +0200

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