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E-mail: I am Arthur R. Roemmich and I live in York, Nebraska. I really enjoy your website. I have tried to contact you once before with no luck so am trying again. I have a lot of my family information that I would like to pass along to you. It is in gen. #7. Wilhelm Roemmich was my Grandfather and Arthur W. Roemmich b. 7 Nov 1888 d. Sep 1956 was my father. If you would like to add my information to your website let me know and I will share it with you. My email address is





Jakob and Margaret, nee Meyer, Roemmich

1.   Jakob Roemmich b. 23 Nov  1827 Worms, Od. S. Russia d. 25 March 1881 Clay County, NB, USA Margarete Elizabeth Meyer  b. 12 Sept 1829 Worms, Od. d. 30 May 1899 York County, NB, USA, dau. of Theobald Meyer and Chrsitina Buechler.

See family in detail.




Wilhlem and Karolina, nee Griess, Roemmich

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Subject: Wilhem & Karolina Roemmich family

This is Wilhelm and Karolina's family.

All were born at Sutton, NE

Back row left to right;                                   

  1. Richard Henry - Born Jan. 27, 1903  Died Jan. 28, 1961 and burried at Sioux City, Iowa
  2. Clara Ida  Ochsner - Born Feb. 10, 1890  Died Nov. 23, 1951 and burried at Harvard, NE
  3. Adolph - Born Feb. 11, 1899  Died July 30, 1966 and burried at Sutton, NE
  4. Wilhelmina (Minnie) Kauk - Born Dec. 1, 1896  Died March 23, 1972 and burried at Sutton, NE

Front  L - R

  1. Erwin Leonard- Born Sep. 14, 1891 Died Apr. 22, 1956 and burried at Lincoln, NE
  2. Wilhelm
  3. Karolina
  4. Arthur Wilhelm - Born Nov. 14, 1888 Died Sep. 7, 1956 and burried at Sutton, NE

See family in detail.


Arthur Roemmich and Sophia, nee Ulmer, Roemmich

(Art's parents.)

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My parents;  Both born rural Sutton, NE area.

Arthur Wilhelm Roemmich - Born Nov. 7, 1888  Died Sep. 7, 1956 and burried at Sutton, NE Married Sophia Ulmer Sep, 19, 1912 - Born June 28, 1989 Died May 4, 1985 and burried at Sutton, NE See family in detail.

They had 7 children. All born at rural Sutton, NE.

  1. Herman A. - Born July 13, 1913 Died Dec.14, 1989 Burried at Sutton.
  2. Oscar -  Born Nov. 14, 1914  Died Nov. 9, 2004 Burried at Sutton
  3. Henry W. - Born ____still living.
  4. Vera Reichert - Born  ___  still living.
  5. Irene Scheierman  -   Born June 7, 1919  Died Aug. 28, 2005 Burried at Sutton.
  6. Edna Griess - Born __  still living.
  7. Arthur R. [informant] - Born __  thats me still alive.

E-mail 5 April 2007: This picture is a little dark but it's the only one I have of my brother's and sister's. Left to right; Me, Arthur, Irene Scheierman, Herman A; Edna Griess, Henry W; Vera Reichert and Oscar. This was taken on the day of my Mother's funeral May 7, 1985.


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Sending a picture of my Grandparents.

Wilhelm Roemmich

Born November 30, 1862   Worms South, Russia       Died February 1, 1940 at Sutton, NE Married Karolina Griess Oct. 23, 1887  At Sutton, NE  Born June 12, 1866  Died March 28, 1953 at Sutton, NE



Arthur Roemmich & Family

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From: Arthur Roemmich

Subject: My family

This is my family picture taken Oct, 2003.

Bottom center; L to R

Arthur R.  Roemmich married Ruth Ann Hanlin

Left bottum our daughter Susan Rene' married Ted J. Newman ... Ted is upper left...

Right bottum our son Thomas William married Merrilee Menefee...  Merrilee is upper right ...

Tom and Merilee's boys, our grandsons, middle top; L to R; Ryan Thomas Roemmich and  Reid William Roemmich ..

See family in detail.