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Web Sites Important To Researching These Web Pages

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Remick's Note: I have been placing some of my family hsitory into this site for the public to see.

AHSGR [American Historical Society of German Russian]:

  •  631 D Street, Lincoln, NE 68502
  • Phone: (402) 474-3363
  • Fax 402-474-7229
  • E-mail
  • Websites [2/25/98] is:
  • Village Coordinators [VC=people in charge of various GR villages

American Memory, The Historial Collection for the National Digital Library, Library of Congress:

  • Excellent serach engine that takes a person to everything from history to photographs to objects

Banat German  Research at FEEFHS-

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet --

See Harold Ehrman's  [R-32] Web Site:

Ehrman's Glueckstal / Odessa Files, Dockter, Landenberger, Hoffer, Rott  and hundreds of others Erhman Data of Glueckstal/ Odess, S. Russia : or

FEEFHS  (Federation of East Europen Family Historical Societies) -

Germany, Links In:

GRHS [German Russian Historical Society]:

  • 1125 W. Turnpike Ave. Bismarck, ND 58501
  • Phone (701) 223-6167
  • Website http;//
  • Book Store
  • Bessarabian Newsletter on the Bessarabia Home Page: no longer exsists
  • List of articles published
  • VC [Village Coordinators, who ar people who will help in your research of different GR villages]
  • From:
  • We have over 1000 translated letters on the GRHS site and most of them are from our group translating from Der Staats-Anzeiger!!! I would like to thank everyone that has helped so wonderfully and unselfishly on this project.
  • Take a look at the site:   In order to see the actual letters you have to be a member of GRHS

GRHC [German from  Russia Heritage Collection] :

GRHS is connected to NDSU [North Dakota State University]

Contact : Michael M. Miller at his E-Mail :

Michael M. Miller is connected to the NDSU [see below]

Infomration about Bessarabian Archives [Deutschen aus Bessarabien and the Landsmannschaft der Bessarabiendeutschen]  in Germany is on this web site

Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germanüddt

Immigrant Genealogy Society (IGS - 19 research services for German records) --

LDS Family History Library Catalog on-line at the following web URL:

North Dakota State U. [NDSU] Archives = GRHC

NDSU Libraries [German-Russian Heritage Collection at North Dakota State University] -

ODESSA - Genealogy Collection  Library [Pixel Digital Library)

Reference Sites:

  • German Script Examples :
  • Illnesses:
  • Occupations:
  • Manifesto issued by Catherine the Great:

RootsWeb Genealogical Cooperative --

Russian Links:

  • INF Ukes :  
    • See their postcards:  there is one of Odessa - 1898

Finding Passenger List & Immigrants Records 1820 -1940s arrivals at US ports from Europe by Joe Beine:


Palmer Vessels Web Site:

US Library of Congress:

Yahoo -


I am the Administrator of the Clay County, Nebraska website at

I would like to invite you to list a link to your home pages

on my Personal Home Page Listings at

I also ask if you would like to list as a link my Clay County, Nebraska

site from your pages?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Web Sites Recomended by Others                  

E-mail from:



Brigitte's Page On Occupations  in English and German - Excellent Source
atcama@GLOBAL.CO.ZAVera Beljakova-Miller and if you wish to know more about the people who rules you before you migrated to Russia >> here is some of your German history !


E-mail: "More lovelies : If you go to the index there is one titled "Katherine von Russland"  ...."[Katherine II, the Great]

E-mail: "...then, if you are getting into the spirit of things all beautiful, you will find a sprinkling of noble GR ladies at this index : Lots of Russian (some GR) aristocratic ladies = an index :

E-mail: Portraits of  Madame Vigee Brun:

E-mail: It is prudent never to forget the Ger-Russ 1st family of the Russian Empire. But even they were humans (although they were also the ruling family). Here is a sweet letter from a child (youngest daughter Anastasia) to herbeloved Father >> in English >> which she hasn't fully mastered and it is full of "low-down" words and things that one should really say...except kids don't know any better, not even if they are Grand-Duchess. with picture: Google


Harold M. Ehrman's Pixel Site


New Stuff list:

Ehrman's Glueckstal / Odessa Files, Dockter, Landenberger, Hoffer, Rott  and hundreds of others Erhman Data of Glueckstal/ Odess, S. Russia :

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