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Last Updated: 13 May 2004

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Schwaigern / n. Heilbronn, Wu.

In 1991 Garry [my husband] and I visited Germany.  While on our way back from Schwabish Hall to Liebenstein Castle where we had a room, we rode passed the village of Schwaigern / n. Heilbronn, Ba-Wu [Baden-Wuerttemberg].  It had been a long day and we flew on passsed but not before I took two photographs from our moving car.

At the time,  I remembered that the Schwei[c]kert [Schweigert] Family had onced lived here before moving to Eppelheim / n. Heidelberg-Ba-Wu..  Later I would discover my ancestoral family of Roedel [Roddel, Rettel] may have, also, lived in this area.  Both families seemed to have been craftsmen, the Schweikerts were blacksmiths and the Roedel may have been coppersmiths.

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Here is a map showing where you can find this Swabian German village in Ba-Wu.

Here is a map showing the major cities and towns in Baden-Wuertemberg.