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Child #5

Reinhold Schweikert [Schweigert]

Reinhold SchReinhold Schweikert (Schweigert) b. 19 June 1896 Kutchinbach / Crimea, Russia d. Napa, CA, USA d. abt 1992 CA, USA, son of Jacob Schwekert and Elisabeth Hager,   m. 28 April 1918 Lutheran Church, Pleasant Valley, Idaho, USA  to

Rosina Blind,  b. 1 March 1893 Borean, Crimea, Russia  d. 14 April 1977 Sacremento, CA, USA, dau. of Adam Blind and Jacobina Eley

Reinhold Schweigert with a new born calf

10 See Wedding Photograph #2

carriageCarriage Photograph

Photo of him in his autum years

See photo of young boy who might be Reinhold with an unknown man


  1. Eileen Schweigert m.  (1) William Bennet, m. (2) Clyde McCune
  2. Reinhold Schweigert m. Elizabeth Peterson
  3. Marvin Schweigert
  4. Luella Schweigert m. Lyle Voss
  5. Calvin Schweigert b. 1930 d. 1932


Child #1

Eileen Schweigert

Eileen in the middle with Grishkowsky Kids

Eileen Schweigert m. (1) William Bennet, m. (2) Clyde McCune.

Eileen Eileen and William Bennet


  • Richard Bennett
  • JoAnne  Bennett m. Hill  Issue:
    • Bessie Hill
    • Richard Hill
    • Lori Hill
  • Wanda Bennet
  • Dr, Wilma Bennett
    • Held in the arms of the man.  See larger photo by clicking on the photo

Photographs with Eileen:


Child #2

R. (Reinhold) Albert Schweigert m. Elizabeth Peterson



  • Patrica Schweigert m. Buford Brinlee  Issue:
    • Neva Brinlee
  • Dianne Schweigert m. Dr. Peter Kassebaum. Issue:
    • Brik Kassebaum
    • Kevin Kassebaum

Child #3

Marvin Schweigert m. Aileen Veilkoff



  • Peter Schweigert d. 1991

Child #4

Luella Schweigert m. Lyle Voss

Child #5

Calvin Schweigert b. 1930 d. 1932

See Reinhold Schweikert's Photograph Collection


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