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Hubert & Remmick  Migrations

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      Borodino Bessarabia Genealogy

Borodino, Bessarabia History

Surname Index Page for these Three Web Sites

Remmicks and Huberts Migr. From Germany  To The Following Countries:

Families were:

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(Rumania area in 1999)

Hapsburg Seal

Holy Roman Empire Seal

Banat - German

  • Mailot n. Arad
  • Sackelhausen n. Temesvar
  • Serbisch - St. Peters
  • Perjamosch / n. Arad
  • Utvin n. Temesvar


  • Rumanina
  • Enlarged section of Rumania showing Banat area

gr roseRoemmich

  • Torschau / Ungarn


Duchy of Warsaw/ Poland


  • Canstatt [Kanstatt]
  • Dolkin / Kulm
  • Rudetz / Kulm
  • Sulz / Lodz



[Before 1918]

Romanov Coat of Arms


Russian Cities, Towns or Villages

  • Kischnev / Bessarabia
  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Odessa

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German-Russians Colonies, Villages, Cities near the Black Sea in S. Russia
  • Borodino  / Bessarabia, S. Russia [Ukraine]
    • horse soldier/faciang left
  • Beresina /Odessa S. Russia
  • Berazhon / S. Russia
  • Crimea / Russia
  • Glueckstal/ Odessa S. Russia
  • GrossLiebental /Odessa S. Russia
  • Fruedental / Odessa S. Russia
  • Heim Chutor /Bessarabia
  • Hoffnungstal / Bessarabia, S. Russia
  • Katherinfeld / Tifilis , Georgia
  • Leipzig / Bessarabia, S. Russia
  • Neudorf / Odessa S. Russia [Ukraine]
  • Pfaff Chutor (estate) / Odessa, S. Russia
  • Roemmich Chutors (estates) / Odessa area
  • Rohrbach / Odessa S. Russia
  • Worms /Odessa S. Russia [Ukraine]


  • Beresan area which includes Worms/ Odessa
  • Bessarabian area which includes Borodino/Bess.

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vik ship

Johanson & Myksvoll

bear     Garry Hubert's  Norwegian Ancestors

  • Aase / Bergen, Norway
  • Aurdal
  • Feste , Norway
  • Granvin / Hardanger, Norway
  • Hurum / Bretangen, Norway
  • Ljone, Norway
  • Myksvold / Bergen, Norway
    • Myksvoll
    • Mikialsvoller
    • Hornum before 1350
  • Nes Oddase, Norway
  • Salhus
  • Sandefjord / Oslo, Norway
  • Seim / Bergen, Norway
  • Smordel
  • Thorpe, Norway
  • Tvedtenes / Storetvedt, Bergen, Norway


  • General map of Norway

    ship-full sail


  (To USA and Within USA)    


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vik ship Johanson & Mysvold


  • Spohn to Chestor County, Pennyslavnia


  • Hoffers to Tripp, S. Dakota
    • to Tappen, N. Dakota
  • Myksvold (Tweedt) to Walnut Grove, Minnesota

After 1900:

  • Docktors to Tripp S. Dakota
  • Huberts to Chicago's  Old German Town
    • migr. to Bush, Lousinana
    • to  Seattle, Washington
    • to San Francisco, California
    • to Stockton, California
    • to Lafayette, California
  • Hummels to Chicago's Old German Town
  • Johansen to Seattle, Washington
  • Myksvold to Seattle, Washington 
  • Remmicks to N. Dakota
    • to Lodi, California
  • Heins to N. Dakota
    • to Wyoming
    • to Montana
    • to Lodi, California



Photograph of a  replica of a ship's steerage where the emigrants in the late 1800s and early 1900 lived while crossing the Atlantic from Europe to New York or other ports of entry into the United States....  Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany , 1991


The following is a letter of a German  Vaclav Miller  [Jacob Miller] journey from Bremen, Germany to New York called :Karel

"I've visited your page. Looks nice and interesting. If you think, that you would like to present this letter, why not, I agree. Please state my e-mail address at the end of the letter for possible contacts."

The American's Drama at Sea


Datum: 29. záøí 1999 21:01

Pøedmìt: Re: Drama at Sea / >> the Americas

>While studying in the District Archives in Litomysl, I found following letter, written by Vaclav Miller, an emigrant from Nova Sidla near Doubravice, who left his country in 1877 (born probably in 1857) and settled in Cedar Rapid, Iowa. 17 years later, he visited Bohemia with the whole family. Their back journey to America was dangerous.

It is worth hearing his story:


>A letter of Vaclav Miller to his parents in Nova Sidla, district of Litomysl. Cedar Rapic Jowa , >[Cedar Rapids, Iowa]  <on 5th of May, 1894.>

>Dearest Parents,

>Our best regards to you, we hope you are well and as far as us is concerned, we all are alive and well. We are here already and settled a little. I must describe our journey from Bremen where we had to wait for 3 days, we had arived too early. On March 17th we embarked on the Express s/s Ems. The ship was good looking and comfortable. First two day the sea was calm and we were all right. Third day a storm begun. A big one, and it was bigger every following day. Thursday March 23 it was the worst. The hurricane and high waves were so horrible, we were between rocks and the "Sif",> [serf], < many times hit the rocks or touched the sea-ground. On 24th one clash was so forceful, that the vessel´s screw was stroken off. The ship was helpless, tossing in the storm like a bird´s feather in the wind. The waves were as huge as the highest mountains, the thunder lightnings like a canonade. The ship´s walls were groaning, the water forced inside through the screw´s leak. And had to be pumped permanently.It was prohibited to go to the deck for one could be blown away. We laid tied up on our berths. Horror and fear ruled among the people. I cant express the cry of women and children in every corner. Even hard men had tears in ther eyes. On the Easter sunday we all facing the doom´s day. We wished the Lord should stop our suffering once for ever. On Mondey the storm was a bit moderate, on Tuesday our crew noticed another ship nearby and  5 shots were fired to pay their attention that we are in peril. The other ship towed us and we got to the Arizen Islands. > [the Azores ?] < that belong to the Spanish state, one thousand miles off the coast of)  Africa. The sail was difficult and dangerous. There were 7 islands, each of them had its own name and the Portuguese are living there. Our islend was called Fajar, another islend Santana Marino with a volcano 7 feet thousand high. In Portugal we had been waiting for 7 days until another ship came to take us, for our ship was quite good for nothing. We were allowed to go to the town whose name was Orto Salm, we went out of the town to the fields, the grain bloomed, the beet was already big, potatoes and cabbage was eaten already, the dates,  grape, also vine and oranges , figgs and many precious trees are planted there. People were polite and good-looking and educated, many Englishmen, so we were able to talk with them. When we were waiting in the port, another day a French War ship with 17 hundred soldiers came and anchored by our ship. The ship was bound to Algiers but the following day the French ship was burning for 4 hours and we were affraid if the fire gets to the gun-powder, we would be blown up together with them. They managed to quench the fire. After 12 days idle waiting, a German steamer Vylem Khajzer II > [Kaiser Willhelm II]  <arrived and took us to New York. Because Vilem Khajzer II was on the journey from Gemua Italije (Genova, Italy) and there were seven hundred Italians, people of the worst kind, we were really worried - they were robbers, rovers and bullies.

>The passage from Portugal to New York lasted for 7 days. In New York we were welcomed by thousands of people, by music and shooting. We had to stay there for one day and then we continued for two days and three nights to Cedar rapic we were at home. We were awaited and all folk, the Czechs as well the English, embraced us and asked. The ceremony had no end.

>Everything at home was in order. We have to thank our neighbours, the Prasils. Nearly everyday we have people visiting us, so I do not have scarcely any while to write. Joseph has his job as before, Karel was promised a job, and I am fully engaged at home. There is an unemployment here this year. I would not advise people in Bohemia to come here in this year. It will be better soon.

>There is nothing more to write and therefore, my best regards to you and all people in Nova Sidla,

>I remain your faithful son

Vaclav Miller.>


>Karel Kysilka

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