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Tsar Nicholas II of Russia

"The Detour"

told by

Ludwig Hein to Judy  A. Remmick-Hubert

Copyrighted 1986

At the age of six, I was typical:  I was always asking questions.At the age of sixty-three my grandfather was typical:  he had time to answer with a story.And so it was on this particular warm summer evening in 1948.  I had just asked my grandfather, Ludwig Michaelovich Hein, another question, as I sat on the edge of his farm house porch.  The sky was filled with the colors of a lovely sunset, as my grandfather answered with a story.   I quickly closed my eyes and let my mind travel with him from the farm house nestled in the rolling foothills of the San Joaquin valley near Lodi, California, across the vast lands, an ocean.... to the village of Borodino, Bessarabia, [in Old Russia] and back half a century in time:

It was a warm summer evening.  The sun hovered behind the low rolling hills .  I stood next to my grandfather Ludwig, whose face and posture had just shed fifty years. On his left was his mother Christine, who was dressed in one of the fashionable suits she had bought while visiting relatives in Germany. Next to her was Ludwig's father, Michael Jarigovich Hein, with his lambchop sideburns which had been clipped that morning. My eyes swept to to other entrance gates which doted the long village street. Every gate held families like our own.  I, also, noticed that everyone was dressed in their finest clothes, as thought it was Sunday, but it wasn't, nor was it a religious holiday or festival time, even though the air carried the same kind of excitement as if it was. The excitement grew as Ludwig's little brother Christoph shouted, "There they are!" My eyes swept toward the lower creek bridge that was exploding with the sounds of a regiment of mounted soldiers as they crossed. I was immediately fascinated by the calvary mounts, which were perfectly matched .  As the horses drew closer they seemed to be moving as one, accept one, a magnificent grey in the lead which was ridden by Colonel Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov (Tsar Nicholas II carried this rank until WWI). There's Daniel!" shouted little Frederich, whose hand was tightly held by his older brother Ludwig's.  On a horse next to Nicholas II was Ludwig's, Christoph's and Frederick's older brother, Colonel Daniel Michaelovich Hein. In their eyes was such great pride.

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Over half a century later, the tale of the detour allowed by Tsar Nicholas II during summer maneuvers was not forgotten. Even I, as I sat on the porch so many years later, felt the great family pride swelling within me.


Daniel Hein

Colonel Daniel Michaelovich Hein of Borodino

White Army Colonel when retired.

Born in 1877.

Father was Michael Jarigovich Hein.

Mother was Chistina, nee Stehr, Hein.

Was married three times.








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