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Last Update 21 Aug 2003

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Stories of Supernatural and Witchcraft told by German-Russians, their Ancestors and their Descendants continued....

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Opal's Story:


Peacock:   The peacock has been part of the Remmick/Roemmich family for many generations, therefore, I've always been interested in this particular bird which seems to have held popularity  in the east. After the Crusades, the peacock had entered the European world.  It's beautiful feathers were given as tokens to those who had been heroes / served their king well. But the popularity fell, perhaps people had grown tired of the bird's noisy and very loud nature. The live bird didn't fall under the label of being "bad luck, it the bird's feathers which came to represent that of evil.. Some suggest it is the design of an eye an  "evil eye" on the tail feathers.  In peacock's the tail  feather there are, indeed, hundreds  of "eyes" shown in display by a male bird. My theory is quite different. The eye design may have been part of the reason but I think that so many heroes had died during the various wars and because their coffins were draped with peacock feathers, the generations of young people viewed the feathers as a signature of death so the peacock feather would become the symbol of someone dying before their time which of course was "bad luck".  In Germany the bearer of the feather of a peacock  was given to a hero but  many heroes took up the attitude of being quite vain, arrogant and greedy, and upon their coffins were also draped peacock feathers, then, in the 16th century a peacock feathers was given to a person who had lied, cheated or was a traitor.  Perhaps after the German family of Roemmich/Remmick migrated. to Russia near Odessa, a Black Sea port city in the early 1800s their attitude  toward the peacock and the feather changed, again. The peacock is from India, Persia and the Mediterranean region and looked upon as "good luck". My grandfather Edward Remick [Roemmich] said they had many peacocks for good luck in Russia and later in North Dakota.


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 My folks have peacocks and have named their farm Peacock Acres.  Perhaps the change of attitude was created because of  the eastern cultures found in Russia and they  learned it's feathers were not "bad luck" and were able to enjoy this beautiful bird.  




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