German Emigration to Borodino, Bessarabbia, Russia:  1812-1840s.

Last Updated: 1 May 2012

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Liebenstein Castle (Schloss) - Hotel


Photographs are from Judy A. Remmick-Hubert Collection


Views from our room windows


In the distance is the town of Kaltenwestern, which is presently known as Neckarwestheim/ Heibronn Dist., Baden-Wuerttemberg 


My husband, Garry Hubert, who is over 6 feet 3 inches ,towers over the Liebentstein's suit of armour found at the entrance of the Liebenstein Schloss-Hotel where we stayed for several nights as we drove around the Neckar River in 1991.


This is from the pamplet that is from the Liebenstein Schloss-Hotel.

We had a delightful experience staying here in 1991.

From what I understand,  this belonged to Counts of Liebenstein and the House of Wuerttemberg, who used it as their country estate until they sold it in 1985.