Edenkoben / near Landau, Palatinate (Pfalz), Germany.  Remmick-Hubert Home Site. Photograph of old fountain in the center of the old town.

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Old Town's Center's Fountain


& In Background The Old Protestant Church

Historic Interest: This is where Field Marshal Gebhard von Bluecher, [Prince of Wahlstadt] commanded  the Black Hussars from his headquarters in the old Protestant Church in March 1794 and defeated the French on 28 May 1794. He was promoted to Major General and commanded the first Prussian forces to enter the field on 28 May 1813 against Napoleon.  At the age of 70 he supported Wellington at Waterloo where Napoleon was defeated, again.

Family Interest:  The Old Protestant Church Is Where Johannes Roemmich [Roemig] was married in 1720 to Anna Elizabeth Liebesperger, Ancestors of Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

See this photo in color as well as other photographs of Edenkoben see Remmick's Palatinate Photographs Index Page has a list plus other villages found in the Palatinate area.

Early Dates for Roemmich/ Roemich families in Edenkoben:
  • 10 Feb. 1667 - First Roemmich listed as being born in Edenkoben was: Anna Margretha dau. of Hans Michael Roemmich and Anna Magdalena, nee ?.
  • 29 Dec. 1667 - First Roemmich married in Edenkoben were:  Niclous Roemmich, son of Lorenz Roemmich and Anna Clara Doll, dau. of Georg Doll  [Ancestor of Rev. Kuby of Edenkoben]
  • 1696 - House was built for Johann Philips Walter and his wife Anna Barbara, nee Wieland.  The apotrogpaic masking carving was revealed when some building were removed.  The address was Metzgergasse Number 6, Edenkoben, Pfalz.
  • 31 Jan. 1720 - Judy A. Remmick-Hubert's earliest known ancestor in Edenkoben was: Johannes Roemmich [Remig/Remich] b. ca. 1700  poss. Neustadt a.d. Weinstrasse m. 31 Jan 1720 Old Protestant Church  [ see picture above], Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate [Germany] to Anna Elizabeth Liebesperger.  Thought to be descendent or relative of  the 10th Count of Leiman, [near Heidelberg] Lortenz Remig  b. 1550
  • 1790 -First Roemmich confirmation was Anna Margarethe Roemmich [Remich] , age fourteen




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