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Remmick / Remick Roemmich, Romig Families

Letters, E-mail


 Family believed to be part of the "Remigiuslante" people who date back to the year  492 who had been given land from Emperor Clovis I..... This fact and others are found in the Remmick Family Booklet, which is more than 350 pages:

Rem Bk Cov

Remmick Family Book

First Edition - 1985 with updates


Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

Herman Roemmich - Author of Conflict of Three Cultures Germans from Russia in America, A History of the Jacob Roemich Family - Edition 1991


Sold in  GRHC [NDSU German from Russia Heritage Collection], GRHS and AHSGR Book Stores

One of many:

Letter dated  Sept 6, 1974:

Dear Judy

It was interesting to recieve your letter--Seems to me I have heard of  Edwin Remmick at Streeter, ND, I lived in Mott and went to school in Jamestown....

Herman Roemmich





E-mail Name if given Family Names Given

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......Judy A. Remmick-Hubert Webmistress of this site
R-2 none Lillian, nee Hein Remmick Remmick, Hein [see Borodino/Bess. S. Russia]
R-3 none Pauline, nee Pfaff, Remmick + Remmick, Pfaff
R-4 none Edward Remick + Remmick, Hoffer
R-5 Book Karl Stumpp Book - Stumpp Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862 Book
R-6 Dale Wahl VC for Worms / Od. S. Russia
R-7 & S-102 Raymond Roemmich + Roemmich
R-8 Orville Stickel Roemmich
R-9 Gordon Kost, Roemmich See Letters: Here is my family group chart for Johann Nikolaus Kost and Maria Elisabetha Roemmich.Gordon's
R-10 Nancy Appel Roemmich, Poindexter, Griess, Reuther, Siegel. See letters
R-11 Staci R. Roemmich, Serr
R-12 Scott Perlenfein Roemmich web site:
R-14 Sagalot Judy Foreman Roemmich, Perlenfein
R-15 Kathy Griess Griess, Ochsner
R-16 Bruce Remick Desc. of Christian Remich in New England

Web Site: http:



R-17 Al Berger VC for Spier, Sulz, Beresan, Rosental and Neustatz. Families of Berger, Renner, Fischer, Braun, Kuhn, Sauter [Sautner], Stiefel, Koenig, Knoll, Hoerner, Kiefel, Bosch, Busch, Schmidt, Heer, Imel Zent, Geiger, Scahf, Friedt, Forster, Laturnes, Froelich, Helbing, Wolf, Bernhardt, Hirsch, Bechler
R-18 Sundae Kost, Lutz, Beck, Gall, Mindt, Horst, Keck, Holmquist, Nielson, Craighton, Sandoe, Putman, Spry, Sandoe, Henifin, Daily, Bennett, Whaley, Higgins, Young, Tramel, Rieder, McGee, Gibbons, Belflower, Morgan, Morris, Deal  See Kost Family Web Site:  [corrected 1 July '01 but seems to be out of date, now.....]
R-19 changed?? Bonnie Whillock Roemmich, Serr, Zeller, Spangeberger, Strohscherer, Will, Meckle, Adams, Siebert
R-20 Rosemarie Krieg Dinkel Familes from Rohrbach/ Od. S. Russia, Edenkoben, Palatinate, Germany,

 Krieg, Mitzel [Muetzel], Bachmann [fr. Ittlingen, Alsace]

Researched Edenkoben/ Palatinate records  for me

R-21 Elizabeth Harri Romig family of Ittlingen, Alsace who migr. to USA in 1732, Pfaff fr. Kaiserslautern
R-22 Ralph Wiseman Pfaff Family Informant also VC for Fruedental
R-23 Connie Trogdon Bachmanns of Rohrbach, Kercher

Sutton, Neb.

R-24 Bruce Krautbauer Dockter, Boschee
R-25 Jolene Hoffer, Geist, Bollinger, Doerrheim, Hochhalter, Rudolf, Brechenmacher, Rott, Sauter, Senk, Dockter
R-26 See R.44 Marv Hoffer Hoffer Informant
R-27 Janet Chiocchi Leibersperger, Hill, Zimmerman, Michael families migr. early to USA.  Leibersperger 1693 from Germany to BerksCo, PA, PhiladelphiaCo, PA, USA
R-28 JOANRREED Joan Romich / Romig from Ittlingen n. Eppingen....
R-29 Lonnie (Kessler) Otto Hoffer, Kessler, Rott, Will, Nies, Sander, Schoenhals, Stradinger. Letter 1983.
R-30 Theodore C. Wenzlaff + Personal correspondence and he was author of  Pioneers On Two Continents, the Ochsner-Griess History and Genealogy
R-31 Glueckstal / Odessa Files
R-32 Harold Ehrman Ehrman's Glueckstal / Odessa Files, Dockter, Landenberger, Hoffer, Rott  and hundreds of others Erhman Data of Glueckstal/ Odess, S. Russia :
R-33 none Adoph Hoffer + He was the source of information and photographs of Hoffer, Dockter, Rott and cousins of these families  Died in 1999 Woodbridge, CA, USA
R-35 none Gregory  Dockter Dockter Family informate.  Bonnet, Hieb, Krein, Benz, Marzolf, Graf, Fisher, Knepfel, Feickert, Stroh
R-36 Mrs. Leonard Spitzer article
R-37 Lodi New Sentinel Obit., Lodi, California, USA
R-38 Charlotte Roemmich See Letter Two .
R-39 Marska Marcy Whitmer Nelson See Letter One
R-40 Albert Albert Family Tree.  Web site: Families of: Walter, Ochsner, Haas , others
R-41 Sagalot Roemmich Family - Sutton, NB informate
R-42 & S-1 none Karl Stumpp+ Karl Stumpp , The Migration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862
R-43 & S-101 none Helen Ruff of Mt. Letter dated 19 April 1993 on Philipp Roemmich Lineage.

R-26 Marvin Hofer Marvin Hofer:  Has written a book, THE FRUITS OF THEIR LOVE AND LABOR  1859-1989 about the Hoffer family.  1995

CACKLE BERRIES by Marvin C. Hoffer

R-45 Gearald Ott Gerald Ott: My Greatgrand mother Christina Gross/Grosz b. 20 Jul 1841 Waterloo/Od d. 21 Jan 1922 Elgin, North Dakota m. 25 Jan 1861 Johannestal/Od. as the second wife Gottlieb Perelenfein b. 6 May 1825 Pfaffenhoffen / Heilbronn-Wü. Christina Grosz was the daughter of Wilhelm Grosz. I have collected a good deal of information about the Gross families of the Black Sea. The only Wilhelm Grosz that seems to fit the bill is Wilhelm who married Elizabeth Danneman b. 23 Oct 1813 Alexandhilf/Od.  See story of Ott's aunt.
R-46   Roger Walter Alt, Luce, Knapp, Burt, Southworth, Webster, Buck, Watrous, Kenyon, Tripp, Wall, Case, Sherwood and others in PA, NY, NJ, CT, MA and elsewhere.  Also  patternal side: Genzlinger, Mueller, Croissant and others.
R-47 Edenkoben Records
R-48 none Alfred hans Kuby Lives In Edenkoben
R-49 none Elmer Junker Letter dated : 4 Aug. 1976, 21 Sept 1976  Family names: Roemmich, Korb,  and Ottenbachers of Hoffnugstal / Od.
R-50 none Milbert Holzwarth Roemmich  and Holzwarth families
R-51 none Marilyn Fletcher Letter
R-52 Dale L. Roemmich des. of  Jacob Roemmich and Sophia Weikum

Letter R-52

R-53 none Helene Ruff Hus. Wilhelm R. Ruff, son of Elisabeth, nee Roemmich,  Ruff.....Des. of  Philipp Roemmich and Kathryn Winkler. Letters 1993
R-54 none LeRoy Suess Suess Families, Letter : 10 Nov 1976. Des. of  Peter Suess
R-55 none C.H. Suess 1922 - German version of Family Tree of  Peter Suess
R-56 none Marvin R. Suess 1966 - Translated German verion of Family Tree of  Peter Suess
R-57 Richard Bruce Wolff Des. of Lorentz Wolff of Roeschwog, Alsace, & Dockter Fam. Letter
R-58 Merv e-mail about Karl Rennich's Story and has connection to Hoffer family
R-59 Connie I., nee Tilloston, Dahlke Rott and Landenberger families
R-60 Ruth, nee Schauer, Davison Schauer, Hieb

Web Site:

R-61 Joe Thurstenson Meyer / Mayer/Meier  Gall family of Worms  Updated 18 March 2015
R-62 Don Wolf Genealogically researching my German Russian family tree in Lichtental, Besserabia, Ukraine, Crimea and other Germanic areas of Russia and Kirchberg area in Germany plus ND, MT, SD--Ade, Baltzarin, Bissinger, Breidenbucher, Burch, Ebinger, Gebhardt, Giess, Gohl, Hessert, Hutel, Kilber, Krapf, Mayer, Miller, Morast, Mutschelkraus, Ortel, Reichert, Reinhart, Sailer, Scheidt, Schillinger, Schmied, Schwaderer, Siegmond, Siegmont, Stock, Unterseher; Weirk. Weisenburger, Wiedrich, Wolf.

See Story: Where Did They Go?  -Lichtental / Bess. - see  e-mail at the bottom of page plus photograph of ancester's house in Kirchberg an der Mur - 1776

R-63 Stan E-mail, 27 Oct 1999, nephew of Amelia Roemmich
R-64 Dianne, nee Remmick, Tenner Aunt of Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

Sue Emerson Roemmich Families. E-mail , see below
R-66 Carol (Romig) Dietrich Romig
R-67 none Wilmer Horst Roemmich, Horst, Zimbelmann, Schmidt, Schweigert
R-68 Ferdinand Horst Article: Journal of the American Historical Society of Germans From Russia, Vol. 8, No. 4, Winter 1985 p. 1 MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD IN WORMS, RUSSIA by Ferdinand Horst and Willimena Lagge Semmler:  
R-69 Worms Census 1858 Worms Bersan Distict Odessa, 1858 Census, A Joint Project of GRHS & AHSGR as coordinated by the GRHS Clearing House
R-70 Valerie Ingram Roemmich, Deutsher, Aplas, Engelhardt, Harsch, Trautmann. See Letter
R-71 Mark Ziehmann Letter: Zimbelmann, Gemar, Bachmann, Hofer, Schmitt, Rideinger
R-72 Cindy O'Hare Hoffer, Laudt, Fisher
R-73 Connie Vinton Roemmich, Metzler, Schuler, Suess
R-74 Stan Remick Roemmich, Schaible

new Aug 2010

Leslie  Remmick Remmick,  Remmich, Roemmich, Fisher, Brunsmeyer, Suess, Schuler, Specht; letters #17-19 and others
R-76 Cody Schuler Remmich, Schuler, Kleinknecht, Suess, Specht
R-77 Alissa Remmick Remmick, Lang, Weist
R-78 Roxie Stephens Adlinger, Pleinis, Remmick
R-79 [see R-121] Sandy Roemmich, Schuler, Reichel, Beier....
R-80 Peggy Grenz Poppett, Hincks, McReynolds, Carnahan, Willeford, Mills, Clowers, Phillips, Grenz, Mayer / Maier , Mittleider, Lang, Schuelke, Hartwig, Reide / Ruede.... See Letter
R-81 Sue Webb Bodishbaugh - See story:  JUNK BOX REVEALS FAMILY SECRET. Associated Edenkoben /Pfalz names from the time of the great migration (c1847/48)  to Hollowayville, Bureau Co, IL, are: Croissant, Doll/Dahl, Doering,  Hellenthal, Loepke, Messerschmidt. Letter
R - 82 Dr. Ursula Perkow, the University of Heidelberg

Fachreferentin für Geschichte und Musikwissenschaft
Universitaetsbibliothek Heidelberg
Postfach 105749, 69047 Heidelberg

Tel.: (06221)542383

Web Site #1

Web Site #2

R-83 Lori Rott, Pfaff
R-84 Marcia Paxton Web site :Rott from Gackle Jublee Book See letter #30

R-85 Roemmich, Meyer, Perlenfin families. See Letter
R-86 DonnKoenig Rott letters
R-87 Ruby Henneberg H239-15a  AHSGR Card, Rott families
R-88 Julianne M. Rajpolt R235-16 AHSGR Card, Rott, Anderson, Meidinger, Hammer  families
R-89 Herbert Lehr Rott , Meier families
R-90 Leone Koth Rott , Hieb families
R-91 Dan Rott Rott,  Weigland, Kessler, Jensen, Brugh families
R-92 Wendy Mayfield Sent obits: Step grandfather was Sam Ebel

& S227 Karen, nee Weisenburger, Abel*** Huber-Roemmich, Schweikert, Stoller,



R-94 Dr. Ron Rott Rott
R-95 Michael Roemmich Roemmich, Reichel, Oltmanns, Zierke
R-96 Ochsner
R-97 Gerhard Schaaf Roemmich Family in Edenkoben / Palatinate
R-98 Norma Goring (Gering, Geringer, Goering) family of Edenkoben and Schweikert
R-99 Ellen Desc. of Johann George Weikum.  Letter

new 5 March 2002

Ron Weitzel Families of Edenkoben: Roemmich, Croissants, Goering, Kaiser, Satter, Lehn.....  Letter
R-101 Larry Genslinger Families of Edenkoben: Genslinger  Letter
R-102 Mary Blue Blue,  Giese, Teske [Tesky]-Hoffer
R-103 Susan Shinkle Families of Ednekoben: Shinkle , Schenkel Letter
R-104 *

April Hendrickson


Remmick family
R-105 Koschel, Weber, Frank....
R-106 J. Hartman Hartman with Pfaff in web site:
R-107 Roxie Roemmich family, des. of Michael Roemmich,Sr. and Katharina Suess
R-108 David Stevens Gutmiller, Mayer, Dockter, Hieb.... Letters
R-109 Opal White Reiman Family. See Story: Grain Harvest with photographs
R-110 Dean Washburn Hoffer Family. See letters
R-111 Richard Hoffer Hoffer Family. See letter
R-112 VanDyckCigar Ken Schade Hoffer and Schlaht Families  See letter with photographs
R-114 Michael L. Wiest Wiest, Ochsner, Weikum....See letters  Ebel, Bender, Mauch: Letter
R-115 Leona Koth Rott, Guthmiller..... Letter
R-116 R. Kemmet Kemmet, Hoffer, Wiegant... Letter
R-117 or Terri McFarlin Hoffer .... Letter
R-118 Daniel.D.DeKrey

Daniel D. DeKrey Remmich [Roemmich]....Letter
R-119 Vicki, nee Kennedy, Hoffer Hoffer... Letter
R-120 Maottenbacher1 Meredith Ottenbacher Roemmich, Ottenbacher, Bauder... Letter
R-121 Sandy Beir Roemmich, Reichel, Metzger, Schuler
R-122 Yvonne Winterrot [Wenderode] Letter
R-123 User346642 Roemmich, Ottenbacher, Bauder, Weber  Letter
R-124 Shelly Weickum Weickum, Letter
R-125 MAJ2930 Ochsner, Walter, Giest
R-126 Serena, nee Kauk, Henke Kauk, Ochsner: Letter
R-127 Marilyn Simpson Hoffer Letter
R-128 diamondiac Bonnie Ottenbacher (Bradley) Henze Remmick, Ottenbacher, letter
R-129 NowereMan1 Kendall Remmick Remmick, Bradsby, letter
R-130 Ingrid Croissant-Huber : Croissant family of Edenkoben, letter 
S-1, S-4, S-102 etc. Borodino/ Hein, Schweikert families Source Page
R-131 Kaye Kutz-Igoa Winterroth, Winterrott,  letter
R-132 James Schmierer Schmierer, , Kuck (Koch, Koch)  See Letter
R-133 Artur Roemmich Roemmichs of Sutton, Nebraska See Letters
R-134 Didier Ott Alsace family link,  Rott and other families of Huspach
R-135 DonAshley1 Donald Ashley Edenkoben families: Roemmich, Lehn  See e-mail
R-136 Russel Remmick Perry Remmick Family
R-137 Sharon Lemley Karl Roemmich branch
R-138 Gackle, ND  family genealogy
R-139 Ulrich Martens Book: German-Russian Handbook, A Reference Book for Russian German and German Russian History and Culture by Ulrich Mertens publ 2010 by GRHC .  Enlish Version.
R - 140 Alain Neidhardt  who's family maried into the

Roemmich family

Internet and e-mails.  In French "Geneanet"



+ no longer living

Remmick Letters for Sources

Hein & Borodino Sources


Edenkoben, Pfalz [Palatinate or Rhinebayern or Rhineland-Pfalz]

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