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Karl Roemmich b. 21 June 1850

Parents: Johannes Roemmich m. (2) 11 Dec 1834 Rohrbach / Od. S. Russia to widow Dorothea, nee Huber, Willmersdorf [Willmerdorf] Issue:

  1. Johannes Roemich b. 25 June 1835
  2. Carolina Roemmich b. 1 Feb 1839 m. bef. 1858
  3. NN b. 18 April 1843
  4. Wilhelm b. 18 May 1844 d. 20 May 1845
  5. Wilhlem Roemmich  b. abt 1845  d. 1855  [census of 1858]
  6. Katharina Roemmich b. abt 1848
  7. Karl Roemmich b. abt 1849  [census of 1858]


There are two Karl Roemmich born about this time.  I [Judy A. Remmick-Hubert] may have placed his data under the wrong branch of our Roemmich tree, Karl Roemmich b. 1855.  Sharon Lemley explains:

Descendants of Karl ROEMMICH

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1-Karl ROEMMICH1,2,3 was born in Jun 1850 in Russia.   4 Another name for Karl was Carl.

Noted events in his life were:

· Birth Record: for Carl Roemmich, son of Johannes Roemmich, 21 Jun 1850, Worms, Odessa, Cherson, South

Russia.5 This record agrees with the June 1850 birth date in the 1900 US Census.

· He has conflicting birth information of 21 Jun 1850.6 1900 Census birth date of Jun 1850 (in Russia) is

compatible with this record as follows:

Roemmich, Carl born 21 Jun 1850 at Worms; son of Johannes Roemmich; LDS film # 1882652/1 359 8

(documented as alternate birth).

1855 Birth: Remmick Family Tree online: A birth date for a Karl Roemmich, born 23 Jan 1855 at Balditzky,

Odessa, South Russia who died 4 July 1856 according to data in Remmich Family Tree online can't be the right

Karl since the death date indicates that he died as a small child (b.1855, d.1856), although the data includes wife

and children of "our" family.

· Origins:7,8,9 He wass probably a son of Johannes[V], instead of a grandson of Wilhelm [II] in the Generation 7

descendants. His descendants were probably attached to the "wrong" Karl Roemmich in the online Roemmich

genealogy. His ancestry is probably the same ancestry, but he may connect to it differently. He is likely

descended from the generation 7 ancestor and predecssors, but he, himself, is probably"generation 9" instead of

"generation 10."

· He immigrated from Russia probably on the Werra at age 34 with wife and daughter, Sophia, on 12 May 1884

to Port of New York at Castle Garden, New York, New York.10,11 The name is Carl "Renning" on the

transcribed ship's list, but the age is right and his daughter's name is right ("Sofie"). His wife's name is close:

"Marcythe" instead of Margerita. And he did immigrate in 1884 according to the 1900 US Census.

· He worked as a Farmer.1

· He resided at Blessing Township.12

· He resided at Thompson Twp, Campbell County, South Dakota in 1900.1

1. 1900 U.S. census, Campbell, South Dakota population schedule, Thompson Township 125-74, enumeration district (ED)

372, sheet 6, p. 162, dwelling 64, family 65, Roemich, Karl; digital images, HeritageQuest

(; citing National Archives and Records

Administration microfilm T623, roll 1547.

2. 1910 U.S. census, Campbell, South Dakota, population schedule, Thompson Township, enumeration district (ED) 82,

sheet 7 B, p. 44, dwelling 95, family 95, Roemich Carl; NARA microfilm publication T624, roll 1478.

3. Judy A. Remmick-Hubert, "," database, Remmick-Hubert Web Site

(, Gen.7, II, 1.(descendants of Karl only).

4. 1900 U.S. census, Campbell, South Dakota pop. sch., Thompson Township 125-74, ED 372, sheet 6, p. 162, dwell. 64,

fam. 65, Roemich, Karl.

5. Roger Ehrich, author; Roger Ehrich, website creator, Odessa Digital Library (,

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10. database, Castle Garden Website (, Werra - 12 May 1884; Port of New York; First name

«tab»Last name «tab»Occupation Age Sex Arrived «tab»Ship Origin (Port) Origin (Ctry)

CARL «tab»RENNING «tab»FARMER «tab»34 M 12 May 1884 WERRA «tab»BREMEN «tab» RUSSIA «tab»

MARCYTHE RENNING UNK«tab»35 F 12 May 1884 «tab»WERRA «tab»BREMEN «tab» RUSSIA «tab»

SOFIE «tab»RENNING «tab» UNK «tab» 6 F 12 May 1884 «tab»WERRA «tab»BREMEN «tab» RUSSIA «tab»; The

names are "Marcythe" and Carl "Renning" on the transcribed ship's list, but the age is right, and their daughter's name is right


11. 1900 U.S. census, Campbell, South Dakota pop. sch., Thompson Township, ED 372, sheet 6, p. 162, dwell. 64, fam. 65,

Roemich, Karl.

12. EhrichRoger Ehrich, website creator, Blessing Township.


Sharlon Lemley's Family Chart

Descendants of Karl Roemmich

1-Karl Roemmich b. Jun 1850, Russia

+Margerita Korb b. Aug 1849, Russia, m. Abt 1873


2-Sophia Roemmich b. 8 Nov 1877, Worms, Odessa, Cherson, South Russia, d. Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

+Jacob Ottenbacher Jr. b. Jan 1871, Hoffnungstal, Odessa, , South Russia, m. Abt 1897, Eureka, McPherson, South Dakota, USA,

d. 22 Aug 1944, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, bur. Eureka, McPherson, South Dakota, USA, par. Jakob Georg

Ottenbacher Sr and Katharina Bauder

3-Stillborn Baby Ottenbacher

3-Ada Katherina Ottenbacher b. 7 Aug 1898, South Dakota, USA, bap. 2 Nov 1898, d. 30 Nov 1981

3-Emma Margaretha Ottenbacher b. 3 Jun 1900, bap. 9 Sep 1900, d. 17 Aug 1990

3-Hulda Elsa Ottenbacher b. 23 Sep 1902, bap. 20 Oct 1902

3-Edwin Ottenbacher b. 1903  

3-Edwin Jakob Ottenbacher b. 18 Apr 1904, bap. 22 May 1904, d. Abt 1941

3-Esther Ottenbacher b. 19 May 1907, bap. 28 Jul 1907

3-Calvin W. Ottenbacher b. 30 May 1909, bap. 1 Aug 1909

3-Heinrich Theophilus "Ted" Ottenbacher b. 18 May 1911, South Dakota, USA, bap. 30 Jul 1911

3-Corah Agnes Ottenbacher b. 10 Jul 1913, bap. 8 Nov 1913

3-Martin Conrad Ottenbacher b. 28 Jun 1915, bap. 19 Sep 1915, d. 1 Jan 1976, Kent, King, Washington, USA

3-Eugene Gustav Ottenbacher b. 8 Apr 1917, bap. 10 Jun 1917

2-Jacob Roemmich b. Jun 1884, South Dakota, USA

+Katherina Schick m. South Dakota, USA

3-Karl Remick (Roemmich)

3-Martha Roemmich

3-Elsie Roemmich

3-Alma Roemmich

2-Paulina Roemmich b. Apr 1886, South Dakota, USA

+Charles Becker

3-Emma Becker

3-Arthur Becker

3-Elsie Becker

3-Nellie Becker

2-John Roemmich b. 22 Feb 1888, South Dakota, USA, d. 7 Jan 1941, bur. Eureka, McPherson, South Dakota, USA

+Kristina Stadel b. 1885, m. 13 Feb 1908, d. 1977

3-Arthur Roemmich

3-Ella Roemmich

3-Walter Roemmich

3-Harold Roemmich

3-Calvin Roemmich

2-Henry Roemmich b. Nov 1890, South Dakota, USA

+Magdalena Mettler

3-Maida Roemmich

2-William "Bill" Roemmich b. Apr 1892, South Dakota, USA

+Magdalena Junker

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David and Ada, nee Ottenbacher, Lemley


Ada Lemley


David Lemley