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Dockter Family

tiny[Hartwig, Grenz, Mayer. Steinbach, Mittleider,......]

Dockter, Grenz and Mayer Family mentioned by Peggy Grenz, knitpeg@onemain.com  [R-80] on 12 Sept 2000 and 14 Sept 2000 [inpart]:

Hello Judy,

Thank you for posting information on the GR list for your Dockter website. My in-laws, Emil and Esther Hartwig Grenz were good friends of Jacob G Dockter in the Sacramento, CA area. (In fact, there have been many Dockter families here and in the Lodi-Franklin area for years.) Jacob G Dockter had some information on Emil's mother's family (she was Katherina Mayer) and typed it up for him. We are very thankful that he did it, as we wouldn't have had that information.

It is a little story of Philip Mayer and his life. Jacob begins the story by saying: "This is a Writeing (sic) of Grandpa Mayer." Though I find no Mayer mentioned in any of your genealogy, is it possible he was a grandson of Philip Mayer. My husband thinks he was related. Maybe this is a Jacob G. Dockter you have no record of (?) ....

Note: Katherina Mayer, sister of Philip Mayer, married Christophe Grenz.

(No date on letter, but presumably in the mid 1960's.

"Dear Emil.

This is the writeing of Grandpa Mayer. Philip Mayer was born July 12, 1869 in Neudorf, S.Russia. The son of Joseph Mayer and Katherina Nie Mittleider. At the age of 21 he came to the U.S. in 1890. On Dec 12th he married Christina Steinbach in the year of 1895. They lived in S.D. until 1902 when they moved to a farm 8 miles S.E. of Streeter. N.D.

They were blessed with 11 children, of which 3 sons and 3 daughters are living yet.

In August of 1929 Mrs. Mayer died, and in the fall of 1939 Mr Mayer moved into the city of Streeter and on Dec. 5 1939 he married Christina Seher. They lived in Streeter till the fall of 1953 they moved to the old peoples home at Bismark and in Nov 1957 the second wife died, he lived at Bismarck until 1959 when he moved to a home at Jamestown.

On July 18, 1961 he died in the Jamestown Hospitol, at the age of 91 years 11 mo and 6 days.

The funeral....

/signed/ Jacob G. Dockter"


Peggy A Poppett Grenz (wife of Raymond M. born in Medina, ND) mailto:knitpeg@onemain.com   Researching: POPPETT, HINCKS, MCREYNOLDS, CARNAHAN, WILLEFORD, MILLS, CLOWERS, PHILLIPS; GRENZ, MAYER/MAIER, MITTLEIDER, LANG, SCHUELKE, HARTWIG, REIDE/RUEDE

______Hello again, Judy,

...Here is a little more information that you might need (as told to me by Raymond M Grenz, my husband)

Great uncle Philip Mayer had a daughter that married a Dockter. Another daughter was Emma Mayer Bitterman and she lived next door to them. Emma's son, Ray and I went to college together...one Christmas he introduced me to his cousin, Ray Grenz ...we married in 1955 and here we are 45 years later...

Peggy Grenz



<<From the November 2003 issue of Volk auf dem Weg:

Congratulations of the 50th anniversary on 7 November of our parents and grandparents:

Rosa (geb. Fliehmann, geb. in Waterloo) and Jakob (geb. in Neudorf)  Dockter. We wish only beautiful days for you, health and a long life. In love, from  your children Lilli, Walter with wife Olga, grandchildren Karolina, Alexandra and Robert.


Guthmiller [Guthmuller] Family

In a message dated 9/27/02 12:20:27 PM, David Stevens / ab0ut@arrl.net  [R-108] writes:  [http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=mwalth&id=12025]

<< I thought you might be interested in this list of descendants for Michael GUTHMILLER and Karolina HOFFER Thanks for including the information on Michael and Karolina on you page. Learning Friederica ROTT's last name helped me link this line into the rest of the


I am left a little confused about where Leona Tesky and Anna Maria Ludt fit. I would like to compare information with Leona. I have 3 different birth dates for Joseph Tesky husband of Anna Maria Lud and up until now no Joseph Tesky married to Katharina Wisser. Is this the same person?

Go to http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=mwalth&id=I1702 to see who ancestors are, other information I have and to see what my sources are.

Descendants of Michael GUTHMILLER

27 Sep 2002

1. Michael GUTHMILLER (b.26 Jan 1816-Neudorf, South Russia) sp: Karolina HOFFER (b.1 Feb 1820-Neudorf, South Russia;m.24 Jan 1839)

2. Katharina GUTHMILLER (b.23 Feb 1840-Neudorf, South Russia;d.21 Sep 1910) sp: Ludwig GUTHMILLER (b.22 Oct 1840-Neudorf,Odessa Co.,South Russia;m.26 Nov 1861;d.1 Jan 1929)

3. Ludwig GUTHMILLER (b.18 Aug 1862-Neudorf, South Russia;d.11 Sep 1862)

3. Jakob GUTHMILLER (b.10 Aug 1863-Neudorf, South Russia)

3. Georg GUTHMILLER (b.5 Feb 1868-Neudorf, South Russia;d.19 Jul 1868)

3. Georg GUTHMILLER (b.2 Jul 1869-Neudorf, South Russia;d.28 Nov 1875)

3. Jacob GUTHMILLER (b.16 Nov 1871-Neudorf;d.7 Sep 1876)

3. Magdelena GUTHMILLER (b.5 Feb 1874-Neudorf) sp: Stephan HIEB (b.16 Aug 1870-Neudorf, Glueckstal, Odessa, Russia)

4. Johanna HIEB (b.1894)

4. Paul HIEB (b.1896)

4. Louisa HIEB (b.1898)

3. Johann GUTHMILLER (b.1 Oct 1876-Neudorf, South Russia)

3. Ludwig GUTHMILLER (b.3 Apr 1879) sp: Lydia WEISSER

2. Magdalena Elisabetha GUTHMILLER (b.9 Dec 1842-Neudorf, South Russia;d.21 Feb 1844)

2. Jacob GUTHMILLER (b.3 Aug 1846-Neudorf, South Russia;d.3 Feb 1924) sp: Friederica ROTT (b.12 Apr 1850-Glueckstal Glueckstal Odessa South Russia;m.13 Feb 1868;d.24 Mar 1913)

3. Jacob J GUTHMILLER (b.3 Feb 1869-SD;d.1914) sp: Kathrina BENTZ (b.Bef 1882;m.16 Dec 1892;d.1936)

4. Jacob Edwin GUTHMILLER (b.20 Mar 1899-Charles Mix Co,SD)

4. Fred GUTHMILLER (b.5 Feb 1901-CHARLES MIX,SD) sp: Mary KOERNER (b.2 Jul 1901-Emery,Hanson,SD;m.23 Mar 1922)

3. Ludwig GUTHMILLER (b.5 Jul 1871-Neudorf;d.21 Aug 1871)

3. Ludwig (LJ) GUTHMILLER (b.17 Sep 1874;d.26 Mar 1924) sp: Katharina HIEB (b.8 Jul 1877;d.17 Jun 1939)

4. Solomon GUTHMILLER (b.17 Feb 1901-HUTCHINSON Co,SD)

4. Athalia Guthmiller (b. 26 May 1899 Tripp, SD d. 27 Jan 1929 Tripp, SD) sp:Henry TESKY (b. 10 Aug 1901 Buelah, ND d. 14 July 1976 Parkston,SD)

3. Karolina GUTHMILLER (b.11 May 1877-Neudorf;d.1959) sp: John BUECHLER

3. Frederich GUTHMILLER (b.26 Nov 1880;d.1912) sp: Carolina FREY

3. Christina GUTHMILLER (b.29 Dec 1881-Bon Homm Co.,SD;d.1951) sp: George GOEHRING

3. John J GUTHMILLER (b.13 Feb 1884;d.17 Jun 1964) sp: Rosina NAGEL

3. Amelia GUTHMILLER (b.7 Feb 1888;d.1963) sp: John PUDWILL

3. Lydia GUTHMILLER (b.24 Apr 1886-Bon Homm Co.,SD)

3. Maria GUTHMILLER (b.10 May 1890) sp: Henry M. HOFF (m.Aft 1900)

3. Lydia GUTHMILLER (b.24 Apr 1889;d.1963) sp: Henry HOFF JR

3. Mathilda GUTHMILLER (b.12 Jan 1892;d.1964) sp: Charley PIETZ

3. Mathilda GUTHMILLER (b.12 Jun 1893-Yankton,South Dakota)

3. Kathrina GUTHMILLER

2. Michael GUTHMILLER (b.24 Sep 1848-Russia or Germany;d.19 Jun 1927) sp: Katharina KAMMERER (b.Bef 1859;m.11 Nov 1869)

3. Katharina GUTHMILLER (b.7 Jul 1870-Neudorf, South Russia;d.2 Aug 1870)

3. Jacob GUTHMILLER (b.1 Nov 1871-Neudorf)

3. Jacob GUTHMILLER (b.1 Dec 1872-Neudorf;d.16 Aug 1875)

3. Johann GUTHMILLER (b.7 Feb 1875-Neudorf, South Russia) sp: Christina STEIN (b.Bef 1889-Russia)

4. Katerine GUTHMILLER (b.1898-SD) sp: Fred SPITZER

4. Emil GUTHMILLER (b.27 Apr 1899-McPherson County,Sd)

4. Christine GUTHMILLER (b.1902-SD) sp: John SCHUMACK

4. Emma GUTHMILLER (b.1905-SD) sp: Gottlieb SAYLER

5. Joyce SAYLER sp: Stanley Dewayne HIEB (b.19 Jun 1940)

6. Stacy HIEB

6. Greg HIEB

4. Bertha GUTHMILLER (b.1907-SD) sp: Jacob NEUHARTH

4. Ida GUTHMILLER (b.1908-SD) sp: Julius HEUPEL (b.3 Apr 1904-Petersburg Township;m.22 Jul 1929)



5. Judy HEUPEL (b.20 Aug 1943)

3. Friederick GUTHMILLER (b.27 Nov 1876;d.13 Jun 1939) sp: Christina HOFF (b.26 Mar 1881;m.1898;d.30 Nov 1953)

4. Emma GUTHMILLER (b.Aft 1898;d.8 Jun 1930) sp: George SCHUTZ

4. Margaret GUTHMILLER (b.Aft 1898;d.25 Dec 1954) sp: George WALTH (b.18 Dec 1898-Hosmer,South Dakota;m.16 Oct 1921;d.22 Sep 1964)

5. Otto WALTH

5. Miriam WALTH sp: Edward LAUER

5. Leona WALTH sp: Edwin MILLER

5. Adeline "Lena" WALTH sp: Milbert C. MOHR

6. George C MOHR sp: Mary Jo HEIER (b.26 Mar 1955;m.5 Jan 1974)

6. LeRoy MOHR

6. Robert MOHR

6. Janet MOHR

6. Ivadell MOHR

6. Daniel Derek MOHR

6. Kathy MOHR

5. Calvin, WALTH (d.Bef 1987)

5. Miriam WALTH

5. Otto WALTH

5. Robert WALTH (d.Bef 1987)

5. Paul WALTH

5. Delbert WALTH

4. Adeline GUTHMILLER (b.Aft 1898;d.16 Jul 1940) sp: Henry JUNG

4. Emil GUTHMILLER (b.Aft 1898;d.Infancy)

4. Martha GUTHMILLER (b.Aft 1898-Hosmer,SD;d.19 Mar 1999) sp: Jacob NAASZ (d.Bef Mar 1999)

5. Howard NAASZ (d.Bef Mar 1999)

4. Lydia GUTHMILLER (b.Aft 1898)

4. Ella GUTHMILLER (b.Aft 1898) sp: Edwin MOHR

4. Magnalina GUTHMILLER (b.19 May 1914-Hosmer,SD) sp: Jacob BIEBER (b.29 Aug 1911-Eureka,SD;m.18 Oct 1936;d.29 May 1978)

5. Janice Mae BIEBER (b.20 Jul 1941-Hosmer,SD;d.Jul 1960) sp: Lee BUCKLEW

5. Donley Jacob BIEBER sp: Carol FIEDLER

4. Alma GUTHMILLER (b.Aft 1898;d.Bef Mar 1999) sp: Alvin MARTELL

4. Katherine GUTHMILLER (b.Aft 1898;d.Infancy)

4. Althea GUTHMILLER (b.11 Aug 1920-Hosmer,SD;d.8 Oct 1995) sp: David ZIMMER (m.24 Aug 1941)

5. Lester ZIMMER


5. Stan ZIMMER

5. Robert ZIMMER

5. Rodney ZIMMER

5. Monte ZIMMER


5. Marianne ZIMMER

5. Karen ZIMMER

5. Mona ZIMMER

5. Ruby ZIMMER

4. Herbert F. GUTHMILLER (b.26 Apr 1925;d.12 Jul 1998) sp: Edna M SCHAIBLE (b.23 Dec 1923;m.17 Nov 1946;d.24 Jul 1999)




3. Karolina GUTHMILLER (b.28 Jan 1879-Neudorf, South Russia)

3. Christina GUTHMILLER (b.28 Dec 1880-Neudorf, South Russia)

3. Christian GUTHMILLER (b.16 Nov 1882-Neudorf, South Russia)

3. Christine GUTHMILLER (b.15 Feb 1885-Eureka,Mcpherson,South Dakota)

2. Ludwig GUTHMILLER (b.27 Jul 1851-Neudorf, South Russia;d.8 Mar 1863)

2. Philipp GUTHMILLER (b.3 Sep 1855-Neudorf, South Russia)

2. Karolina GUTHMILLER (b.4 Jun 1858-Neudorf, South Russia)

2. Margaretha GUTHMILLER (b.1 Jul 1861-Neudorf, South Russia)


Hieb Family


Hieb BkRemMick recieved a booket about the "ANCESTORS and DESCENDANTS of MR. AND MRS. GEORGE J. HIEB from Ret. Lt. Col. Harley F. Hieb of Lodi shortly before his death 1 April 1994 plus a copy of his pusblish book called HEART OF IRON  which gives us his personal experiences of the American jungle warefare of the Philippine  Islands during WWII.    He was des. of Adam Hieb who had two  [known] sons. They were Jacob,who is Harley's ancestsor, and Wilhelm Hieb.  Many of Adam Hieb's desc. migrated first to ND, USA then Lodi, CA.  Wilhlem Hieb m. Maria Katherina Dockter, dau. of Jacob Dockter and Magdalena, nee Landenberger

note:See Doctker Family Gen. 3, Child 2.

The following is an educated guess as to this lineage from data received:

Adam Hieb  m. (1) NN  Issue:

Wilhlem Hieb  b. bef.  1837 m. Maria Katherina Dockter, dau. of Jakob Dockter and Magdalena, nee Landenberger , b. 1836 Neudorf / Od. S. Russia  Issue:

  1. Jakob Hieb b. 6 April 1843 Neudorf , Od. S. Russia d. 1926 Eureka, SD, USA m. (1) Klara Schnabel b. Kassel, Od., S. Russia d. 1898 Eurkea, SD, USA; m. (2) Magdalena Wageman;  

The foreward was written by Helen Reisenweber:

"This record of the Hieb families includes the families who have lived during a period of 150 years.  It is especially prepared for the descendants of George J. Hieb, most of  whom are presently living in this year, 1962.

George J. Hieb devoted most of his life to pioneering, as did his father and grandfather before him. Prior to 1812, Weurtemburg, Germany was home to the Hieb families living at that time.

In the year 1812, Adam Hieb and his parents joined the tide of immigration to the region around the Black Sea in Russia, where Adam raised his family. His son, Jacob was the father of 12 children...

When political and social conditions in Russia became to unpleasant for the freedom loving Germans, Jacob Hieb, Sr. decided to engage in a pioneering venture with his family and undertook the long journey to America on May 2, 1874..."


Hieb Family #2

E-mail:  GeneB96386 [R-61] who wrote on 31 Aug. 1999:

Dear Judy,

I was looking for some Hauck information when I ran across your website...

...you have Aisenbreg, but the correct spelling is Aisenbrey... I know because I have gazillion of them in my family tree.

You have Emma's sister Chrsitine Kost m. to Jacob Hieb. That may be so, but the parents of the children you list, are actually Christina Mettler and Jacob Hieb. My Jacob Hieb is b. 10 Jul 1858 and d. 26 Nov 1933.  Christina and Jacob Hieb had 7 children all togather between 1881 and 1902....

As "your" August Nuss/Nusz married "my" Caroline/Karolina Mettler, I can send you a more complete list ....For now, Karolina b. July 19, 1875 d. July 15, 1945, is the daughter of Johann Mettler and Christina Schnabel. August and Karolina..had 11 children...

Ursula Barnfield


Hieb Family #3

See Hieb families mention on Remmick.Home.Site's:  Ochsner Home Page


Hieb Family #4

E-mail from pdavis54@pacebell.net , 7 April 2001 and writes:

<<...Eva Hieb married Michael Tesky - their daughter Barbara Tesky married Jacob Hochstetter and they had a son John Jacob Hochstetter who is my grandfather (he married Pydia Pfahl) ..>>


Hieb Family #5

See this web site: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~davison/hieb.htm


Hieb Family #6

In a message dated 8/15/02 2:51:18 PM, webmaster@guthmiller.com writes:

<< Hi, perhaps you can be of help to me. I am trying to figure out the ancestors of Jacob Mayer and his wives Katharina and Carolina and her first husband who was a Dockter. Here is what I have so far:

FAMILY OF JACOB MAYER Jacob Mayer came to the Hosmer area from Russia.

He was married to Katherine Hieb. To this union were born fivedaughters:

Mrs. Philip (Eva) Heil,

Mrs. Theobolt (Katherina) Guthmiller,

Mrs. Christ (Caroline) Nelich,

Mrs. Gottleib (Magdalina) Hieb, and

Mrs. Gottlieb (Christina) Kirschenmann.

Katherine died and Jacob then married Caroline, sister of Katherine.Caroline had one son, John Dockter.

To Jacob and Caroline were born five sons and two daughters:




Mrs. Fred (Rosa) Jundt,


Mrs. Julius (Lydia) Eisenbeis, and

Leonard. Jacob died in February 1937 and Caroline died in August 1941.

Jacob and Caroline farmed northeast of Hosmer, later moved about two miles southwest of Hosmer, then moved to Hosmer where they lived their retirement years.

Jacob, Caroline and Katherine are all buried in Hosmer, SD. Also it is unclear if there were 2 Jacob Jr.s with one born to each wife.


Maier, Jacob Hieb, Catharina --- marriage --- 17 Feb 1881 Glueckstal 1897592-2-161-027

Maier, Jakob Hieb, Katharina Jakob 18 Oct 1881 Neudorf 1897592-2-146-085

Maier, Jakob Hieb, Katharina Eva 3 Oct 1882 Neudorf 1895610-1-151-065

Maier, Jakob Hieb, Katharina Katharina 20 Nov 1884 Neudorf 1895616-3-163-090

I think this is Jacob.

Maier, Daniel Graff, Catharina --- marriage --- 28 Nov 1844 Glueckstal 1882634-3-049-036

Maier, Daniel Graff, Catharina Martin 16 Oct 1845 Cassel 1882636-2-126-199

Maier, Daniel Graff, Catharina Georg 6 Oct 1847 Cassel 1882639-1-275-191 #16

Maier, Daniel Graff, Catharina Barbara 28 Nov 1850 Cassel 1882651-3-322-266

Maier, Daniel Graff, Katharina Margaretha 1 Sep 1855 Cassel 1884075-1-384-071

Maier, Daniel Graff, Katharina Jakob 24 Jul 1857 Cassel 1884103-2-672-061

Maier, Daniel Graff, Katharina Daniel 20 Aug 1859 Kassel 1884093-2-231-060

For more detail on what I have and where I got it you can go to:

http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=mwalth and look under M

Jacob is my wife's mother's grandfather. She also has Hieb's on her fathers side but I think I have found most of them. >>


In a message dated 8/20/02 7:05:54 PM,webmaster@guthmiller.com writes:

<< I think I am narrowing down on a possible answer to the parents of Katherina b:1860 or 1861 and Carolina Hieb b: 1871. The Maria Katharina DOCKTER and Jacob HIEB you have at


seem like good candidates. You have their children listed as:

Wilhelm Hieb

August Hieb

Karolina Hieb

Barbara Hieb

Salomea Hieb


http://pixel.cs.vt.edu/library/boxes/ehrman/glueck/family/g-h/hieb.txt has:

Hieb, Wilhelm Dockter, Katharina --- marriage ---29 Jan 1857 Glueckstal

Hieb, Wilhelm Dockter, Katharina stillborn son 20 Dec 1857

Hieb, Wilhelm (jung) Dockter, Katharina Jacob 21 Dec 1858 Neudorf

Hieb, Wilhelm Dockter, Katharine Katharina 19 Apr 1861 Neudorf

Hieb, Wilhelm Dockter, Katharina Wilhelm 12 Aug 1863 Neudorf

Hieb, Wilhelm Dockter, Katharina Johann 20 Aug 1867 Neudorf

Hieb, Wilhelm Dockter, Katharina Johann 31 Jul 1869 Neudorf

Hieb, Wilhelm Dockter, Katharina stillborn son 10 Apr 1874 Neudorf

Hieb, Wilhelm Dockter, Katharina Magdalena 18 Aug 1875 Neudorf

Hieb, Wilhelm Dockter, Katharina August 18 Jul 1879 Neudorf

I may be incorrectly be assuming these are the same couple. If it is then there is a case to be made that these are the parents of my Katherina and Carolina Hieb. Particularly considering so many of the aunts and uncles ended up in the Dakotas.

Where did you get your list of children and do you have any additional information on them? Was this from the Book: ANCESTORS and DESCENDANTS of MR. AND MRS. GEORGE J. HIEB by Remmick-Hubert, Judy A.

It is interesting that you also have a:

Karoline Dockter m. in Neudorf / Od. to Ephriam Heyne. Had four children bef. migr. to USA in 1894 to Hosmer, SD then six more children n. Elgin, ND....Issue:

Carolina Heyne m. Koepplin

Gottlieb Heyne

Paulina Heyne

August Heyne

Katherina Heyne

Emma Heyune

Magdalena Heyne

I haven't figured out the relationship yet but I think this would be a cousin to the Carolina Hieb I am looking for who migrated to Hosmer, SD in 1892.

You also have:

Magdalena Dockter m. (1) Christian Morlock m. (2) John Huber. She had three children by Christian. She became a widow and migr. to USA where she married her sister's widow John. Lived n. Hillsview then Bentley, ND who like Carolina Hieb married her sisters widow.


Margaret Dockter d. Russian Revolution m. John Hieb. They had foursons. Little is known of their fate.

Could Carolina Hieb's first husband have been killed in the Russian Revolution about 1892?

For more information on what I have please go to www.guthmiller.com and

http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=mwalth >>


Letter dated 9 Sept 2002:

See:  www.guthmiller.com



In a message dated 12/11/2003 6:39 AM Pacific Standard Time, Maryilyn, msimmpson@columbia-center.org, writes:

Ludwig Hoffer married Barbara Dockter about 1871-1872.  They had 7 children that I know of.  Three died of smallpox in 1886.  One died shortly afters his brith in 1875.  Three reached adulthood and immigrated to the US.  Barbara died sometime after 1888 but was probably dead by 1892.  Ludwig married widow Johann (Hertel) Heiser about 1893.  When y threy immigrated to the US, two of Ludwig and Barbar's sons came with them along with 1 of Johann's daughters.  Ludwig and Johanna had two children together, my grandfather John (Johann) B. Hoffer who was born in Neudorf and a daughter Christina who was born shortly after their arrival in South Dakota in 1896.





Letter #1

In message dated 6 Nov 2001 from Tdurst1:

<<I recently came across your /Hoffer web site.  I am searching for information on George J. Hiebs siblings.  My ggrandfather Jacob Mayer b. abt 1858, Neudorf married two of George's sisters-Katharina b. ? and Carolina and then five more were born to Jacob and Carolina in McPherson Co., SD.

My mother, Adella Hieb b. 1916 Leola, D.D. to Gottlieb>> [Hieb] <<and Magdalena Mayer Hieb; Gottlieb b. 10/5/1888

s/o Michael & Rosina Boerkirchert Hieb Jr

s/o Michael and Sophie Wetzler Hieb Sr.  s/o Bathasar Hieb Sr. b. 1782

s/o Johan Adam Hieb Sr. b. 1746.

I would appreciate any information you may have on his siblings.


Dr. Tom Durst>>

Leter #2

See letter under Hieb Fam.

Letter #2

From: Tom Durst,  Tom_Durst@alm.gov

dated: 5/10/04

Dockter-Hieb Photo

Great web site.

My Grandmother's step-mother Karolina (Hieb) Mayer is pictured in your photo as a young girl.  Karolina Hieb was b. 1/1/1871 Neudorf.  Her brothers pictured are probably Johann Hieb b. 7/31/1869, and August Hieb b. 7/18/1879.  Therefore, your photo was probably taken between 1881-1885. Karolina (Hieb) Dockter immigrated to American with her 9 month old son John in Aug, 1892.  She then married Jacob Mayer in McPherson Co., SD.  The photo of Jacob and Karolina Mayer that I've attached was taken after Aug., 1892.  Her sister Katherina (Hieb) Mayer (Jacob's first wife) died in 1891-1892.


Letter #2

I don't have a web site; however, I have my GEDCOM on the Worldtree in both Ancestry.com and Rootsweb.com.  I put my family together the hard way.  Had I waited a couple of years, several Neudorf and Kassel researchers (Hieb,

Guthmiller, Walth, Mayer, Borkirchert, Wetzler, Voegele, Lehr, etc.) really got into the act.  It's been a great experience, as you well know.  I knew very little, even about my Grandparents.  The entire Russian migration to/from was not even rumored about.  The Pixel Library was a great help early on.  I add a little each week.  My mother (Adella (Hieb) Durst grew up in Leola, SD.  I am descendant from two Hieb lines-from the Hieb brothers Balthazar and Wilhelm (J. Adam Hieb's sons).

Again, I really appreciate the work that you have put into your web site.


See large photograph of Karolina, nee Hieb, Dockter, Mayer and second husband Jacob Mayer



Letter from Loretta Hieb Allphin, allfun@pmt.org

Wilhelm Hieb

My name is Loretta Hieb Allphin. I found your website while searching for information on my grandfather Wilhelm Hieb born 12 Aug 1863. According to information on your website, my grandfather Wilhelm's father was Adam Hieb. In my research I thought that his father's name was also Wilhelm Hieb born in about 1832. My grandmother's name was Christina Hieb born 14 Feb 1865 and her father's name was (I think Adam Hieb). My grandparents were cousins. I would like to find out exactly who my great grandparents are. If you have information, please e-mail me at allfun@pmt.org. Thanks


Letter from Shari Hieb-Lucas, arishtune@yahoo.com

dated:  1 Nov 2006

Hi my ranfather was Emil Hieb b. ssept 11 1904 and I am his only granddaughter, Shari Lynn Hieb-Lucas and my father's name is Harold George Hieb b. ____ and my dob is _____.  My Moher's Name is Joyce Hieb and my Brothers name is Rodney Christopher Hieb b. _____.  Dwigh Ellis Lucas b. ____ is my husband.  [Children are]:

Phillip Anthony Lucas

Nicole Lynnette Luucas

Jacquline Suzzette Lucas.

Can you pleasse add us to the family record?

and Ilook forward to your email on any questions you might have


shari hieb-lucas

Hoffer Family

tinyMarvin Hoffer has sent many letters...... http://pixel.cs.vt.edu/library/families/link/hoffer.txt

Marvin Hoffer's Favorite Stories


tinyFound this information on the following web site  / Oct. 2001: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~davison/helm.htm


21. Jacob Karl Schauer #2157 (11.Carolina3, 4.Jacob2, 1.George1) b. 17 Jun 1877, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 8 Feb 1900, in Neudorf, Russia, 20 Jan 1900, Karoline Hoffer #2159, b. 30 Nov 1877, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, (daughter of Theobald Hoffer #2360 and Anna Marie Eberhardt #2361) d. 23 Mar 1934, Regent, ND, USA, buried: Tepee Butte Cem., ND. Jacob died 8 Mar 1948, buried: Amboy, Lee Co., IL, USA. Arrived in USA 29 Dec. 1907 at New York on the vessel Blucker. Certificate No. 332849 St. Petersburg records give marriage date as 20 Jan 1900, Neudorf.

Schauer Family letters and web site




I've enjoyed reading about the Hoffer family heritage. Please note Marvin C. Hoffer wrote: "My grandfather, Jacob Hoffer, also had a brother named Martin, who had the children: Katherine, Jacob, Christina, Lydia, John, Barbara, Paulline, Amy, Emil, and Arthur. Martin's wife's name was Barbara. No date on this family's arriaval in the U.S. from Russia."

I believe Martin's wife was Barbara Burkardt. She was a sister to Ludwig Burkardt.

Ludwig was born Sept. 30, 1889 at Odessa, Russia toFredick and Sophia Burkardt who were German desentants. Ludwig came to America at the age of 19 and spent a year in Streeter North Dakota with a sister, Caroline Burkardt and husband August Schauer.

Ludwig Burkardt married Kathyrn Hieb daughter of Jacob and Barbara Hieb on March 17, 1912 at Reliance. They homestead for a year south of Reliance on the White River. Then he bought a ranch near Reliance where he lived until 1950, when he moved to Chamberlain and made his home the rest of his life. His wife preceded hm in death in Dec. 18, 1936. an nfant son, Jacob Louis Burkardt also preceded him in death Jan. 11, 1932 - Jan. 12, 1932. The couple had 5 daughters:

Mrs. Esther Schelske b. June 6, 1909 m. Dec. 14, 1933 to Adolph

Schelske b. Mar 5, 1909 Reliance SD

Mrs. Lena Schwalm b. Oct. 1, 1913 m. Leo Schwalm, Chamberlain SD

Mrs. Edith Larson b. June 25, 1920 m. Duane Larson Sioux Falls SD

Mrs. Matilda Husman b. Aug. 23, 1927 m. Lloyd Husman Presho SD

Esther and Adolph Schelske are the parents of:

Louis Richard Schelske

Adella Schelske Mohr

Ralph Schelske

Marie connie Schelske Surat

Karen Kay Schelske Gunter

Delilha Rae Schelske Fletcher

Ralph married Janice Carey daugther of Irvin Z. Carey at Chamberlain Aug. 1 1959 children:

Janet, Steve, Kayla, Sharla, Wyatt, Jared, and John Schelske

I would enjoy hearing from you. I want to know more about Martin and Barbara Hoffer.

Martin died in 1924 and Barbara in 1930.

If you have anymore infomation about the Ludwig Burkardt family, please

let me know.

Thank you,

Janice Schelske of Reliance SD


South Dakota Country Living


South Dakota QuiltersÕ Guild


JanÕs Quilting Web




Message received Sat., March 30, 2002 from wlampl@softcom.net to remmick:

My grandmother was Magdelena Hoffer, born in Sofiental, So. Russia in 1885 married my grandfather Emanuel Huether and both migrated to North Dakota in 1905.

Wilmar Lampl (Chops)...



Message received 18 March 2002 from rranchm@peoplepc.com

The Jakob Hoffer who married Katharina Teske I think is the one that I am looking...I have a letter from John Hoffer who I think is Johann [Hoffer].  He was 83 in 1982 and mentioned that his birthday was in june.  The letter was written to my mother who passed away in 1986.  If it is the right one he was her half brother.  I am trying to find out more about Katharina.  I found her in the Hoffer descendants; if there it has a sister to Jakob as being married to Daniel Giesse which is wrong as Katharina Teske Hoffer is the one who married Danie Giese. They are my grandparents.  I do not have much information...on Katharina as she passed away when my mother was 5 years old....

Thank you.


Judy's Notes:

Hoffer, Jakob Teske, Katharina --- marriage --- 23 Jan 1897 Bergdorf 1884082-2-270-001 #30

Hoffer, Jacob Teske, Catharina Johann 28 Jun 1899 Neudorf 1884082-2-295-015


In a message dated 4/19/02 1:23:25 PM, rranchm@peoplepc.com writes:

<< I will start with the Hoffers but I don't have much information, I am not even sure of the father's name, I just assumed it by the dates and Katharina's name that it was Jacob. Katharina Teske was born Oct 25, 1873; died July 7, 1917 in Bismarck, ND, buried Old Leipzig cemetery ND.

Children of Katharina and Hoffer:

John Hoffer born June 1899; married Christina, lived in Canada in 1982.

Freidrick Hoffer born Nov 30, 1900; ( I am not sure about this one as I found him in the Ehrman web site but everything else fits.)

Lydia Hoffer born April 12, 1904, married Herman Offel, died Sept 25, 1978 in Newberg OR.

Katharina Teske and Daniel Giese.

Children of Katharina and Daniel:

Lenora Giese born Feb 2, 1908 Elgin, ND married Walter Moen, Died Feb 4, 1989, Bremerton, WA.

Elizabeth Giese born June 11, 1909 Elgin, ND married Christ Kautz, died Nov 3, 1945, buried Old Leipzig cemetery, ND.

Emilia Giese born Dec 23, 1910 Elgin, ND married Teddy Blue, died Aug 28, 1986 buried Beach, ND.

Gotfried Giese born Sept 15, 1913 Elgin, ND died Sept 17, 1965 Longview, WA.

My parents are Emilia and Teddy Blue. My full name is Mary Elizabeth Blue Clift.

John Hoffer my mother's half brother was living in Canada, he mentioned that he had six children but didn't mention any names. A son lived somewhere in CA. It sure would help if I had some of the names.

Let me know if this is what you need.

I appreciate all of your help.

Mary >>


Hoffer m. ____  .  She would rem. ________ Issue:

Informat Herbert Pfeiffer tells us in his lettter of  1994 that his family mibr. before WWI to USA or Canada.  His grandmother was Solomina Hoffer b. 1881.  "father was from Neudorf..."


In a message dated 10/11/02 12:10:42 PM, Dean Washburn, [R-111] dwashburn@pcisys.net writes:

<<Hello Judy,

Most of the Hof(f)ers I have in my database are the family of Friedrich Hofer (b. Dec 29 1885, Neudorf Russia, d. Apr 24 1956) and his wife Christina Wiederrich (b. Mar 4 1887, Neudorf Russia, d. Nov 15 1955).

The other Hofer I have in my database is Martha Hofer (b. Jun 16 1915, Neudorf Russia, fate unknown). She was part of the family who stayed in Russia. Her husband was Jacob Wiedrich (1st cousin to the aforementioned Christina Wiederrich). We know they were both alive in 1944 when they made it back to Germany but do not know what happened to them afterwards. It is believed that they were deported to Siberia where they may have perished.

They had three children: Erhardt (b. 1937), Katharina (b. 1939), and Ella (b. 1944). Apparently, Erhardt was still alive and living in Russia in the 1960s when he visited an uncle whose children now live in Germany. Current whereabouts of this family is unknown, but we are still searching for them, or information about them, among some of the old Neudorfers who live in Germany.

If you would like any of this information, let me know.

Dean Washburn


(Wiederrich/Neudorf, Rauhut/Leipzig, Bollinger/Neudorf, Beglau/Leipzig, Bentz/Neudorf) >>

JARH - Note:  Dean has sent me his Gedcom...

Martha Hofer  , dau. of Jakob Hoffer (b. 1879) and Christine Job (b. 1886) m. Jacob Wiedrich b. 16 June 1915 Neudorf, son of ------  Issue:  Erhardt, Katharina, Ella....

Note:  GEDCOM:

Friedrich Hoffer b. 30 December 1885 at Neudorf #1884082-2-225-027] [fam. data has him born on 29 Dec 1885] d. 24 Apr 1956  m. posss. Christina Wiederrich b. Mar 4 1887, Neudorf Russia, d. Nov 15 1955 --To USA 1903, rIssue:



In a message dated 11/15/02 9:06:49 AM, Richard Hoffer, arhoffer@juno.com writes:

<< We have another contact for Michael Hoffer's exploits. Lets have a brief review of what is happening here. Michael Hoffer was a little boy in ??? and went to South Russia, Ukrane and married Barbara (Barbra) Laudt and had some children, Carolyn, Michael a twin,


daughter a twin died,



Brother twin died @ birth.

Michael then married a widdow, Magdalena Knorr (who most likely had children I don't have records) and had









Two Christian's may indicate an early death. In 1906 Michael and wife Maggy moved to the US, transported on the ship, Columbia. Some idications are that he went to Texas and bought some land, moved near Denver, moved to ND. He had brothers in Canada.

Barbara was a little girl in ???? and married Michael Hoffer 29 Mar 1861 in Kassel, SR. She died ? how I don't know.

Maggie was a little girl in ??? and married Michael Hoffer,

Magdalena (Maggie) Knorr 8 Jun 1881 @ Bergdorf, a widow.

This is much more than I had when I started and their may be some disagreements on this outline. BUT it is a start. If we pull together we may get a story that most of us like, may not be fact but it will make a good story for our children. It appears there are many names duplicated in Europe and the best identification is name, birth date & name of father. Mothers didn't count much because it appears their mothers aren't recorded. Pleas feal free to respond.

Richard Hoffer Conifer, CO. arhoffer@juno.com >>

New Letters on Hoffer Families

Krein Family

[Original German village mentioned......]

tiny#1-------12 Sept 2000

In a message dated 09/12/2000 1:05:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

esterling@kc.rr.com writes:

<< There were a large number of Krein families in Neudorf. Has anyone

determined whether they all descended from a single Krein immigrant around

1800, or were there multiple Krein settlers in Neudorf? I had a long

conversation with a family friend, Theobald Krein, born September 4, 1927 in

Neudorf to Jakob and Katherina Krein. There is some thought that our families

may be related, but I am not aware of info establishing what the relationship

might be between Jakob and Franz, if any. >>

Dear Ed:

I guess the ancestors' spirits have been working overtime again! Just last

night I was reviewing some of the Neudorf/Odessa and South Prussia data that

I have been working on, which includes the Kreins of Neudorf.

Konrad Krein [born 1766 in Henau, by Kirn, Rhineland] first took his family

out of Swarzenden [abt 2 km "over the hill" from Henau] to SOUTH PRUSSIA [aka

Prussian Poland], arriving in July 1803 in the German colony of Hilsbach, Amt

Krzepice [just north of the Polish city of Czestochowa, which is south of

Lodz]. The Polish name for Hilsbach is Czarny Las, which is translated as

"Black Forest" in English!

Konrad Krein remained in Hilsbach [aka Heilsbach], Poland until 1808, when he

obtained a passport to go to South Russia. His passport is published in Dr.

Karl Stumpp's book, page 1014, #28: Konrad Krain [sic], 44 years, out of the

"Reich" traveling from Lemberg [then capital of Austrian Galicia], through

Brody [border crossing from Galicia into Russian territory], to

NEUDORF/Odessa. Traveling with his wife, Anna Magdalena; his children:

Margaretha, Franz Michael, Friedrich & Konrad; with ONE [einem] horse.

[Left] Lemberg 6 Nov 1808; passport stamp at Brody 9 Nov 1808.

Konrad and his family was traveling with a Michael BOLLINGER, who I believe

was his son-in-law [no direct proof at this time, but the available

circumstancial evidence seems to point in that direction]. Michael Bollinger

was born in Burgstall, Backnang, Wue. in 1783. His father, Friedrich Jacob

Bollinger, took his large family from Burgstall to Hilsbach, Poland, arriving

in 1805, where Friedrich Jacob died. Michael's passport is also found in

Stumpp, page 1014, #27: Michael Bollinger, 26 years, out of

Burgstall/Backnang-Wue, traveling from Lemberg through Brody to

Neudorf/Odessa. Traveling with his wife, Anna Elisabeth [nee Krein??]; his

mother, Eva Magdalena [nee Doz, 2nd wife of Friedrich Jacob Bollinger]; and

child, Margaretha [born in Hilsbach, Poland in 1806]; with TWO horses.

[Left] Lemberg 6 Nov 1808; passport stamp at Brody 9 Nov 1808.

As far as I know, all the Kreins of Neudorf descend from Konrad Krein and his

sons. The Glueckstal Colonies books on Births & Marriages and Deaths should

provide you with good information, if you wish to construct a link with your

family "friend" [cousin!]. We could also provide some assistance for the

period after 1885, by using the Berlin Document Center films which are in our

National Archives in College Park, MD. These BDC records should have your

Theobald Krein's family application for German citizenship from 1944-45. We

visit the Archives frequently to do such research for persons from all over

the world. Just let us know if we can be of assistance to you.

By the way, Michael Bollinger was the Schulz [mayor] of Neudorf for an

extended period--definitely in the 1820-1827 timeframe.

Good luck on your trip--God be with you!

Regards, Tom [& Jan Huber-Stangl] Stangl

#2-----12 Sept 2000

<< May I place your data on my web site for those who would like this data for themselves? >>

I have no objection. However, the "speculation" about Michael Bollinger's wife being a Krein, needs to be checked in the Rhineland records--to see if Konrad Krein had a daughter, named Anna Elisabetha. Have your or anyone else you know done any Krein research in the Kirn area?

The village name from where the Krein's left for South Prussia--it should be SCHWARZERDEN--it was spelled Swarzenden in the South Prussian records.

Regards, Tom Stangl

e-mail: Tstanglsr





In a message dated 1/27/06 11:03:08 PM, anton@littau.net writes:

I am researching my great great grandmother Margaretha Landenberger Haffner, born in June, 1821, married George Haffner on 30 Jan 1840 in Glueckstal, had ten children in Neudorf,  emigrated to Tripp, Hutchinson County, SD in 1879, died sometime after 1900. 

Her birthdate falls between the Stumpp book and the St. Petersburg records.

Her life seems to parallel your Magdalena Landenberger born 1817, married to Jacob Docktor.  Have you ever ran into any evidence of my Margaretha?  Any suggestions of where to look? 

I have several good sources on Margaretha after she came to the country, will try to find her grave in Hutchinson County next time I go outside (of Alaska).

(I also have Hieb cousins from Tripp, SD yet, I see you have Hiebs too)

 I would appreciate any help/advice you can give me as I am stopped until I make the connections with her parents.  I hate to quit at 1821.

Anton Littau                (my father emigrated from Rosenfeld, North Caucasus in 1907)

Wasilla, Alaska           (my mother's family were mostly Bergdorfers)

 Letter 2

In a message dated 2/17/06 1:30:09 PM, anton@littau.net writes:

Sure, you can list my email address, never know when something might turn up.

I have searched all the Pixel databases, also Stumpp's Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862.  Margaretha (born 1821)falls in between the establishment of Bergdorf (1816) and the 1835 census also the Pixel databases start in 1835.  I want badly to call her a sister of your Magdalena born 1817 in Neudorf, but I just noticed my Margaretha was listed as born in Prussia after so it looks doubtful she is a sister, and I need to start over again searching. 

Anton Littau

Rott Letters


Wolf and Wolff

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