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Rott List from Glueckstal / Odessa, S. Russia Files

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Rott List from Glueckstal Files.  R-34

Balthas Rott m. Catharina   Keim,  Issue: 5

  1. Rosina  Rott b. 24 Aug 1834 Glueckstal 1882643-1-243-14
  2. Martin Rott b. 1 Apr 1838 Glueckstal 1882648-2-145-066
  3. Barbara  Rott b. 29 Mar 1841 Cassel 1883192-2-218-068
  4. Georg  Rott b. 28 Jul 1845 Glueckstal 1882636-2-121-135
Christian  Rott and Friederike, nee  Dollinger,  Issue:
  1. Katharina Rott b.  22 Jul 1881 Glueckstal 1897592-2-130-099
  2. Christian  Rott b. 26 Oct 1883 Glueckstal 1895615-2-147-123
  3. Johann 17 Jun 1885 Glueckstal 1897694-2-139-060

Christoph Rott m. _____  Issue:

  1. Gottlieb Rott  b. 1 June 1882 Rosenthal #1895610-1 832 15
Franz Rott m. ____ Issue:
  1. Johann Rott b. 4 March 1878 Glueckstal / Od. S. Russia

Franz Rot t m. 9 Feb 1860 Glueckstal 1884080-1-501-004 to  Barbara Dutt, Issue:

  1. Barbara  Rott b. 28 Aug 1860 Glueckstal 1884080-1-487-066
  2. Rosina  Rott  b. 13 Oct 1861 Glueckstal 1884094-2-177-084
  3. Michael  Rott  b. 10 Oct 1862 Glueckstal 1884095-3-460-086
  4. Rosina  Rott b. 18 Sep 1867 Glueckstal 1884091-3-524-088
  5. Franz  Rott b. 21 Dec 1869 Glueckstal 1884110-3-472-105
  6. Johann  Rott b. 6 Mar 1878 Glueckstal 1895624-1-616-023
  7. Jacob  Rott b. 20 Mar 1879 Glueckstal 1895629-1-136-031

>>Note:  In USA records Dutt is spelled Dott.

Friederich  Rott m. . Catharina Bickel.  Issue: 
  1. Jacob Rott b.  5 Sep 1871 Neu Cassel 1884125-2-589-166
  2. Elisabetha  Rott b. 26 Dec 1882 Neu Cassel 1895615-2-733-001 #2

Friedrich Rott m. Katharina  Kessler, Issue:

  1. Katharina  Rott b. 25 Aug 1879 Neu Glueckst 1895629-1-163-016 #3
  2. Rosina  Rott b. 30 Jul 1882 NeuGluckstha 1895610-1-163-027 #4
  3. Johann  Rott b. 1 Aug 1884 Neu Glueckst 1895616-3-168-015 #5

Friedrich Rott m.  Rosina Schaeffer,  Issue:

  1. Salomea  Rott b. 8 Oct 1833 Glueckstal 1792290-2-170-155
  2. Martin Rott b.  18 Jan 1836 Glueckstal 1882646-2-202-005
  3. Rosina  Rott b. 15 Dec 1837 Gluecksthal 1882647-3-181-206
  4. Catharina  Rott b. 19 Feb 1840 Glueckstal 1883190-4-142-028
  5. Barbara  Rott b. 8 Mar 1842 Glueckstal 1883193-2-275-053
  6. Johanna Rott b.  24 Mar 1845 Glueckstal 1882636-2-117-073
  7. Christoph  Rott b. 20 May 1847 Glueckstal 1882639-1-269-091 #9

Friedrich  Rott m. 4 Feb 1854 Glueckstal 1883189-2-412-004  to  Friederika Schlichenmaier.  Issue:

  1. Johann  Rott b. 2 Sep 1854 Glueckstal 1883189-2-424-153
  2. Jacob  Rott b. 11 Aug 1855 Glueckstal 1884075-1-454-139
  3. Friedrich Rott b.  2 Jan 1857 Glueckstal 1884103-2-726-001
  4. Katharina  Rott  b. 9 May 1859 Glueckstal 1884093-2-192-049
  5. Johann Georg  Rott b. 5 Nov 1860 Neu Glucksta 1884080-1-500-011
  6. Catharina  Rott b. 23 Dec 1866 Neu Glueckst 1884091-3-531-001
  7. Barbara  Rott b. 1 Apr 1869 Neu Glueckst 1884110-3-476-007
  8. Jacob  Rott b. 6 Sep 1870 Neu Glueckst 1884111-2-546-015

Rott, Friedrich Rott, Rosina....child - Christian 26 Nov 1884 Neu Glueckst 1895616-3-170-030 #8

Georg Rott m.     12 Nov 1846 Glueckstal 1882638-1-116-052 to  Catharina Wittmaier, Issue:
  1. Rosina  Rott b. 25 Sep 1847 Glueckstal 1882639-1-275-179 #10
  2. poss Johann Georg Rott b. 1849
  3. Jacob Rott b.  15 Sep 1852 Glueckstal 1883185-1-354-167
  4. Friedericka  Rott b. 2 Aug 1854 Glueckstal 1883189-2-422-122
  5. Friedrich Rott b.  11 Oct 1856 Glueckstal 1884101-1-405-070
  6. Christian  Rott b. 16 Mar 1859 Glueckstal 1884093-2-191-032
  7. Christina  Rott b. 18 Nov 1861 Glueckstal 1884094-2-178-094 #11
  8. Magdalena  Rott b. 28 Mar 1864 Glueckstal 1884123-4-003-021
  9. Catharina  Rott b. 19 May 1869 Glueckstal 1884110-3-468-045
  10. Christoph  Rott b. 30 Jul 1871 Glueckstal 1884125-2-534-072
Jacob Rott m.  25 Jan 1877 Glueckstal 1895622-1-633-003  to Margaretha Retzer, Issue:
  1. Jacob Rott b. 22 Nov 1877 Glueckstal 1895622-1-610-118
  2. stillborn son  Rott b. 24 Nov 1879 1895629-1-148-152
  3. Christian  Rott b. 18 Jul 1881 Glueckstal 1897592-2-129-097
  4. Johann  Rott b. 27 Jan 1883 Glueckstal 1895615-2-137-025 #7
  5. Johann Georg Rott b.  6 Jul 1884 Glueckstal 1895616-3-142-080
Johann Rott m.25 Jan 1844 Glueckstal 1882634-3-048-003 to   Catharina Beck.  Issue:
  1. Christina  Rott b. 12 May 1851 Glueckstal 1883181-1-330-103
  2. Christian  Rott b. 16 Mar 1853 Neudorf 1883188-2-401-047
  3. Jacob Rott b. 20 Jan 1855 Glueckstal 1884075-1-446-018
  4. Katharina  Rott b. 15 Apr 1857 Glueckstal 1884103-2-728-036
  5. Christoph  Rott b. 21 Jun 1859 Kurdomanow 1884093-2-192-061
  6. Carolina Rott b.  4 Oct 1861 Kassel 1884094-2-211-083 #1

Johan Georg Rott  b. bef. 1844  [note: aft . 1844 such as 1849 would not be corect] m. _____ Issue:

  1. Johann Georg Rott  b. bef 1862 , son of Johan Georg Rott , m. Rosina Kessler,  Issue:
    • Johann Georg 2 Nov 1880 Neu Glueckst 1897592-2-152-010 #6

Johan Rott d.. 16 Sept 1854 Glueckstal, son of Friedrich Rott #1883189-2-440-105

Johann Georg Rott [see below], m. Eva Kiess,  Issue:

  1. Catharina  Rott b. 28 Jan 1875 Glueckstal 1884064-1-582-015
  2. Eva  Rott b. 10 May 1877 Glueckstal 1895622-1-606-045
  3. Johann Georg 10 May 1877 Glueckstal 1895622-1-606-046
  4. Friederike 14 Aug 1879 Glueckstal 1895629-1-142-097
  5. Christian 14 Aug 1879 Glueckstal 1895629-1-142-098
  6. Jacob 28 Jul 1881 Glueckstal 1897592-2-130-103
  7. Rosina 31 May 1883 Glueckstal 1895615-2-141-064
  8. Magdalena 5 Jul 1885 Glueckstal 1897694-2-139-064

Johann Rott b. 2 Sept 1854 Glueckstal, son of Friedrich Rott and Friedericka Schlichmaier  #1883189-2-424-153 Hoffnungstal

Johann Rott m. Friedericka Knodel Issue:

  1. Adam Rott b. 14 June 1882 Rossenthal #1895610-1-833-18

Johann Rott m. 10 Oct 1867 NeuKassel #1884091-3-576- 24 to Karoline Zimmerman Issue:

  1. Carolina Rott b.  9 Nov 1869 Neu-Cassel 1884111-1-523-141 #12
  2. Friederich  Rott b. 19 Feb 1871 Neu Cassel 1884125-2-588-154
  3. Jakob Rott b. 3 Sept 1875 Rosental #1884064-1-722-28 [note: Bap. 5 Sept]

Johann Rott m. ____ Issue:

  1. Jacob Rott b. 16 April 1879 Glueckstal #1895629-1-789-11

Johann Rott  m. 16 Aug 1881 Worms/ Od. S. Russia  #1897593-2-775-21 to Friedricka Schmierer

Johann  Rott b. 6 Mar 1878 Glueckstal 1895624-1-616-023, son of Franz Rott

Johann Rott  b. 1849 Glueckstal / Od  d. 10 Dec 1920 Bismarck / Burleigh, ND, USA]  m. (1)  16 Aug 1881 Worms / Od. S. Russia  to widow Fredericka [Friedicka] , nee  Knodel, Schmierer  from Glueckstal / Od. Listed as having been m. to Johann Schmierer 6 Oct 1870 in Worms/ Od. S. Russia #1884111 2 677 7  Johann migr. to McIntosch County, ND ... m. (2 here in USA after 1886 to.Carolina Koenig Issue:

  • m. (1) issue:
  • m. (2)
  • note button
Johannes Rott m. Katharina. Dollinger,  Issue:
  1. Friedrich 16 Oct 1884 Glueckstal 1895616-3-149-143

Johannes Rott b. 24 March 1857 Glueckstal / Od, son of Martin Rott and Catharina Sauter

Johannes Rott m. 18 Oct 1883 Glueckstal 1895615-2-177-021  to Catharina  Lapp

Katherina Rott b. 10 March 1864 Neu Kasssel/Bess d. infant, dau. of Johann Rott
Martin Rott ,  Jacobina Magdalena Rott   25 Apr 1870 Glueckstal 1884111-2-524-048 ??????


Martin Rott and Catharina Sauter Family  Records

Rott, Martin Sauter, Catharina Franz 20 Jun 1834 Glueckstal 1882643-1-239-112

Rott, Martin Sauter, Catharina Christina 12 Oct 1836 Glueckstal 1882646-2-223-176

Rott, Martin Sauter, Catharina Martin 6 Jun 1839 Glueckstal 1882649-3-209-084

Rott, Martin Sauter, Catharina Margaretha 15 Dec 1841 Glueckstal 1883192-2-231-248

Rott, Martin Sauter, Catharina Jacob 7 May 1844 Glueckstal 1882634-3-035-083

Rott, Martin Sauter, Catharina Johanna 8 Sep 1846 Glueckstal 1882638-1-108-144

Rott, Martin Sauter, Catharina Friederika 12 Apr 1850 Glueckstal 1882651-3-310-084

Rott, Martin Sauter, Catharina Joseph 24 Aug 1852 Gluedckstal 1883185-1-353-152

Rott, Martin Sauter, Katharina Johannes 24 Mar 1857 Glueckstal 1884103-2-727-025


Rott, Martin Werre, Rosina Martin 6 Nov 1867 Glueckstal 1884091-3-526-115

Rott, Martin Werre, Rosina Friedrich 24 Jun 1870 Glueckstal 1884111-2-525-072

Rott, Martin Werre, Rosina Christian 12 May 1877 Glueckstal 1895622-1-606-049

Rott, Martin Werre, Rosina Christina 26 Dec 1879 Glueckstal 1895629-1-149-163

Rott, Martin Werre, Rosina Rosina 24 Mar 1882 Glueckstal 1895610-1-129-035

Rott, Martin Werre, Rosina Maria 21 Oct 1884 Glueckstal 1895616-3-149-146

Martin Rott m.  19 Apr 1855 Glueckstal 1884075-1-443-022 to   Jacobina Werth.  Issue:

  1. Karolina Rott b. 22 Jan 1856 Glueckstal 1884101-1-401-005
  2. Jacobina Rott b.  21 Aug 1857 Glueckstal 1884103-2-730-058
  3. Katharine Rott b.  9 Aug 1859 Glueckstal 1884093-2-193-073
  4. Johann  Rott b. 14 Jun 1861 Glueckstal 1884094-2-175-044\
  5. Martin  Rott b. 14 Mar 1863 Glueckstal 1884099-3-480-024
  6. Christina Rott b. 25 Jan 1868 Glueckstal 1884092-1-453-008


#1 - Baptized in Kurdumanow

#2 - Father - Glueckstaller

#3 - From Gluckstal

#4 - father from Gluecksthal

#5 - Gluecksthaler

#6 - baptised in Hoffnungstal; illegitimate child

#7 - Christian Roth, Georg Roth, Christina Engel

#8 - Gluecksthaler

#9 - sponsors: Christoph Schafer, Nicolaus Wittmeier, Barbara Dollinger

#10 - sponsors: Johann Kaul, Catharina Gobel, Magdalena Scholl

#11 - Baptized in Grigoriopol

#12 - Gluecksthaler



Rott Family migr. fr. Hunspach or Unspach, Alsace [Germany]

Landenberger Family, also,  fr. Hunspach. See Dockter family

Jacob Rott b. 10 Jan 1855 Glueckstal/ Od. S. Russia
Rosina Rott b. bef 1851 m .abt 1866 to Jacob Flemmer b. 16 Nov 1841 Glueckstal, son of Johann Georg Philipp Flemmer fr Bulkess, Hunary and Eva Landenberg]. R-59  Issue:
  • Jacob Flemmer b. 30 Aug 1867 Glueckstal / Od. S. Russia
  • Christina Flemmer b. 15 Jan 1870 Glueckstal
  • Philipp Flemmer b. 29 Oct 1871 Glueckstal
  • Rosina Flemmer b. 20 March 1874 Glueckstal
  • Eva Flemmer 17 Nov 1876 Glueckstal
  • Johann Flemmer b. 4 Feb 1879 Glueckstal
  • Friedrich Flemmer b. 10 Jan 1883 Glueckstal
  • Georg Flemmer b. 17 Aug 1885 Glueckstal

See Rott List of Rotts in Hunspach / Alsace [France]

Data From AGRHS File Cards:

L124-22 Source Herbert Lehr of Lodi, CA

Balthasar Rott b. 1796 Germany, son of Martin Rott and Elisabetha ____  d. 1816 m. Klara ____ b. 1794 Germany Issue:

  1. Katharina Rott b. 1815 Glueckstal / Odessa, Black Sea Area  m. Jakob Meier  b. 1811 Kassel / Odessa, son of Konrad Maier  (see card #L124-11)  Issue:
    • Georg Rott b. 1838 Kassel / Od , S. Russia m. Christine Beck
    • Rosine Rott b. 1840 Kassel/ Od
    • Katrina Rott b. 1846 Kassel / Od
    • Karoline Rott b. 1848 Kassel / Od
    • Margarete Rott b. 1851 Kassel / Od.
R235-16 Source Julianne M. Rajpolt

ROTT, JACOB (JOHANN?) b. ca. 1820 porb South Russia m. Beck (?), KATHARINA (EVA?)


  1. Magdalena (Adam Goehring, SR 1865) b. 04 Jan 1845 Russia
  2. Rosina (Fredrick Wolf, Sr. 1865) b. 18 Dec 1847 Russia
  3. John (Johann) (*1 Karoline Zimmermann #2** Fredricka Knodel #3***Carolina Knoenig m. after 1886) b. 1849 Huffnungstal, Russia d. 30 Dec 1920 Bismarck / Burleigh, ND [USA]
  4. Carolina (Adam Miller) b. Russia
  5. Christina (John Bollinger) b. Russia
H239-15a  Source Ruby Henneberg

Barbara Rott b. 8 March  1842 Glueckstal, S. Russia d. 29 Jan 1926 Lodi, CA, USA m. 1861/2 Glueckstal / Od S. Russia to Philip Dollinger b. 3 Oct 1842 Glueckstal / Od. S Russia d. 17 Sept 1917 Bowdle, S.D. , USA son of Gottlieb Dollinger and Christina Goehring. Issue:

  1. Fredrick Dollinger b. 23 Oct 1861 or 62  d. 15 May 1940 Bowdle, SD, USA Glueckstal , S. Russiam. Rosina Dollinger
  2. Gottlieb Dollinger b. 22 Dec 1863 d. 13 Jan 1947 Lodi, CA, USA m. (1) Barbara Heiser m. (2) Mary Horst m. (3) Rose Renke
  3. Fredrecka Dollinger b. 28 Nov 1867 d. 8 May 1951 Tutaley, SD m. Jacob Nies
  4. Rosina Dollinger b. 30 Oct 1869 d. 7 Dec 1948 m. Jacob Nies
  5. John Dollinger b. 27 Feb 1871 d. 29 March 1954 Shafter, CA, USA
  6. Katharina Dollinger b. 29 May 1873 Glueckstal / Od., S. Russia d. 19 May 1967 Wapato, WA, USA m. 11 Nov 1892 to (1) John Hagele, m. (2) Jacob Maier
  7. Jacob Dollinger b. 4 Jan 1875 Glueckstal / Od, S. Russia d. 22 Nov 1959 Lodi, CA. USA m. Barbara Schaffer
  8. Elizabeth Dollinger b. 4 Feb 1877 Glueckstal / Od. S. Russia d. 20 or 21 Sept 1956 Bowdle, SD USA
  9. Christian Dollinger b. 28 Oct 1878 Glueckstal / Od. S Russia d. 2 nov 1961 Lodi, CA, USA m. Emma Binder
  10. Christina Dollinger b. 23 Feb 1881 Glueckstal / Od. S. Russia d. June 1937 Flagstaff, AZ  Buried: Bowdle, SD, USA m. Fred. Binder
  11. Magdalina Dollinger b. 23 Feb 1883 Glueckstal / Od. S Russia d. 11 June 1974 Bowdle, SD, USA m. Gottlieb Hagele
  12. John Johnson b. 1887 Chicago, ILL, USA m. Foster

Notes: Other Gen. File Cards AHSGR: K11-13, A44-13, D48-9, A44-13

Church: 7th Day Adv.

Philip Dollinger imml, S. Russia to New York. Date of Imigration: 27 April 1889. Ship: SS Emm

The following was incorrectly placed under Rosina Rott b. 18 Dec 1847 and has been corrected.
Rotts Executed. Data found


Alexander Ott, son of Heinrich, b. 1906 executed 10 Aug 1937


Christian Rott b. 1893, son of Georg and borhter of Heinrich, executed 10 Aug 1937


Gustav Rott, son of Christian, b. 1910 executed 26 Aug 1937

Data was sent to me by Barbara Roth: BRoth30476

Letters, E-mailsbutton & Newspaper Clippings on Rott Families:

buttonE-mail from Lori , on 2 Jan 2001:

On October 30th, 1884, George Rott and his wife Rosina, born Hoffman, left their native land and embarked on the ship "Vera" for America. They were on the water eight days. The sixth day they encountered a terrible storm, waves lashed high and was an experience not to be forgotten. They landed in New York and started out, on what they thought was the last lap of their journey, to Dakota Territory.

Arriving at Menno, they were pleased to meet an old friend from their homeland, John Geiszler, who had come to this country a short while before them. Another friend, Christoph Heckenleible, met them at the train and took them to his house. Here they stayed for some time, working for their board and room, until George could find work. He got work on a farm near Menno and received the sum of 25 cents per day for his labor. At Christmas time, they went to Mrs. Rott's father, Mr. Hoffman, where they spent the remainder of the winter. The Hoffmans had planned on going north in the spring to find a good place to make their home and it did not take much persuasive power to induce them to accompany them.--

I'll have to check which History book it's from....



Georg Rott married 2e Liebig April 1903 and a son Heinrich born 1907...



Hi Judy,

Ok, I did a little reseach via internet, Gackle Book, and 1910-1920 Census. This is what I put together on Fred Rott family (Gackle to Lodi), I had to enter them in my file. Hope this helps.

Descendants of Fred [Friederick) Rott b. 1871

1 Fred Rott b: 1871 Glueckstal, Russia d: Apr 1934 Lodi, San Joaquin, CA

.+Katherine Meidinger b: 1879 Scotland, SD m: 1896 SD d: Jul 1947 Lodi, San Joaquin, CA

...2 Katie Rott b: 30 Apr 1897 SD d: 23 Feb 1970 Lodi, San Joaquin, CA

.......+August Auch b: 21 Mar 1890 m: Abt. 1917 d: 24 Feb 1970 Lodi, San Joaquin, CA

.........3 Fredrick E. Auch b: 8 Mar 1918 SD d: 23 Jan 1994 San Joaquin Co., CA

...2 Margaret Rott b: 1 Aug 1901 Gackle, Logan, ND d: 17 Mar 1983 Lodi, San Joaquin, CA

.......+J. W. Goehring [Note: guess--John Wm. b: 24 Apr 1884 Russia d: 10 Aug 1958 Lodi - per CA death index]

...*2nd Husband of Margaret Rott:

.......+? Lehr m: Aft. 1954

...2 Rosina E. Rott b: 29 Mar 1903 Gackle, Logan, ND d: 20 Sep 1980 Stockton, San Joaquin, CA

.......+Leland Drais b: 24 Aug 1901 CA d: 19 Nov 1973 Stockton, San Joaquin, CA

.........3 Dona Lee Drais (F) b: 4 May 1933 San Joaquin Co., CA

...2 Reuben Rott b: 4 Jan 1907 Gackle. Logan, ND d: 21 Mar 1968 San Joaquin Co., CA

...2 Ruth Ellise Rott b: 14 Mar 1908 Gackle, Logan, ND d: 14 May 1990 San Joaquin Co., CA

.......+Edwin D. Emery b: 3 May 1904 m: abt 1934 d: 3 Jan 1977 Lodi, San Joaquin, CA

.........3 William Fredrick Emery b: 25 Jan 1935--[Maybe this son is still around the Lodi Area]

.........3 Katherine Darolyn Emery b: 24 Dec 1937


Marcia Paxzton



buttonStory in Gackle Jubilee Book, p. 77:

Fred Rott, son of John and Carolina Rott, was born in Glickstol" [Glueckstal]," South Russia in 1871, and came to America as a young man with his parents in 1884.  They settled in Dakota Territory, near what is now Menno, South Dakota.  He later came to Kulm, No. Dak. where he met and married Katherine Meidinger, who was born near Scotland, S.D. in 1879.

In 1904, with his wife and three small daughters moved to Gackle, and started in the General merchandises business.  At that time there was only one small building, housing the Lehr Land Co.. He built a store building with living quarters in the back, hauling the lumber and merchandise across the country by team from Kulm.

His daughter told of their father and the early days, when he hauled his supplies from Kulm.  He was caught in a blizzard on his way home.  He tried to guide his team, but they refused to go his way.  Becoming drowsy, he was about to go to sleep, when he noticed the team had stopped.  He heard someone calling him.  It was his wife who had become anxious about him and had heard the commotion, and had gone to the door and found Mr. Rott.

In 193, Mr. Rott sold his merchandise business to the Hummel Brothers and in 1920 he sold his interest in the First State Bank of Gackle, and they moved to Lodi, Calif., where he lived until the time of his death in April 1934.  Mrs. Rott passed away July 1947.

There were five children:  Katie, Mrs. A. Auch, Lodi, Calif; Rose, Mrs L. Drias, Stockton, Calif; Ruben, Margaret, Mrs. J. W. Goehring and Ruth, Mrs. E.D. Emery, all of Lodi.

Mr. Rott was a member of the Baptist Church.  He was a promoter and a good business man.



buttonE-mail data 16 May 2001:

Koenig family of voyage 00202 grouped out quite well.

Some comments on those groups....

Group A: Johannes and Carolina the elders of the family, apparently  fibbed about their ages for the ship's manifest. All other sources show  Johannes was born in 1820 and Carolina in 1824. This was Johannes'  second marriage, the first to Christine Luithle and with Christine was a grandparent of Karl Stumpp of the Stumpp book. See page 42, I believe, for an ahnentafel for Karl. This couple settled in McIntosh County, North Dakota along with their son, Wilhelm, and his family.

Their birthdates are confirmed by the dates on their gravestones in the Berlin Baptist Cemetery in McIntosh County. The daughter,  Caroline, born in 1863, that you mention, also came to the US in 1889 on the same ship, the Augusta Victoria, but on a different  passage. She came on an early May passage that year. I am fairly sure it is she that is the Caroline Koenig that married Johann Rott, Sr., in 1890 in the McIntosh/Logan County area of North Dakota.

Johann Rott came over from Glueckstal as a widower in about 1885.  Wilhelm and Catherine had two more children in McIntosh County,  Johannes and Christine. But after the 1910 census I loose track ofthis family.



I have found this Johann (or John) Rott's information to be a bit cloudy.  The information I have has him with only one previous wife, Friederika  Knodel. My source for that is in pixel, History Books section, go down  to about line 9076 in the Ashley Jubilee Book for information on him and Friederika, then Caroline Koenig. He had about 12 children with Caroline. Per census his birthday is 1849. Also listed nearby  in McIntosh County is John Rott, Jr, about 18 years younger than him. Pixel shows Johann and Carolina (Zimmerman) had a son Johann on 08 Feb 1868 in addition to the two children you have showing for them. The question I have is whether there may be more  than one Johann Rott in the Glueckstal area having kids about this time and we may be mixing them up or there is some misinformation somewhere.

I am a little confused on this one and I am away from home right now, so I cannot look up the ND census data.

As for putting my E-mail on your website, that is fine with me if you  agree that my information is good.

Donn Koenig


Hi Judy,

I have looked into what I could find on Johann Rott and  it looks like there are two of them. From pixel the first one:

Rott, Johann Zimmermann, Carolina --- marriage --- 18 Oct 1867 NeuCassel 1884091-3-576-024

Rott, Carolin 9 Nov 1869 Neu Cassel Johann Carolina Zimmermann 1884110/3 523 141 From Glucksthal

Rott, Johann 6 Feb 1868 Neu Cassel Johann Carolina Zimmermann 1884092/1 484 157 From Glucksthal

Rott, Friedrich 19 Feb 1871 Neu Cassel Johann/Carolina Zimmermann 1884125/2 588 154 From Glucksthal

Rott, Jakob 3 Sep 1875 Rosenthal Johann Rott/Karolina Zimmerma 1884064/1 722 28 Bap: Sep 5

Following deaths, mother not mentioned, prob still Carolina

Rott, Jakob 24 Jan 1879 Rosenthal Johann R. 1895629/1 804 4 3 years 4 mo. 21 days

Rott, Jakob 2 Mar 1879 Rosenthal Johann R. 1895629/1 804 5 16 days

New Marriage:

Rott, Johann 16 Aug 1881 Worms Schmierer, Friedricka 1897593/2 775 21

Friedricka was previously married:

Schmierer, Johann 6 Oct 1870 Worms Friederica, Knodel, 1884111/2 677 7

Rott, Adam 14 Jun 1882 Rosenthal Johann Rott/Friedericka Knodel 1895610/1 833 18 From Gluckstal

Then from History Books, Ashley Jubilee Book, Line 9076:

Arriving in McIntosh County in the spring of 1886 was John Rott and his family. He was born in 1849 in Glueckstal, South Russia, where he spent the early part of his life. He attended school there, receiving an average education. Later he was united in marriage to Friedricka Knodel.

...And on to line 9113 of the same book:

Mrs. Rott died and in the fall of 1889 Mr. Rott married the second time, his wife being Caroline Koenig. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Berthold Matske of the Baptist church.

And then the second from pixel, often listed as Johann Georg:

Rott, Johann Georg Kiess, Christina Catharina 28 Jan 1875 Glueckstal 1884064-1-582-015

Rott, Johann Georg Kiess, Eva Eva 10 May 1877 Glueckstal 1895622-1-606-045

Rott, Johann Georg Kiess, Eva Johann Georg 10 May 1877 Glueckstal 1895622-1-606-046

Rott, Johann Georg Kiess, Eva Friederike 14 Aug 1879 Glueckstal 1895629-1-142-097

Rott, Johann Georg Kiess, Eva Christian 14 Aug 1879 Glueckstal 1895629-1-142-098

Rott, Johann Georg Kiess, Eva Jacob 28 Jul 1881 Glueckstal 1897592-2-130-103

Rott, Johann Georg Kiess, Eva Rosina 31 May 1883 Glueckstal 1895615-2-141-064

Rott, Johann Georg Kiess, Eva Magdalena 5 Jul 1885 Glueckstal 1897694-2-139-064

So I believe on page nine of your website you have info from  two different guys named Johann Rott. The one that married Caroline was known in ND as "Sr." because his son Johann lived in the same locale.

Donn Koenig

Glen Burnie, MD


Yes, two of them....both born circa 1850, one generally listed as Johann, or John when he came to America, and the second  generally recorded as Johann Georg.

A simple time-line will separate them.  Johann/John was married to Karolina Zimmermann 1867 to at  least 1879. When they first married they moved to Neu Kassel, or  maybe that was Karolina's home village. At any rate their first three children were born there, and then they moved to Rosenthal. Note that Johann is often noted as being from Glueckstal, which indicates the town he grew up in. The first unknown death for a Jakob Rott is  definitely a child of Johann and Karolina because from the age at  death you can extrapolate back to his birthday given just above in  your E-mail.

Then sometime between 15 Feb 1879, when the second Jakob is  born and August of 1881 Karolina dies. Friederika Knodel is Johann's second wife from the marriage in Aug 1881 to somewhere in 1889  when she dies. Johann and Friederika live in Rosenthal to the time  they come to America in, I believe, 1885.

After Friederika dies, Johann marries Karolina Koenig and they live  in the town of Lehr, ND. They have several children there.

That leaves what you have listed as marriage 2 and 3. Both of these show Johann Georg as a husband and always residing in Glueckstal.

Marriage 2 to Louisa Christina was probably short, maybe only a couple years, 1874-1875. By May of 1877 Johann Georg is having children with Eva, still in Glueckstal, and this marriage lasts at least until 1885. The times of these marriages conflict with Johann/John's with both Karolina  and Friederika.

There are definitely two men involved here, but I cannot tell you which  one belongs in the Rott family on page nine of your website because  either one could have the 1849 birthday. Would you have something that connects a Johann to that family with that birthday? If you do, I would  say that the Johann/John above is the one it should be. Generally ....

Donn Koenig

See Connie Dahlke's letter dated 8 July 2001



[Note: This e-mail was not sent to me directly so the "we" is Kathy and someone else....... JARH_t]

....I know we have talked about the Koenig's before and I was going over my notes about Karolina Koenig being married to John Rott.

Back in November you had told me that in an obit for you gg grandfather Johannes Koenig (son of Johannes Koenig and Karolina Wiedmaier) it was mentioned that he had two siblings living at the time of his death, 15 Jan 1928 - one of them being Mrs. Caroline Roth of Garretson, SD.

Can you send me a copy of that obit.

I agree with you, I think that Karolina Koenig (daughter of Johannes and Karolina Wiedmaier Koenig) married John Rott.

I haven't merged the two files I have on Karolina Koenig - one I have her date of birth 26 July 1863, from the ODL and the other (married to John Rott) I have just the years of birth and death 1863-1932, from the McIntosh County Cemetery book. I have that John Rott died in 1920.

Have you checked the death record for Karoline Koenig Roth? I've been meaning to call the County Clerk's office to see if they could look it up for me.




I just called the McIntosh County Clerk's office and she checked the death index for me for Karoline Koenig Rott (or Roth) - they didn't have a death for her in 1932, though she is buried in Lehr.

Does anyone know if South Dakota has a death index that can be checked?

Thanks -Kathy

button Dutt data from

Georg Jakob Dutt b. 13 May 1796 d. 15 July 1860  and Rosina Unrah  b. 5 March 1800-1807 d. Nov 1871 issue:

  1. Elisabeth Dutt
  2. Rosina Dutt m. Gaub
  3. Georg Dutt m. Huber
  4. Maria Dutt m. Treft
  5. Johan Dutt
  6. Philippina m. Dufloth
  7. Johan Dutt m. Goetz
  8. Barbara Rosina Dutt  b. 7 Jan 1840 m. Rott

JOHANN  ROTTs???????

button [Also see letters from Donn Koenig (S-86) / ????? some confusion has arose...... also have Johann Rott b. 1849 m. (1) Carolina Zimmermann m. (2) Fredericka Knodel and m. #3 Carolina Koenig [data found AHSGR Gen. File Card R235-16]

button Connie Dahlke = = R-54

Many letters from Connie Dahlke who presented me with 39 pages of Rott data.

.  This one is in ref. to Donn Koenig's query into two Johann Georg Rotts written 8 July 2001

Facts about Johann Georg Rott:

(From GCRA Births and Marriages)

1858 Census of Gluckstal

p. 16 Rott (RL: 111)

Johann (Rott) age 9 (b. abt 1849), son of Johann (Rott) age 37 and Katarina (Beck) age 36

This is in the family of Baltasaor Rott married to (2nd wife) Katarina Keim. The reason I refer to him as Johann Georg is the marriage record where he is listed as Johann Georg, and he appears to be the only likely candidate, since these marriages took place about 1874 and 1876.

Also on p. 16 RL:111 is a Georg (Rott) age 9 (b. abt 1849), son of Georg (Rott) age 37 and Katarina (Wittmaier) age 30. This is in the family of Friedrich Rott married to Rosina Schaffer. His fatherÕs name, however, was Johann Georg, and is listed in the Births and Marriages book as both Georg and Johann Georg, Since this Georg was the oldest son of Georg Rott and Cahtarina Wittmainer, he may very will have been Johann Georg, but referred to as Georg.

Apparently, the parish birth records for 1849 are missing, as neither of these children born abt. 1849 have birth records listed in the Births and Marriages book. However, they certainly existed, as shown in the 1858 Gluckstal Census.

I do not find any reference in the GCRA Births and Marriages book to a Rott-Knodel marriage. Perhaps this marriage took place after immigrating to the U.S., as obviously did the Rott-Koenig marriage. In fact, there is no Knodel family listed in either the Births and Marriages book, nor in the GCRA Deaths Book.

Whichever Johann Georg Rott this was, he is not the one who was married to Louisa Christina Kiess and then Eva Kiess, since these would have been at least his 3rd and 4th marriages. Nor would it have been the Johann Rott who was married to Carolina Zimmerman, for then these marriages would have been at least his 2nd and 3rd marriages.

None of this is proof of anything, of course. Harold Ehrman, in his listing of the Rott family, does not connect either Johann b. abt 1849 or Georg b. abt 1849 to any marriage, but lists the marriage of Johann Georg Rott to the Kiess women as "unconnected." My suspicion is that both of these boys were named Johann Georg, one going by Johann and one going by Georg in Gluckstal.

The information I have on the immigration of Johann Georg Rott and his wife Eva Kiess says they settled near Menno, S. Dakota (which is in Turner Cnty, between Sioux Falls and Yankton). This is nowhere near McIntosh county, which is in N. Dakota.

I really think we are dealing with two different individuals.

To add to the confusion:

In the Streeter Golden Jubilee book (1955) , on p. 83:

John G. Rott, son of George and Rosina Rott, was born in McPherson County, South Dakota and came to N. Dakota with his parents to homestead 18 miles northeast of Ashley in 1888. . . . Mr. and Mrs. Rott belong to the Baptist denomination.

I have these parents (George and Rosina) as Johann Georg Rott b. Nov 5, 1860 and Rosina (Hoffman). John G. Rott (their son) was b. January 7, 1886 McPherson Cnty, S. Dakota and married Christina Liebich/Liebig b. Aug 2, 1886 Kassel

Happy hunting after ancestors !

Connie Dahlke

July 8, 2001


August 31, 2001

Dear Judy,

In working on the crochet project for the Bicentennial book, I have worked up a pedigree for Rosina Flemmer, daughter of Katharina Kessler and Karl Flemmer. In the process, I have discovered a couple of errors in my Rott document. Namely:

Katharina Kessler (descends from Martin Rott b. 1804 and Catherina Sauter b. 1806) b. July 30, 1856 Gluckstal m. Johann Heinrich Flemmer b. July 23, 1851 not Friedrich Rott b. January 2, 1857 Gluckstal

Friedrich Rott (descends from Friedrich Rott b. 1828 and Friederika Schlichenmaier b. 1832) b. January 2, 1857 Gluckstal m. Catharina Kessler (daughter of Peter Kessler b. 1822 and Catharina Burrer b. 1826) b. Dec 26, 1856 not Katharina Kessler b. July 30, 1856

I will mail you copies of the pages which show the corrections.

My apologies,

Connie Dahlke


Subj: From: Connie Dahlke RE: Balthasor Rott family update

Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2004 12:22:23 AM


To: RemMick

Dec 7, 2004

Hi Judy,

Just thought I would let you know that from information gathered by Gwen Pritzkau and published in the GCRA Bicentennial book, we have some more information on the first wife of Balthasor Rott b. Oct 15, 1789 (son of Martin Rott b. Feb 8, 1767 Hunsbach, Elsass and Elisabeth Nies b. abt 1768 Oppelsbohm, Waiblingen, Wuert.)

Balthasor Rott's first wife was Klara Dieter b. abt 1794 prob. Moessingen/Rottenburg, Wuertt., d. abt 1823 Gluckstal (Daughter of Johann Georg Dieter and Anna Maria Ehman).

Balthasor and Klara (Dieter) Rott's children include: Dorothea Katharina Rott b. abt 1816 married to Jacob Maier b. abt 1811; and Johann Rott b. abt 1821 m. to Catharina Beck b. Sept 27, 1821 Neudorf, d. Oct 1, 1893 Berlin, N. Dakota (married Jan 25, 1844 Gluckstal)

Balthasor Rott m 2) Catharina Keim who was born abt 1808 vs 1810 -- she can be found in [K5] in the 1816 Kassel census published by Karl Stumpp -- she is the daughter of Johannes Keim b. June 12, 1787 Feldstetten/Muensingen, Wuert. and Eva b. abt 1791. The marriage of Balthasor Rott and Catharina Keim is estimated at about 1826 Gluckstal. This puts Maria Rott b. abt 1827 and her younger siblings as children of Balthasor Rott and Catharina Keim.

I am sure there are additional "connundrums" to be figured out, but I thought you would like to know about this information.


Connie Dahlke


May 24, 2005

Hi Judy,

Here are some corrections/additions to the Rott family -- I'll try and specify where I obtained the information:

I'll start with Balthasor Rott b. Oct 15, 1789 Hunsbach, Elsass, Germany. The GCRA "Deaths" book lists his date of death as Feb 21, 1854 in Gluckstal [G111].

Since we now know that Catharine Keim -- Balthasor's 2nd wife was born abt 1808-1810, she cannot be the mother of Balthasor's 2nd child, Johann Rott b. abt 1821 who married Catharina Beck b. Sept 1821. The best estimate is that Klara Dieter (wife #1) died about 1823 and Balthasor remarried to Catharina Keim around 1826.

The census of 1858 for Kassel finds Jacob Maier married to Katharina (Rott) in K248. The record would indicate that this Jacob Maier was born in 1811. The death record for the Jacob Maier b. April 1, 1815 does not connect him to K248 or to Katharina Rott. However, the last child listed as born to Jacob and Katharina (Rott) Maier has a birth date for 1863. However, most of the 1865 and 1866 birth records are missing. Again, family information from direct descendants might help to establish the correct information.

For Johann Rott b. abt 1821 and married to Catharina Beck, I have the death date for Catharina Beck b. Sept 1821 as d. Oct 1, 1893 (your website does not list the year).

Their daughter Rosina Rott b. Dec 1847 married Friedrich Wolf b. Oct 1, 1843 -- the Odessa Pixel library says that Friedrich Wolf was b. Oct 13, 1843 in Grossliebental to Johann Jacob Wolf. Friedrich and Rosina (Rott) Wolf did move to Paulsthal where some of their children were born. Five of the St. Petersburg (Odessa Pixel) records for Friedrich Wolf married to Rosina Rott says they were "from Grossliebental."

For the son Johann "John" Rott b. Aug 21, 1849 (son of Johann Rott b. abt 1821 and Catharina Beck b. Sept 1821) married to Carolina Zimmerman, their son Friedrich Rott b. Feb 19, 1871 Neu-Kassel m1) Katherine Meidinger b. 1879 Scotland, S. Dakota d. April 15, 1934. Friedrich Rott b. 1871 m2) Mary Zellmer b. Feb 19, 1871 (they were married March 5, 1935). The death date for Friedrich Rott b. Feb 1871 is d. July 15, 1947 in Lodi, CA. This is according to the obituaries kept on file by the AHSGR. Somehow, the death dates for Friedrich and his first wife are switched, but he definitely survived his first wife and shortly after Katherine's death married a second time to Mary Zellmer.

I have been in contact with Ron Rott of Sacramento, California who descends:

Johann Rott m1) Carolina Zimmerman

Children: Christopher Rott (This is Ron Rott's recollection)

Fred Rott b. 1871



Jake Rott b. 1882, d. 1955

m) Eva Meidinger b. July 1885 Kassel, d. 1957 (lived at Lehr,

N. Dakota) (Daughter of Johann Meidinger b. January 1,

1858 Kassel, d. Aug 14, 1921 Fredonia, N. Dakota and

Magdalena Schnaible b. May 17, 1859 Neudorf , d. June 27,

1930 Fredonia, Logan Cnty, N. Dakota)

Child: Walter T. Rott d. 1963

m) Ella Christina Jenner b. Jan 24, 1910 Lehr,

N. Dakota, d. Feb 28, 2003, Lodi, CA

(Daughter of Jacob Jenner and Margaretha


(married July 16, 1931 Lehr, N. Dakota)


Ron Rott (married Kathy) ( lives in

Sacramento, California)

Rayton R. Rott (married Gloria)

Rosemary Rott (married Kip Stoebner)

John Rott -- May be from m1) ?

(Ron Rott also said their was another daughter, he thought by the name of Friedericka, married to a "Richke" -- since there is a later Friedericka married to Fred Mayer, I think this may be daughter Magdalena Rott b. 1868 married to Jacob Ruthkie)



Charlie Rott

Friedericka Rott -- married Fred Mayer

Walter Rott -- drowned on July 4 (around 1937)

Harold Rott

This is his recollection of his grandfather's siblings. From your information, it appears that Johann Rott b. abt 1849 m1) Carolina Zimmerman, m2) Mrs. Friedricka (Knodel) Schmierer and m3) to Carolina Koenig. Ron Rott says that the family story he has heard is that his great-grandfather Johann Rott had three wives.

The daughter of Johann Rott b. abt 1821 and Catharina Beck b. Sept 1821: Christina Rott b. May 12, 1851 Gluckstal, d. Feb 11, 1926 N. Dakota m.1) Johann Bollinger -- they had a child Adam Bollinger b. July 27, 1869 Neu-Kassel. You have the names of the father and the son reversed. The July 27, 1869 birthdate for Adam Bollinger is from the St. Petersburg records.

For the son of Johann Rott and Catharina Beck: Christian Rott b. March 16, 1853, the death record for this child calls him "Christoph" and says he died Nov 17, 1853. This is from the GCRA "Deaths" book.

For the son of Johann Rott and Catharina Beck: Christoph Rott b. June 21, 1859, the birth was in Kurdomanow, but the birth record was found in the records of the Neu-Kassel parrish. You have children for Christoph Rott b. June 1859 and Christina Meidinger b. abt May 1860, including John Rott b. May 3, 1888 and Friedricka Rott b. Oct 1887. The LDS records say Friedricka Rott (daughter of Christof Rott and Christina Meidinger) was b. Oct 1888 in Kulm, LaMoure Cnty, N. Dakota and died in 1949. My mother's cousin found these LDS records many years ago which she was researching the Ringering family, and knew my mother had Rott ancestry. The problem is that there are only six months between the beginning of May (May 3, 1888) and either October of 1887 or October 1888. Either way there is an error here, or one of these children was seriously premature and had no chance of survival, yet your record lists that they both survived to adulthood. (I suspect John Rott was born earlier than May 3, 1888). Since he died in 1949 in South Dakota, someone could order a death certificate and find out for sure. The same LDS records list Friedricka's sister, Magdalena Rott as b. April 1890 also in Kulm, LaMoure Cnty, N. Dakota.

According to Pam Pulley, a descendant of Georg Rott b. Oct 12, 1865 and Rosina Hoffman b. April 11, 1865 Bergdorf, So. Russia, d. March 6, 1903 Kulm, N. Dakota -- Rosina Hoffman is the daughter of Johannes Hoffman and Rosina Wohlgemuth. I have ordered a death certificate for this Georg Rott b. Oct 12, 1864, d. Dec 24, 1942 McIntosh Cnty, N. Dakota to find out who his parents really were. I'll let you know what is on the death certificate when it comes.

For the son of Balthasor Rott and Catharina Keim: Friedrich Rott b. May 20, 1828 Gluckstal, d. Jan 11, 1913 Berlin, McIntosh Cnty, N. Dakota; married Catharina Bickel b. April 30, 1835 Worms, So. Russia, d. Oct 18, 1922 Fredonia, N. Dakota (married 1854). This information is from the obituary files of the AHSGR, and the birth/death dates for Friedrich are also on the AHSGR data base which came with the GCRA book "The Gluckstalers in New Russia and North America."

For the daughter of Balthasor Rott and Catharina Keim: Maria Magdalena Rott b. abt 1827, d. Sept 11, 1916 Gluckstal -- she could not be the mother of Alexander Matthias Oestenberg b. May 16, 1837, as she would have been only 10 years old when giving birth. I have her first marriage as being to Jacob Schoell, with their subsequent children as you have listed.

For the "daughters" of Balthasor Rott and Catharina Keim: Rosina Rott b. Aug 24, 1834 Gluckstal, d. January 27, 1870 Gluckstal, and Eva Rott b. Aug 24, 1834 Gluckstal, d. January 27, 1870 Gluckstal, this is undoubtedly one individual Eva Rosina Rott. While twins are born usually on the same day, they rarely die on the same day! Her death record lists her as Rosina Rott, married to Gottfried Rohrbach at the time of her death. In the GCRA "Births and Marriages" book, the Rosina Rott who married Gottfried Rohrbach in 1858 is noted to be Mrs. Rosina (Rott) Doerrheim, widow of Wilhelm Doerrheim. The Rott-Doerrheim marriage record says that Wilhelm Doerrheim married Eva Rott on Nov 14, 1850, then all the children are listed as being the children of Wilhelm Doerrheim and Rosina Rott. Her birth record lists her as Rosina Rott b. Aug 24, 1834, daughter of Balthasar Rott and Catharina Keim. Perhaps she took the "nickname" of Eva, or the scribe for the marriage record made a mistake.

Well, that's as far as I have gotten. I do notice that you have Balthasor Rott listed as child #2 b. 1789 and also as child #4 b. 1796. Martin and Elisabetha (Niess) Rott would not have two surviving sons named Balthasor. The GCRA "Deaths" book lists Balthasor's birth as October 15, 1789 in Hunsbach, Elsass, Germany.

I'll work on the next family section later. I really appreciate your keeping up with all of this. Hopefully many Rott descendants are submitting their information to you.


Connie Dahlke


June 7, 2005

Hi Judy,

I just got a response from North Dakota Death Register RE John Rott and Magdalena Rott, children of Christoph Rott b. June 21, 1859 and Christina Meidinger b. abt May 1860 (Christoph Rott was the son of Johann Rott b. abt 1821 and Catharina Beck b. Sept 27, 1821).

Johann Rott was b. May 3, 1886 and d. Dec 31, 1950 McIntosh County. This "straightens out" the conundrum of his birth date being too close to that of his sister. Your website lists his birth year as 1888. That is not correct, according to his death certificate.

His sister Fredericka Rott b. Oct 1887, Kulm, LaMoure Cnty, N. Dakota d. 1949 married a Mr. Krause, according to the obituary of her sister, Mrs. Carl (Magdalena Rott) Lang.

Magdalena Rott b. April 3, 1890 Kulm, LaMoure Cnty, N. Dakota and d. June 24, 1946 Underwood, McLean County, N. Dakota. She married Carl Lang on Nov 6, 1907 at Washburn (N. Dakota?). Magdalena is listed in her obituary as the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Christ Rott. Her husband Carl Lang survived her.

The children of Magdalena Rott and Carl Lang are listed as:

Mrs. Olivia (Lang) Liggett of Bozeman, Montana

Mrs. A. A. Kusler or Portland, Oregon

Mrs. Alvin Jesser, Bismarck, N. Dakota

Mrs. O. A. Klimpel, Sawyer, N. Dakota

Mrs. Wesley Miller of Underwood

Bernyee Lang (daughter), of Underwood

Harris Lang of McClusky, N. Dakota

George Lang of Bozeman, Montana

Warren Lang of Minot, N. Dakota

T-Sgt Wilmer Lang or Fort Lewis, Washington

Jackie Lang of Underwood

As of 1946, the surviving sisters and brothers of Magdalena (Rott) Lang were:

Mrs. Richa Krause (Friedericka Rott b. Oct 1887) of McLaughlin, S. Dakota

Mrs. August Lang (Katharina Rott b. Feb 3, 1895 Kulm) of Bremerton, WA

Adam Rott of McClusky (b. April 1897)

John Rott of Wishek (b. May 3, 1886 Tripp, S. Dakota)

Jake Rott of Dillon, Montana (b. June 1892 N. Dakota)

Gottlieb Rott of Shelby, Montana (b. 1882 Russia)

Magdalena (Rott) Lang was an active member of the Turtle Lake Baptist church.


Connie Dahlke

Lodi News-Sentinel

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Lodi, CA

Ella Christina Jenner Rott went home to her Lord on February 28, 2003. Born in Lehr, N.D. on January 24, 1910, to Jacob J. Jenner and Margaretha Nagel Jenner. She married Walter T. Rott on July 16, 1931, in Lehr N.D.

Walter and Ella lived in North Dakota until 1937, moved to Iowa and then on to Lodi, CA, in 1943. On August 1, 1944, they started the Lodi Tractor Co. and eventually expanded to Stockton and Sacramento. Walter passed away in 1963.

Ella is survived by her three beloved children: Rayton R. Rott, married to Gloria Rott of Lodi; Dr. Ronald R. Rott, married to Kathy Rott of Sacramento; and Rosemary R. Stoebner, married to Kip Stoebner of Lodi. Ella is survived by four grand-daughters: Kelly and husband Peter Coulombe of San Leandro, Ann and husband, Sanford Lowengart of San Francisco, Elizabeth and husband, Matthew Clark of Santa Monica, and Katherine Stoebner of Lodi. Her great-grandchildren are Michael and Kathryn Coulombe, Elizabeth Lowengart and Olivia Clark. Ella is also survived by her sisters-in-law, Martha Jenner of Phoenix, AZ and Vivian Allen and her husband, Robert, of Fayetteville, New York.

Her siblings, Arnold Jenner, Harold Jenner, Edna Erlenbusch, Edwin Jenner, Violet Goebel, and Elmer Jenner preceded her in death.

A celebration of if Ella's life will be held on Saturday, March 15, 2003 at First Baptist Church of Lodi. Lodi Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.


In a message dated 4/24/03 10:35:10 PM, writes:

<<... I see on the web site that my great grandmother Friederika Rott is a sister to Johanna Rott who married widower Georg Dockter who is a ancester of yours (yes}?

Friederika married Jacob Guthmiller in Russia and came to America in 1878. A brother Joseph Rott first settled in Eureka,S.D.then homesteaded in Streeter,N.D.In 1935 they moved to Lodi Ca.where they are burried.Would like to exchange any info on Johanna family.

A relative,

Leona Koth >>



I'm finally getting some copies off to you that I had talked to you over the phone sseveral months ago.  The copies of letters from Russia I received from John Guthmiller Jr, son of John Guthmiller.  John Sr. received these letters 1927 and 1929.  As far as John Jr. knows they never heard from them again the he knows of.  The letters pictures and etc. you may put them in your web site.


Leona Tesky Koth  Hix.

PS  I am the great granddaughter of Jacob and Frederick Rott Guttmiller....  [phone and e-mail given].

Letter #2

  See more details of family.

Rott Family

In a message dated 5/25/04 3:38:29 PM, writes:


I would be interested to know how you stumbled on my little mini-page. It has been up for a couple of years now and I have never had a response to it. The family information I have posted there has not been updated since it was posted, so I may have additional information, since my research in the parish of Hunspach is on-going. I have the films of the parish registers on indefinite loan at my local Family History Center. However, my main interest is in the earlier register which goes from 1702-1729 - a little before the Rotts who emigrated to Russia. I have backtracked through that film so many times that I almost have a complete extraction of the parish in those early years. I have not done a lot of work in the film of the more recent years. The postcards of Hunspach are posted courtesy of Jean-Pierre Daeschler, who is the head of all the Alsachat activities, along with Valerie Zimmerman. He lives in Pousy, near Paris, and Val is from Washington state.

Are you familiar with Alsachat? It is a group of researchers who have interests in the Alsace. Why don't you visit our site at

There is a lot of Alsace information available there!! The Toplist site for Alsachat lists lots of professional research from Alsace. We also chat on Friday and Saturday afternoons and would like to invite you to join us. There is a link on that site that will take you to the chat, and the times are listed.

I suspect that the surname Rott might be an Alsatian spelling of the Swiss name Ruede. I have several Ruede families in my collateral lines too. I had the wonderful chance to visit Hunspach and some of the surrounding villages a couple of years ago. I could really relate to them. It does not look much different today that it did in the postcards, except for a few automobiles parked up on the sidewalks of the narrow streets. I visited the church yard where my ancestors are buried, but of course the graves can no longer be located. And the present church itself was built since then too, but to me it was still hallowed ground.

Regards, Norma

See old postcards of Hunspach:

Note: See Rott List

Letter: Jürgen Rott,

Just by accident I browsed today in the Internet and found your website about the Rott family. I did not study it in detail, but just by glancing at it, I saw a lot of familiar sounding names.

My name is Jurgen Rott, I am 42 and was born in Germany. My Dad Friedrich was born in Glueckstal and came to Germany during the turmoils of WW2. He died in 2002.

His best friend was Jakob Flemmer, also from Glueckstal. Other friends from that area were Lapp, Kessler, Eisemann and Hausauer.

I have met a Ned Rott in Lodi California in 1989. My wife and I have lived in Californias Central Valley almost 10 years, we are both US citizens now but currently back in Germany. We just had a little son, born on October 3rd.

I would very much like to find out more about the Rott family, particularly the ones in the US.

Kind regards,



Jürgen Rott

Berliner Str. 42

34454 Bad Arolsen


Rotts in Lodi, CA, USA

A special thanks to Connie Dahlke [R-59]  for the Rott Family data of  31 pages, Donn Koneig and Others 

In a message dated 4/9/05 9:07:53 PM, writes:

Hi Judy

The Goehrings look to be in order according to what Cathy Rott and I have amassed.  I could put in some oft the St. Pete #s If you think that would make it better.

My name is Ada Shillinglaw-Deans daughter of Anna (Rott) Shillinglaw, fifth child of August Rott. We now live in Langley, BC, transplants from Alberta.  Mom Was born at Lehr, ND.  Cathy Rott is the daughter of Elliott Rott of Great granddaughter of Eve Rott and great granddaughter of George Rott, all of ND  

I see you have sent me a bunch of emails so I'll send this out and get to the rest     Ada

See Ada additions and corrections


In a message dated 5/16/05 8:51:33 PM, writes:

Hi Judy

Connie was very prompt in answering my query.   I have included it below and have highlighted the important info.  As you can see our Jacob either stayed in Russia and was never mentioned again, or he died and brother Fredrick's Jacob is the one with Margaretha and the family.  I only know that none of the family knew of a Jacob. Strange when they were such a close family.  

I have a few corrections I will send later re George's family.   Talk to you soon and  All the Best.  Ada . 

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Subject: From: Connie Dahlke Re: Re Rotts

May 15, 2005

Hi Ada,

It is nice to hear from another Rott descendant!  The information I submitted to Judy Remmick is from the St. Petersburg records, however for people who married after the 1858 census, it is difficult to positively be sure of the actual individuals who married, since the records as published do not give the birth dates or parentage of individuals who married.  These children are listed as the children of a Jacob Rott and Margaretha Retzer who married on January 25, 1877 in Gluckstal, So. Russia. 

There are two Jacob Rott's who were born in that time period who might be possible spouses for this Margaretha Retzer -- the other one is Jacob Rott b. Sept 15, 1852 the grandson of Friedrick Rott  b. March 16, 1799/1800 and Rosina Schaeffer.  Friedrick was a younger brother of Balthasor Rott b. 1789.  So these two Jacob Rott's would have been 2nd cousins and both lived in Gluckstal.  I do not have a spouse listed for the Jacob Rott b. Sept 15, 1852, but it your family does not know of any marriage or descendants for Jacob Rott b. January 10, 1855 perhaps the other Jacob Rott b. 1852 was the one who married Margaretha Retzer.

I checked with the AHSGR data base which came on the CD with the GCRA book "The Gluckstalers in New Russia and North America."  They do not shed any light on this either.  They do not list a spouse for either Jacob Rott b. Jan 20, 1855 or for Jacob Rott b. Sept 15, 1852.   They do list the marriage of a Jacob Rott and Margaretha Retzer, but do not give any parentage for either Jacob or Margaretha.  So that wasn't much help. 

I do try to put the greatest emphasis on the information families have, so I would be interested in whatever your family has on Jacob Rott b. Jan 20, 1855.  One clue might be that the GCRA newsletter listed the son (of Jacob Rott and Margaretha Retzer) Jacob Rott b. Nov 22, 1877 as having died in 1919 in the Bolshevik Revolution.  So it appears that the family did stay in Russia.

About my Rott connection:  My great-grandfather was Joseph Rott b. 1852 in Gluckstal, son of Martin Rott b. 1805 Hunsbach, Elsass, Germany.  Martin Rott b. 1805 was the youngest brother of Balthasor Rott b. 1789 who is your ancestor.  Joseph Rott and his wife Christina Kessler immigrated to the USA in 1889, settling in Logan County, North Dakota.

I don't know if you are aware, but Gwen Pritzkau in the last 2-3 years has uncovered a bit more information about Balthasor Rott and his first and second wives.  Balthasor Rott b. 1789 married first to Klara Dieter b. abt 1794 prob. Moessingen/Rottenburg, Wuerttemberg, Germany.  It now appears that she died about 1823 in Gluckstal.  Her parents were Johann Georg Dieter and Anna Maria Ehman.  Balthasor and Klara were married about 1814, probably in Gluckstal.

Balthasor Rott's second wife was Catharina Keim who is now known to be the daughter of Johannes Keim b. June 12, 1787 Feldstetten/Muensingen, Wuerttemberg, Germany and Eva b. abt 1791.  Catharina Keim is found as a young child in K5 (Kassel houselot #5) in the 1816 census.  Because the ages on the 1816 census were "off" by about 2 years, we don't know exactly when Catharina was born, but apparently she was born about 1808-1810.  This means that she cannot be the mother of Johann Rott b. abt 1821 who married Catharina Beck.

So this puts the children of Balthasor Rott b. 1789 and Klara Dieter b. abt 1794 as both Dorothea Katharina Rott b. abt 1816 who married Jacob Maier b. abt 1811, and also Johann Rott b. abt 1821 who married Catharina Beck.

The remaining children of Balthasor Rott b. 1789 (Maria Magdalena b. abt 1827, Friedrich b. May 20, 1828, Eva Rosins b. Aug 24, 1834, Martin b. April 1, 1838, Barbara b. March 29, 1841/42 and Georg b. July 28, 1845) are children of second wife Catharina Keim.

I have been in contact with a closer cousin of yours, Ron Rott of Sacramento, California.  He descends also from Johann Rott and Catharina Beck.but he has only sketchy information earlier than his grandfather.  As near as we can tell, he is the great-grandson of Johann Georg Rott b. abt 1849 and his 3rd wife Eva Kiess b. Aug 31, 1852.  Johann Georg Rott and wife Eva Kiess immigrated to the US after 1885 and settled near Menno, S. Dakota.  Perhaps you know of this family, as Johann Georg Rott b. abt 1849 is also a son of Johann Rott b. abt 1821 and Catharina Beck b. 1821.

If you have the parentage of Catharina Beck, I would be happy to include it in my file.

Thanks again for the contact.  Hopefully someday all of this will be straightened out!


Connie Dahlke


In a message dated 5/3/05 10:00:59 PM, writes:

Hello Judy,

am a descendent of Elisabeth Maier, born 30 Dec 1853 Kassel.  She married Johann Jakob Alexander, born 9 April 1838 Bergdorf (yes, there was quite an age difference, and that is something that has provided some family stories!).  Elisabeth Maier and Johann Jakob Alexander had a son, Johannes Alexander, born 27 Nov 1883 Klein-Neudorf, who was my great grandfather, and the youngest surviving son of his father, Johann Jakob.

Elisabeth Maier was the third wife Johann Jakob Alexander (his prior wives were, 1 - Christine Maier [no relation to Elisabeth] born 19 Jan 1835 Hoffnungstal, and 2 - Magdalena Kirschenmann born 14 Apr 1839 Neudorf).  Johann Jakob Alexander was the second husband of Elisabeth Maier (her first husband was Johann Jakob Eberhardt, born 12 May 1848 Kassel). 

This information in the previous paragraph is NOT available in the records, but was known to my Grandmother, Lydia Alexander, the granddaughter of Elisabeth Maier.  Elisabeth Maier died in my grandmother's household when she was a young girl, at the time of the Bolshevik revolution and the subsequent civil war, between 1917-1920).  In other words you would not have been able to find this information out until recently because it is a part of our verbal family history (it is available on the new Glückstal book and the attached genealogy included in the CD's).

I give you all this so you can see my interest in the Rott family.

Since much of my grandmother's lineage comes from Elsass, I have been researching one of the ancestral lines of Elisabeth Maier, the Rott family.  You will find Elisabeth Maier on your Rott family page, the daughter of Kathrina Rott, born about 1816 in Glückstal and Jakob Maier, born 1 Apr 1815 Ehrstaedt, Baden, Germany.

I have information about the Rott family records of Hunspach, Elsass.  In fact, I have the film checked out at the local FHC, and am in the middle of my research.  I have information that conflicts with the information on your web page.  I am wondering if you would like to see it (I have copies of various records I could email).

I am working with Tom Stangl to sort out this information.

Would you like to see this information?


Bob Schauer

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Dana,, Fuesday, May 24, 2005  10:`14.42 AM


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In a message dated 5/18/05 5:09:56 PM, writes:

My name is Terry Lang.  My father was Rayburn Lang and his mother's maiden name was Kathrina Rott.  I've been through your web site but can find no mention of her or my grandfather, August Lang.  In my shallow workings of our family tree, I have Rott, Meidinger, Lang, Gehring and others.  I would gladly send you a copy of what I have if it sounds like there may be a relationship. Thank you.


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