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Kath. Katrina [Katharina] Dockter
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Georg Dockter J. Georg Dockter
  • b. 19 Oct. 1845 Neudorf / Odessa, S. Russia
  • d. 16 Oct 1925 Streeter, ND, USA
  • m (1). to  Barbara Wetzler
  • rem. (2) to widow Johann, nee Rott, Hoffer [mother of Friederick Hoffer II, husband of Katharina Dockter. See Gen. 1 above]

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Jacob Dockter
  • b. 12 Sept. 1812 Neudorf / Odessa. S. Russia
  • d. 8 Sept. 1835 Glueckstal / Odessa. S. Russia
  • m. to Magdalena Landenberger  from Neudorf / Od. S. Russia
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Johan Georg Dockter  [Jacob  Dockter written on some records]
  • b. 16 Nov. 1786 Dengolsheim / Sessenheim, Hagenau, Alsace*  [ was a  German state,  presently in France]
  • d.
  • m. (1) to  Anna Maria Metzger
  • m. (2) Christine Magdalena Walz]
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Johann Georg Dockter
  • b. 21 Feb. 1762 Dengolsheim / Sessenheim, Hagenau, Alsace *
  • d.
  • m. to Maria Salomea Gaertner from Hatten / Weissenbourg, Alsace
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Johan Georg Dockter
  • b. 5 March 1739 Dengolheim / Sessenheim, n. Hagenau, Alsace [France]
  • d. 22 Dec 1783 Dengolheim / Sessesnheim, n. Hagenau, Alsace [France]
  • m. 6 Nov 1759 Sessenheim / n. Hagenau, Alsace [France] to Maria Eva Wolff , dau. of Johann Wolff and Susanna Wolff.  See Wolff Family #1
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Johann Georg Dockter
  • b. 28 Oct 1714 Sesssenheim, n. Hagenau, [Bas-Rh], Alsace
  • d. 17 Feb 1757 Dengolsheim / Sessenheim, Alsace [France]
  • m. 20 May 1738 Sessenheim / n. Hagenau, Alsace [France] to Anna Marie Naasin, [Naas] dau. of  Matthaeus Naas and  Katharina Hoehn.
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Diebold  [Theobald] Dockter III
  • b. 8 June 1686 Stattmatten / Sessenheim, Alsace [France]
  • d. 20 Dec 1749  Stattmatten / Sessenheim, Alsace [France] 
  • m. 4 Sept 1708 Sessenheim / Alsace [France] to Barbara Wolffin [Wolff], dau. of Johannes Wolff and Barbara Wanner See Family Wolff #3 
button Gen. Nine
Diebold Dockter  II
  • b. 1640 Stattmatten / Sessenheim, Alsace [France]
  • d. 24 March 1712 Stattmattern / Sessenheim, Alsace [France]
  • m. 19 Nov 1672 Sessenheim / Alsace [Bas-Hhein, France] to Brigitta Heintzin [Heintz]
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Diebold Dockter I

Dockter Family Continued - Families In Detail

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