Friederich Hoffer II b. 1878 Neudorf, Odessa, S. Russia m. Katarina Dockter in Tripp, ND. USA 1902 . Photo of Home / Remmickk-Hubert Home Site 

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Friederich and Katarina, nee Dockter,  Hoffer 's Home in Streeter, ND ca. 1912             

  House Picture:


Blacksmith Shop:


Friederich Hoffer II

Picture taken early 1920s

"In 1904 Fred and Katherine Hoffer came to North Dakota, "  [they were living near Delmont, S. D.] , "and homesteaded thirteen miles west of Streeter.  Fred put his trade to good use, as he became the blacksmith for the surrounding neighbors.  He was a man with a strong constitution, and a physique to match.  His  endurance enabled him to some times put in twenty-four hour days."  "He would rise at 4:30 A.M., work for a couple of hours in his shop, ready his horses for a day in the field, and, after the horses were done in the evening he would again to to the shop and work another four or five hours."  Taken from Tappen Book 1878 to 1966.

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Frederich Hoffer, , A Blacksmith,  Photographs


 Barn Still Stood in 1977

       Grant Township 137 N. Range 71 W [or Peace Township] -Section 20

Farm  Near Tappen, ND, USA



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