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Hoffer Family Page 2

Hoffer Family - Generation Two


Fried. Hoffer

Friederich [Frederick] Hoffer II,


Katrina Dockter,

Family History

Friederich b. 1878 and Katrina  were born in Neudorf, Odessa, S. Russia. They did not marry in Russia but their widowed parents did. Friederich came to USA first in 1898 to Tripp, S. Dakota in 1898 with his younger brothers and Schauer Family.

Friederich  became blacksmith.

Katharina migr. with her father and step-mother to USA where she and Friederich met, again, and they were soon married.  

They moved to Tappen, ND, USA where he was a blacksmith and farmer.

Follow Dockter thread to the following names:  Wetzler, Wolffin, Wolff, Metzger, Heintzin.....

Photograph of Friederich and Katrina Hoffer House in ND -ca. 1912

Photographs of Friederich in his Blacksmith Shop - Early 1920s

Photograph  of Hoffer Barn Taken in 1977

Additional Photographs of Hoffer Family plus Unknowns

Story of escape from Russia with the Schauer Family

Photograph with Friederich Hoffer and brother Jake, Lodi, CA USA

Hoffer Fam. pict.

Picture: Friederick Hoffer with his wifeand his two children : Mary (seated on his lap) and "baby"Anna.

Children of Friedrich Hoffer II and Katharina, nee Dockter In More Detail

Child #1

I.  Mary Hoffer b. 24 June 1902 Delmont, S. Dak. USA m. (1) Edward Remick

  • Issue
    1. Edwin Remmick m. Lillian Hein
    2. Viola Remmick m. LaVere Stewart
    3. Elmer Remmick m. Beatrice Atkinson, dau. of Etta Nitey and Oscar Atkinson
    4. Raymond Remmick m. Vera Zelinsky
    5. Diana Remmick m.. (1) Smith, m. (2) Newton, m. (3)Tenner
      • Mary and DianaMary and her dau. Diana, Streeter, ND abt 1941

See other photographs of Mary's  and Eward Remmick's children

Child #2
II.  Anna  Christine Hoffer * b. 5 Nov 1904 Chamberlain, SD m. 7 Dec 1922 to Fred Graff. b. 23 Aug 1903 Kidder County, ND, USA  d. Nov 1978 Bismarck / Burleigh Co., ND, USA.  Son of Georg Graff  (b. 29 July 1854 Glueckstal / Odessa, S. Russia  d. 14 May 1919 Streeter / Stutsman Co., ND, USA and Kath. Stroh (b. 12 Dec 1866 Neudorf/ Od., S. Russia  d. 30 Oct 1932 Streeter / Stutsman Co., ND, USA)..


1. Shirley Graff m. Welch*

2. [Delmar*] Eugene [Gene] "Sonny" Graff m. Dorothy ____

See Photographs:

*Jolene Nelson [R-25] - date of birth corrected  which I had as 28 Aug 1903  Streeter. plus additions

Child #3
III. Lydia Hoffer b. 19 Aug 1907 Dawson, ND  d. 1988 m. John Geist b. 20 Jan 1899 Russia, son of Christian Geist (b. 15 Feb 1867 Kassel / Glueckstal , Od., S. Russia  d. ND, USA) and Barbara, nee Bollinger (b. 17 Aug 1876 Neudorf / Glueckstal, Odessa, S. Russia d. Tappen / Kider Co., ND, USA).

Lydia and John

Lydia, nee Hoffer, and John Geist


1. Gladys Geist m. Felix Marquart, son of Joseph Marquart and Barbara Weigel See Letter

  • Colleen Marquart m. Allen Vossburg, son of Dale Vosburg and Kath. Lacher
  • Charlette Marquart m. Donald Schuld, Jr., son of Donald Schuld, Sir. and Alvira Brilz
  • Richard Marquart m. Dawn Schell, dau. of Gene Schell and Vangie [Evangelica] Hoffer Issue:
    • Jason Marquart b. Colombia, South America [adopted
    • Megan Marquart 
  • Judith Marquart m. Michael Sperele, son of Martin Sperele and Anna Kuntz,  Issue:
    • Christopher Sperele
  • Debra Marquart...

See photographs:

Child #4
IV. Emma Barbara Hoffer b. 15 July 1909 Dawson, ND. d. 25 Aug 1978 Sacrameto, Sacramento Co., California, USA. No marriagae.


Emma Hoffer In The Rose Garden

Child #5
V. Ida Hoffer b. 7  Aug 1911 Dawson, ND  d. 1977 m. 1 Dec 1929 to Fred. Geist  in Streeter  He is the son of Christian Geist and Barbara, nee Bollinger.

Ida and Fred

Ida, nee Hoffer, and John Geist

See photograph of them when they are older.

They had four children:

1. Jolene Geist

Ida and Jolene

 Ida, nee Hoffer, Giest with dau. Jolene

Jolene Giest m. Richard Ehret, son of John Ehret and Pauline Graff. Issue:

  • Jay Daniel Ehret m. Francis Saldana (div) m. (2) Carol ____
  • Laurie Ehret m. Nelson Rivera (div) m. (2) Vicenti Reyes . No children.
  • Richard Ehret
  • John Ehret
  • Kristen Ehret m. Leonard Barbara. Issue:
    • Eric Barbara
    • Marissa Barbara
    • Killeen Barbara
    • Kristen Barbara

2. Linda Geist m. Edward Kellerman, son of Edward Kellerman, Sr. and Isabelle Rendel  Issue:

  • Candace Kellerman m. ___ Danzey. Issue:
    • Tanner Danzey
    • Mariah Danzey
  • Tony Kellerman

3. Konnie Geist m. -no marriages-  Issue:

  • Terri Geist [informant with corrections 28 May 2003]  m. Brad McFarlin. Letter  Issue: 
    • Amber McFarlin
    • Brad McFarlin
  • Kellie  Geist [continues to use her maiden name] m. (1) Gary Shrock (div); m. (no marriage) Richard _____  Issue:
    • Issue m. (1) Note: They do not use their father's surname
    • Mathew  Geist
    • Maranda  Geist
    • Issue with Richard____
    • Krysten Geist
  • Roberta Geist

4. Penny Geist m. Ron Gillespie, son of Stanley Gillipse and Bentrice Kelly (div) Issue:

  • Mark Gillespie
  • Christopher Gillespie

Geist History:  Christian and Barbara, nee Bollinger, Geist had nine children.  Two, Fred. and John married Friederich Hoffer II's daughters, Ida and Lydia.  The others were:  Christina who m. Jake Fetzer, Gustave, Frieda who m. Sam Schmidt, Edwin, Reinhold,  and Jake.  See Tappen Jubilee Bk. 1878 to 1966 ....

*Jolene's correction : Geist is the correct spelling of family name.

See photographs:

Child #6
VI. Martha Hoffer b. 7 Sept 1913 Dawson m. 19 June 1937 to Leonard Haus, son of Joseph Hauz and Anna Miller.

Martha and Leonard

Martha, nee Hoffer, and Leonard Haus

See Photographs:

Child #7
VII. Adolph Hoffer b. 31 Jan 1915 d. 1998 Woodbridge, n. Lodi, CA, USA m. Rose Azoon, dau. of John Azoon and Adele Lut Fi m. (2) ____


Adolph Hoffer, WW II

Two children by his first wife.  They are:

1. Trina Hoffer m. Glen Martinez

2. Barbara Hoffer m. Michael von Caton

Note: Rose had been married to Mr. Slem and had a son John.  I'm not sure if John uses his father's surname or Hoffer, his step-father's surrname.....

See Adolph Hoffer's family and Photographs

Child #8
VIII. Reinhold Hoffer b. 15 Nov 1919/1920 (about , mistyped year??)  Streeter, ND .  Living Long Is., NJ.....  m. Leonarda Venafro

Reinhold & Leonarda

Reinhold and Leonarda, nee Venafro, Hoffer

[See enlarged photo and others


1. Robert Hoffer

2. Fred. Hoffer

Note: Dates are not given for  those still living - private facts in my personal files

Other photographs of Rehinhold and family

  • Photo  Robert Hoffer as a small child with his cousins Jolene, nee Geist, Ehret  and Shirley, nee Graff, Welch
  • Photo: Robert and Fred Hoffer as children

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See Frederick Hoffer II with second wife and her family by her first marriage [Bender Family]



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